Rose Pitcher

So I went to the consignment store the other day and saw a beautiful rose pitcher and bowl. 
It was love at first sight! 
I desperately wanted to buy it, but ended up talking myself out of it. 
Silly me!!

That night I told my mom all about the glorious pitcher and bowl. 
She didn't say too much about it, just, "Uh huh, yes honey, well dear, you should have bought it." 
Okay okay, she was right, I should have bought it.

So a few days later I headed back to the consignment store determined to buy the pitcher and bowl, 
but when I got there I couldn't find the beauty anywhere!! 
I asked the sales lady where it went, "Oh, I sold it" she says! OH NO! 
How utterly and terribly heart-breaking.
I left the store moping and sad.

That very afternoon my mom calls and asks if she can stop by. 
Of course I said sure. 
She arrives at my home with none other than my desired pitcher and bowl! 
What a wonderful mom and an incredible surprise to me.

Have a blessed day!

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Debbie Harris said...

Why this rose pitcher is absolutly perfect for your beautiful blog! It is so you Stephanie, and it was a blessing to give it to you as a gift. I know you will cherish and enjoy it.
I love you much, Mom

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