Scarf Vest

From a scarf....

To a vest.

A fun way to wear your scarves.

I love scarves and vests...
you know, the kind of vest that you can just throw on with any outfit
and you'll look cute and be comfortable.
That's one reason I love the colder months,
I can wear all the scarves and vests that I want.
So you can start your day by wearing a scarf,
and then in the afternoon if you change your mind about what you're wearing,
you can make your scarf into a vest.
Too fun, right?!
All you need is a scarf.

** The wider scarves work best for this. **

Fold your scarf in half.

 Take the corners on each side and tie into a knot.

 Open your scarf up until it looks like a vest.


 Enjoy :)

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Delvalina said...

awwww Stephanie!!!! you are not only creative person, wise and Godly home queen but you are also FASHIONABLE!! :) I would like to try this, and I will post it on my blog. Thank you! this blog so much much deserve to be followed!



Sherri B. said...

Very nice! You are a very clever lady...This will be my first year for these type of scarves and need all the help that I can get, thanks! xo

Sandra said...

What a great idea...thanks! I also enjoy wearing vests and scarves so will have to try this out. :o)

twinpeakprimitives said...

Scarves are my one of the favorite accessories and your creative idea to use them in a different way is just stunning!

I love it!

Kate M said...

Great idea Stephanie. I once bought a scarf with little fastenings on the ends so that you could do things like this with it. I could never remember how to do them!!
I love the new look of your blog!!

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