Parasol Napkin Fold

One of my favorite things about having guests over to my home
is being able to set the table with lovely and precise touches of beauty. 
My mom is the queen for setting the table with elegance 
and she made sure her daughters knew the art. 

Setting the table doesn't have to be only for guests, 
it can be an everyday enjoyment when it's just you, your husband and your kids. 
I find when the table is nicely set, the meal is more enjoyable and relaxing. 
Okay, you don't have to go all out with the linens, silver, china and crystal,
 but rather grab your everyday dishes, utensils, and napkins 
and create a unique setting for supper this evening.

To make a simple parasol napkin fold you need:
cloth napkin
fabri or real flower (optional)

What I did was make a parasol out of a cloth napkin. 
All you need to do is make accordion pleats with the whole open napkin. 
Then place one hand firmly over the center of the completed pleats and fold in the middle.
Use your ribbon and tie a bow halfway up the pleats 
and then fan out the top to make the parasol. 
Place flower (if using) in the center of the bow. 
Simple, but oh so pleasant!

Happy dining, my friends! :)

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