Minted Christmas Card Review

Hello Friends!
Can you believe Christmas is only 28 days away?!
It's that time of the year when Christmas shopping gets serious,
pretty trees are put up and decorated,
cookie and candy recipes are brought out
and Christmas cards are sent off to loved ones.
Christmas cards are one thing my husband and I splurge on
because it's something we can send out to family and friends
whom we haven't had much contact with during the year;
it's a great way to let them know they are thought of often.
In case you haven't ordered your Christmas cards,
now is the time :)
An online store that has captured my interest is
They have an amazing selection of photo Christmas cards at reasonable prices.
Their cards are cheerful and festive for the holiday season.
They also give you the choice of how many photos you want,
color schemes and shapes.
You can even choose between a flat or folded card.
From now until Thursday they are offering 10% off
on holiday card orders that are $100.00 or more
Here are a few of my favorites. . .

I love this one with the scalloped edge.

This card is simple yet elegant with the curvy edges.

Simply stunning!

I really like this card idea - very unique.

The message on this card is what Chistmas is all about.

How fun is this card?! Love it :)

And don't forget your sweet pet.
Meowy Christmas

So if you are in need of Christmas cards, head on over to Minted.
They have a wonderful selection.
Happy shopping :)
The views and opinions expressed for this review are purely my own.


Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

Cute! I've never done photo Christmas cards. Sounds fun.

Being Inspired said...

Such cute cards! :) I especially love the kitten one! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

donna said...

What cute Christmas cards. Thank you for sharing.

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