Angel Food Cake Mini Trifles

My husband, son and I went to visit my grandparents and we took them supper.
I originally set out to make a family dessert recipe
since it was one of my grandmother's favorite,
but as I was making it, I was not thrilled with the way it was turning out.
So at the last minute I threw together some miniature trifles.
They were quite tasty and very easy.
Here is how I made them . . .


1 angel food cake, baked
1 (3.5 ounce) box instant vanilla pudding
4 - 5 cups whipped cream
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Make vanilla pudding according to package.
Stir in 1 cup whipped cream.
Add vanilla.
Tear angel food cake into small pieces
and place into parfait glasses.
{ I used large iced tea glasses }.
Layer pudding mix, whipped cream, fruit.
Continue until you have the desired amount of layers.

Chill in the refrigerator for 2 or more hours.

Enjoy :)
And have a lovely day!


Marci Smith said...

That looks and sounds delicious! I will be making this sweet looking dessert. :)

Delvalina said...

Is this same recipe of trifles that you posted other day? :)the glass and you picture are awesome!

Been praying for you, you know it! :)


Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

Wow. I need to make these the next time I have a dinner party. It looks so elegant! Thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

This DOES look delicious, and the photo is wonderful, too.

:) Hope

Debbie said...

Oh my!!! We were just ready to sit down for dinner, and then I see these! Can we come over for dessert? :)
That looks beautiful! I love it!


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Happy weekend, my friend! You and I are on the same page as you will see should you stop by for tea next week. Have a beautiful day.


Aritha said...

What an amazing pic. I will eat that!

sandy said...

That sounds yummy! I'll be trying that one soon!
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. They made my day! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, drool! That looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing

Sensible Sarah

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! This dessert looks amazing!
Daisy Dayz

Unknown said...

This looks so delicious, and looks so pretty, too! Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Hi Stephanie, what a delightful blog. Love all the vintage goodness here, and Christian inspiration. This looks like a lovely dessert. Thanks for all that you share here, and thanks for following me. I'm your latest follower. ~ Abby

momstheword said...

Oh.My.Word. This is made of awesome! May I pin this? I think I just gained five pounds looking at it, lol! Thanks so much for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

Unknown said...

These look delicious.. and soo elegant!
Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!
Amie @ Pinkapotamus

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