Two Little Hands

I came across this precious song in an old revival hymn book.
I love the sweetness and simplicity of the words.
It will now become a song my son and I enjoy singing together
in the mornings before school lessons begin.
The third verse is wonderful!

I've two little hands to work for Jesus,
One little tongue His praise to tell,
Two little ears to hear His counsel,
One little voice a song to swell.
I've two little feet to tread the pathway,
Up to the heavenly courts above;
Two little eyes to read the Bible,
Telling of Jesus' wondrous love.
I've one little heart to give to Jesus,
One little soul for Him to save,
One little life for His dear service,
One little self that He must have.

Lord, we come, Lord we come,
In our childhood's early morning;
Lord, we come, Lord, we come,
Come to learn of Thee.

Have a lovely day!


Debbie Harris said...

How precious is that! What a beautiful hymn to sing and hide in your heart with your son every day. Thanks for sharing. :) Love you!

Darjeeling Darlings said...

That is so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing!
The Darjeeling Darlings

Anne Payne said...

♥ love this ♥
I wish I had known of this when mine were little and we were homeschooling. We wrote Scripture verses on a dry erase board and said them at meal time each day. Sometimes we made up silly tunes to help us remember. After seven days, it was memorized and a new one was written. You can do a LOT of Scripture memorization this way :)

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