Make Your Own Vase

Whenever I go to the grocery store I usually find myself in the floral department, 
specifically with the roses. 
But I do have a good excuse, 
the flowers are right by the entrance of the store 
so it's almost impossible not to be drawn to the beauties.
I came across these lovely tea roses today a
nd the price was almost as beautiful as the flowers, $4.99. 
I definitely couldn't leave these sweet roses alone in the store, 
they just had to come home with me.
And of course, I couldn't put them in a normal vase. 
Oh no, my imagination was running wild with ideas of how to display my newly acquired roses.
And this is what I came up with...

You Will Need:
  • roses or any other flower
  • glass Jar
  • 2 contrasting pieces of 12 x 12 in scrapbook paper
  • ribbon
  • glue
  • tape
  • scalloped paper punch (optional)
Cut the paper into two different sized strips then use the scalloped paper punch for the edges 
on one color of scrapbook paper and rip the edges on the other color of scrapbook paper. 
Glue the smallest strip of paper to the larger strip then tape at the back. 
Finish by tying the ribbon around the middle of the jar. 
Now you have a pleasant looking vase for your beautiful flowers.

And if you don't have all the supplies for this then here is another idea...
You Will Need:
  • roses or any other flower
  • glass jar
  • fabric
  • ribbon
  • scissors
Cut a piece of fabric large enough to fit over jar. Tie the ribbon around the top.
And that's it!

1 comment

Anne Payne said...

I have done both of these before and it always enhances the beauty of the flowers. Also, I have used tulle tied with ribbon and pearls for an extra feminine look :)

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