Labor Day Rewind

I hope all of you had a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day.
 My husband, son and I had a nice cookout for lunch
and then the three of us headed up into the woods for the afternoon.
I took some pictures of the changing leaves and beautiful country
and I thought you might enjoy seeing them.
God's creation is truly magnificent!
And I would love to hear what all of you did on Labor Day :)

And our sweet Missy Rose spent the day snoozing in our big, comfortable chair.


Debbie Harris said...

Thank you for sharing the beauty of God's creation in those great photos!
Fall is just around the corner by looking at those colors!
I had a good laugh at little Miss Rose. Looks as though she relaxed on Labor Day.:) I love to see pictures you post of her.
For me; I too relaxed and rested on Labor Day. It felt so good just to enjoy being home and at ease.
Love this blog!!

Dad said...

Silly kitty. Gorgeous pictures. Labour day? A slow start to the day then went to work in Vail. I was installing rough sawn Cedar to an exterior coffered ceiling.

becktovintage said...

And your kitty cat is just like my sweet cat...:)))
Oh incredible..:))

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