Womans Skirt From A Mans Shirt

Well, as of Saturday, Fall has officially arrived!
It smells and feels like Autumn and it has me wanting a new Fall wardrobe.
So I decided to make some fun skirts that I can wear with tights and cute cardigans.
And the best part is you don't have to go to the fabric store to buy fabric to make these skirts.
Are you ready for this?!

All you need is a man's shirt :)

I bet you have a man in your life that you can go raid his closet
(with his permission, of course)
and find a dress shirt to use for this project.

From a man's shirt....

 To a woman's skirt :)

And this is how you can make your own...

Items Needed:
man's long-sleeved dress shirt
sewing machine
ironing board
seam ripper

Lets get started :)

Wash and iron your shirt.
Lay out your shirt and cut right below the sleeves.

Find the middle on the back of the shirt and cut all the way down.
Set aside.

Cut out the waistbands on the sleeves.
You'll need to measure your waist
and cut out your waistband from this measurement.
For example:
my waist is 24 inches so I cut my front waistband at 13 inches long
and the side waistbands were 7 inches long.
I used a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
My waistband was around 5 inches wide since I will be folding it in half ,
but we'll get to that later.

With right sides together sew your waistband together and iron seam open.
(When I fold the waistband it will become 2 1/2 inches wide).

Now back to the "skirt".

First measure the zipper length onto the waistband and skirt.
I used a 7 inch zipper so I measured  2 1/2 inches up on the waistband
and then measured down 4 1/2 inches on the back of the skirt and marked it.
Can you see where the pink and yellow pins are? That's where I started sewing.

Snip where the seam begins, but don't cut your seam!

Iron seam open.

Now measure the top front of your skirt.
Mine was 21 inches so I needed to bring it in to 12 inches
(12 inches for the front and 12 inches for the back = 24 inches all together)
since my waist is 24 inches.

Am I making sense?!

You can put pleats in the skirt (which is what I prefer)
or you can gather it.
I'll show you how to do both.
To gather the skirt, use the largest stich on your sewing machine
and sew along the top of the skirt.

Gently, and I do mean gently, pull the top thread to gather your skirt.

Gather the skirt until it meets your measurement requirements.

Now pin the waistband (right sides together) to the skirt
and make sure the side seams line up.
Sew waistband onto skirt.

Onto the zipper...

Use the largest stich on your sewing machine and sew closed the zipper opening.
Iron seam open.
A small tip...
I use double-sided interfacing to make the zipper "stick".
This is easier then pinning or basting the zipper.

Using your zipper foot, sew on the zipper.

We're changing skirt pictures...
Take the top part of your waistband and fold over.

Pin into place.

Tack down with needle and thread.
Then tack down several places on the lower part of the waistband to hold in place.

Using a seam ripper, rip out the large stiches you put in for the zipper.


Doesn't the zipper look nice?!

Finish by sewing along the very edge of the top part of the waistband.

And if you don't want to gather the skirt and would rather make pleats than this is how you do it.
For the blue skirt, I measured out two inches from the middle
and then folded the fabric in towards the center.
Pin pleat in place.
Then I measured 2 inches from the pleat I just made
and repeated the process until my skirt fit my waist measurement.
I had 10 pleats on the front and 10 pleats on the back.

Sew over the pleats
and then sew on the waistband,etc.

Have fun, dear friends!

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Visits With Mary said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

All the skirts look so ingenious :) very nice indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie...this is my first time to visit your "little space" ... so charming! I love the quaintness and the simplicity that you share! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are very talented to make such nice skirts from a man's dress shirt. Very clever, indeed! :)

Debbie said...

Now... If I could only sew! :) Beautiful indeed! I love the pink one.
May the beauty of God's holiness touch your heart. Blessings!

Unknown said...

Wow! You are a beautiful model for these skirts! These look so fun to make, thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

What a fun idea! Your skirts really turned out cute:@)

Unknown said...

I love how when the material is a men's shirt, it looks so outdated and like it should instantly be sent to a charity shop. But when it's transformed into a skirt, the material looks so trendy and super stylish. :)

Sherri B. said...

Now you are on very clever lady...those turned out so cute! xo

La La Lauren!!! said...

Wow this is great. And my boyfriend just gave me a button down shirt too! love it and now you have inspired me! :)

Kate M said...

Stephanie these skirts from shirts are delightful!! I would need a very big shirt to make me a skirt these days! Thanks for sharing this!!

Audrey said...

What a clever way to recycle a man's shirt. Smart move and so cute.
Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures and leaving a nice comment.
Audrey Z.


What a cute idea!! You wear it well too!

Delvalina said...

Crazy awesome idea! :) and super talented..thanks for sharing. I always have no idea each time I visit your blog...as God's mercy is always new every morning and so every post in this blog. Halellujah!!!

Unknown said...

This is such a great post! Love the idea behind this. We should definitely follow each other! Feel free to check out my blog at www.w-t-fab.com

Adorned From Above said...

These are the cutest skirts. I love them. What a great idea. I have a link party on Wednesdays, and I would love it if you would link this and any other posts. It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party. It runs from Wednesday to Sundays.
I hope to see you there. I am your newest follower, and I would love for your to follow me also. Have a great Day.
Debi Bolocofsky
Adorned From Above

cathy@my1929charmer said...

What a wonderful repurpose, I actually like it better and a skirt that a shirt! So very pretty! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

Trish said...

They look really great on you and seem like fun to make too.
Such a clever and frugal idea!

Katherine said...

I absolutely love the look of these skirts! What a smart and thrifty idea to use men's shirts. Thanks for sharing at Gettin' Krafty With It!

Michelle Day said...

These are gorgeous! You're brilliant. I love the tutorial and will definitely try this for my daughter. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday. Can’t wait to see what you share this week! Have a wonderful week.

Adorned From Above said...

Hi Stephanie,
Thank you so much for sharing with Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party last week. This weeks Link Party is opened at
from Wednesday until Sunday.
Hope to see you there.
Debi Bolocofsky
Adorned From Above

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