Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tea Cup and Mug Link-Up #5

Good morning, sweet friends!
I cannot tell you how much I love and enjoy hosting these tea cup and mug exchanges.
I have such a delightful time pairing everyone up
and it warms my heart when I see how others are blessing people around the globe.
I truly find great joy in each exchange
and it's my desire for all those that participate to have fun and be blessed.
There were 54 lovely ladies that participated this time
and several from around the globe - New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Canada, Germany.
I hope each and every one of you walk away with a new friend or two *smiles*

With that being said, lets move on to the sharing of our gifts.
For those that joined the exchange and have blogs 
the link-up is located at the end of the post.
I look forward to visiting your blogs to see what pretties you received.
And for those that do not have blogs I have received pictures of the items they got
and I will be sharing them on my blog post so beware,
it's rather picture heavy :)
Grab a cup of tea, coffee,  hot cocoa, etc,
and have fun looking and visiting!

* * * * *

I participated in both the mug and tea cup exchange 
so I'll begin with the tea cup that I got from Diane.

Diane had my name for the tea cup exchange
and she sent me a most beautiful tea cup.
The gold is quite lovely and of course roses are my favorite.

She also sent along some handmade notecards in a folder
which will be put to good use.
And a wonderful selection of tea.
The Paris Fruit Black Tea With Bergamot is new to me
and very delicious!

Diane also included this sweet 'Napkin Nipper.'
I have never seen one of these, but I love the whole idea
and the poem is just too cute.

My new tea cup has made itself right at home with my other tea cups.
My heartfelt thanks to you, Diane!

Now onto the mug that I received from sweet Jen.
She sent me a package filled with wonderful items.

Isn't this the cutest owl mug!?
When I'm not drinking out of the lovely cup
it's sitting on the counter with cinnamon sticks in it.

Jen also made me this beautiful pin cushion.
It rests on the arm of a chair or couch
and has pockets for holding scissors, threads, etc.
The embroidery work is incredible - Jen did and amazing job!
Thank you so much, dear Jen!

Now onto the ladies I sent to. . .
I had the privilege of sending sweet Anne a tea cup
and you can see what I sent her by visiting her delightful blog:

And I sent a mug to Jodie who lives in Australia.
As far as I know she does not have a blog so here is a picture of what I gave her.

Diane signed up to reaceive and give two tea cups.
She received these sweet items from Gabriele,
The tea cup is simply lovely.

Diane also received these pretties from Peabea.

Betty was given these beautiful items from Celestina.
Everything is so pretty and romantic!

Caelin was given this lovely tea cup from Seairra
along with apple cider.

Lynn was given this sweet tea cup from Marcia.

I love the cute acorns and pumpkins!

Sarah received this wonderful package from Margaret.

Isn't the tea cup beautiful?

Margaret got this incredibly beautiful tea cup from Nicole
plus some fun crafting goodies.

The tea cup is simply divine!

Christine received a lovely Fall themed package from Linda.

Nicole got a lovely tea cup and beautiful old pictures from Sara.

Seairra got this incredible package from Deborah.
I am truly amazed at such generosity!

This beauty was given to Patti from Claudia.

Nikki received these delightful items from Dana.

Laura was given this sweet and pretty tea cup from Anne.

Salinn got this delightful tea cup and beautiful tea pot from Caelin.

Gabriele participated in both the tea cup and mug exchange.
Her tea cup arrived from Ida.

And she got this pretty mug from Julie.
Don't you just love all the crocheted goodness?

Deborah received this stunning tea cup from Amanda
along with handmade earrings.

Jen was given this bright and fun mug from Jessica.

Jessica for this gorgeous mug and pretty extras from Gabriele.

Abigail received this sweet heart mug and earrings from Amanda.

Elizabeth got a delightful package from Katie.

Once again, I have been richly blessed by ALL who participated!
If you missed out on this exchange 
or want to join another tea cup and mug swap in the near future than no worries!
Look for the next exchange in February or March :)

Have a wonderful day and weekend, friends!
And enjoy visiting the other blogs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rustic Twig Wreath

Good morning, lovelies!
I know I have shared with you before that the closest Hobby Lobby
or Michaels is two hours away. . .sad, I know.
So it's not easy for me to go pick up craft supplies whenever I need them.
Often I have to wait or be creative and think of an alternative idea
which was the case with this twig wreath.

I was in the "mood" to make a wreath for my back door,
but didn't have any wreath supplies
so I took a walk in my yard and gathered a bunch of dead twigs.
I simply tied the corners together with some brown string
and voila! a twig wreath.

I used fake leaves that I had from last year
and hot glued them on along with a pine cone
and crab apples from my tree :)

I tied on some soft green burlap for the hanger.

Create a rustic and pretty wreath with items from your very own yard.

Love and hugs to you, friends!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prayers Answered!

Hello, friends!
Last night I shared a prayer request on my blog
for Amy's son who was lost in the woods.
Praise the Lord he has been found!
Thank you for the prayers!
I know Amy and Roxy (the boy's grandmother) 
are VERY thankful for all of the prayers.

Roxy has been updating her blog with information
and you can visit her here:

Amy's blog is:

You can also read more at my friend, Diana's blog
where she shared a newspaper article about the boy being found.

We serve an amazing God - He is our Shield and Protector.

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