Recycled Paper Bowls

Well, my little boy is growing up (way too quickly, I might add) 
and we are beginning our Kindergarten school year tomorrow (Tuesday). 
My son and I made some fun paper bowls to add to his desk 
since he needed some containers for crayons, glue, scissors, etc.

Items Needed:
  • paper (if you want to be really thrifty, use old phone books or paper that has been printed on and you're throwing away)
  • warm water
  • smooth plastic bowls to use as molds
  • mixing container
  • blender or blender stick
  • strainer
  • knife or spatula
Tear paper into inch-sized bits and then soak in warm water for several hours.
After soaking, use a blender (stick or jar-style) to whir the watery paper into a smooth pulp
with the consistency of a thick smoothie.
Press the pulp through a strainer to squeeze out excess water until it's workable like clay.
Don't squeeze all the water out because it will then be too dry to work with.
For the mold, use a small, smooth-surfaced bowl without an articulated base.
Form the pulp over the outside of the bowl, starting at the center with a little dollop,
then working outward.
This is where you can have fun with the design.
Pat the pulp in place first with your hands then slap it with the flat blade of the knife or spatula.
This smooths the surface and eliminates air bubbles.
Let the pulp dry for many hours.
It should be almost dry when you remove it from the mold.
Use the knife edge to carefully loosen the dried bowl,
then gently pop it off the mold.
I find it works best if you gently slide your knife along the edges to loosen 
when the bowl is still slightly damp then leave to finish drying.
Perfect for storing things.
 And they add a nice pop of color :)


Dawn said...

What a cool and fun craft! I am going to do this with my residents - I have been looking for a fun and creative craft!

I will also do this with the boys, they will love it!

Debbie said...

These are great for kids of ALL ages! Love the bright colors.

Lauren Davenport said...

What a fun project!! Very cool.

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