The Lord Shall Guide Thee

"He does not lead me year by year,
nor even day by day;
but step by step my path unfolds;
my Lord directs the way."

The more clearly we see the sovereignty of God
and depend on His providential care,
the less perplexed we will be by life's calamities.

"Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel,
and afterward receive me to glory.
Whom have I in heaven but thee?
and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee."
Psalm 73:24 - 25

"And the Lord shall guide thee continually,
and satisfy thy soul in drought,
and make fat they bones:
and thou shalt be like a watered garden,
and like a spring of water,
whose waters fail not."
Isaiah 58:11

Let us trust God this year, next year and the years to come -
regardless of the circumstances that may come our way.

Have a blessed Lord's Day!


Debbie said...

And trust in Him I will. Have a Blessed Sunday Stephanie!

Unknown said...

Very encouraging!! Thank you for this reminder. Hugs to you. xx

Debbie said...

Praise the Lord! Wonderful post!
The Lord showed me this very thing on Saturday in my little devotion book. A new habit I plan to make this year, and the years to come is, I will say in every circumstance big or small "I trust you, Jesus." Three times I have already done that and the Lord has been faithful.

Thank you for sharing this!
The Lord bless you!

Gail Dixon said...

Beautiful post. That Matthew quote I committed to memory several years ago when I was going through a particularly rough phase. It's still one of my favorites.

Gail Dixon said...

I meant to say "Matthew VERSE", not quote. :/

Anonymous said...

We would all have more peace if we trusted the sovereignty of God no matter what circumstances we found ourselves in. Thank you for the beautiful reminder to trust.

Hojas que caen..... said...

Bello , me encanta tu blog y amo esa relación personal con el Señor.Besos.Olga.

momstheword said...

Beautiful, my friend! I have always loved those verses in Psalm 73, especially verse 26 which says "My flesh and my heart may fail,but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." Love that!

Thank you so much for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this post, your "about" and browsing your sidebar. I better get back to Pink Saturday stuff. I've put you in my RSS follows - I'm really bad about getting around blogland though - but I hope to be back! Jenn

Judith said...

This was beautiful, Stephanie!! How encouraging!! The picture is gorgeous too...I would just love to be standing looking out over that view.

Thanks for linking up over at WholeHearted Home this past week. Your posts are always a blessing to open up to read.

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