Double Fan Napkin Fold

Hello friends!
Here is a beautiful and easy napkin fold that will charm your dinner guests :)

You will need large, very starched cotton napkins. 

Fold the bottom and top edges of the napkin to meet in the center. 

         Fold in half by bringing the bottom edge up to the top.
Turn the napkin so that the edge faces you
and fold it seven times to make eight accordion pleats.

Firmly grasp the bottom of the pleats.
In between each pleat pull the layer nearest to you to form double-layered triangles.

Turn the napkin around and repeat the process on the other side.
Spread the folds out into a fan shape.



twinpeakprimitives said...

I can not believe my eyes! It is weird that such a lovely blog has such a few followers?

Anyway, I found your blog via "Antique ─░mage"! and became your follower!

Hereafter, I 'll follow you with a great pleasure!


Stephanie said...

Thank You, Nurdan! I was so thrilled to read your comment and have you follow me!

I hope you enjoy the blog and find many great delights here!

Greetings to you!

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