Cherish The Moment

The other day my sweet son was having some difficulty getting his helicopter put together.
He tried and tried until tears began to fall and he gave up in frustration.
When I heard the soft crying, I went to him and helped him out.
He then asked me to play with him
and at the time I had a long list of things to do in a short amount of time.
My first response was to say, "I'm sorry honey, but I am busy at the moment, maybe later."
But before I answered him, I thought about it
and I realized my "Maybe later" answers would begin to add up
and one day that's all I would have from the past....
Maybe later moments instead of precious memory-making moments.
So I dropped everything to spend time with my son
and it was WELL WORTH IT!
Plus I still got everything done on my list :)
The point is I would rather have more time with my son
even if it means unfolded laundry, dirty dishes in the sink, or an un-vacuumed floor
because these blessed moments go quickly and I want to make the most of them!

Cherish the moment and memories
and be thankful for the time you have with loved ones!

"Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father
in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."
Ephesians 5:20

Have a blessed Lord's Day!


Julie Marie said...

Hi Stephanie, I am so happy you chose to spend the time with your son... you are right, these moments are so fleeting... what I wouldn't give to spend just one more day with my mama... or my daddy... the world is not going to end if the dusting does not get done... and the laundry will wait too... I am not trying to be Martha Stewart where everything has to be PERFECT!... life is not perfect and that is just the way I want it... and your son will hold these memories close by in his heart the rest of his life... he's not going to remember if your house was dusted or not... xoxo Julie Marie

Debbie said...

I have to say "ditto" to your sweet Julie Marie! I'm sure us older ones could all say, "if I could only turn back the clocks." Wait a minute, We just did that!!
No really... Time with our precious babies goes by way too fast, and the world moves even faster, and it is so very easy to allow the things that matter most to be pushed aside. You made the right choice my dear Stephanie, and both you and your precious one will be blessed for it.

What a beautiful castle the both of you made, such fun!

"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."
(1 Corinthians 10:31)

Have a blessed Loed's day!

Think Loveliness said...

What a wonderful post! Beautiful pictures with a simple but profound message of a godly mother's love. Blessings~

Delvalina said...

I want to do it someday with my kids..I juts really cant wait to be Godly mom and wise mom! all you did in this post reminds me of God, God knows the best for us..I try...I try..till I give up and cry, and I must be noticed by Him :)

Big hug and kisses for you.



Sylvia said...

Oh how precious are those moments,they do fly by. Now that my girls are grown I would love to have more time with them, now they have children of their own and even tho I kept the 3 older grandchildren while their mothers worked and was with them everyday, time has flown by and now those 3 are teenagers. The bond is still there and I am trying to spend more time and do more with my younger 3 grandchildren. I know all too well how times gets by, so tresure those precious moments together, they will be grown all too soon.

Anonymous said...

All that other stuff never goes away, but the time you have with your son passes all to quickly.

:) Hope

Kat said...

Hi Stephanie thanks for visiting my blog. How sweet your dropped everything to pay with your son he looks happy to have you play with him. Kids toys are so darn fun, I love them! His toy looks very cute. Glad to hear you got everything done on your list.
I love your blog and that you're a Christian. I will be back! big hugs

Kate M said...

A wise decision Stephanie - our children grow so fast - treasure each precious moment

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

Stephanie, you are such a good Mommy. Many blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

What a wise mama you are. Thank you for sharing about your decision. I need to read more blogs like this!

God bless you! :)

Debbie @DewdropGables said...

What a precious memory you made with your son. All the other stuff can wait, but children grow up so fast you need to enjoy them while you can.
God bless you and your family.
Debbie :)

Unknown said...

So so true. One thing I have never regretted were the times I played with my boys, instead of cleaning. I have a wealth of wonderful memories and the house survived just fine.

Thank you for sharing, so perhaps other moms will be more comfortable choosing child over chores.

momstheword said...

Awwwww, what a precious post! I loved the picture collage. Did you do it in picmonkey?

My boys don't play with toys anymore....sniff. They don't ask me to play with them.

But just a few days ago my youngest asked me to go to the mall with him. And my oldest used to ask me to go to lunch or Costco or somewhere with him fairly often.

When they ask I pretty much drop everything too. Because I know that time will come when they will have wives and children and not as much time for mom....sigh. But then there will be grandchildren!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hi Stephanie, what a wise mother you are. Indeed the list will still be there, but in a blink of an eye your son will be grown. Treasure every single moment. All five of my children are grown and I never regretted one moment I spent with them!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Though the Lord has not blessed me with children at this season of my life, "maybe-later" memories are not the kind of memories we want to form with any relationship. This includes relationships with our children, spouses, and other family members.

What a blessing that you were able to reach out to your son and spend precious time with him. I realize that when we focus on others instead of ourselves, our days turn from gloom to sunshine bloom! :)

Unknown said...

So very true! Precious memories are sacred! Special moments and spending time with loved ones is far more important than anything else. Thank you for the reminder! Sunday I had to finish watching a movie and then write an essay about it for homework but I put that on the back burner to bake cookies with Sebastian!

Jill Flinton said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time playing with your son...those unexpected moments are priceless!

New follower from the blog hop.

Jill @ And Life Goes On...

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