To Know The Love Of Christ

Love is Silence -
 when your words would hurt.
Love is Patience -
when your neighbor's curt.
Love is Deafness -
when a scandal flows.
Love is Thoughtfulness -
for others' woes.
Love is Promptness -
when stern duty calls.
Love is Courage -
when misfortune falls.
~ Unknown ~

The Bible teaches that the three cardinal virtues of the Christian life are faith, hope, love,
with love as the greatest (1 Cor 13:13).
These virtues in a person's life are the most convincing evidences
 of a personal relationship with Christ.
True faith must always lead to a life of love for God and others.
Our love relationship with others should be characterized as
sacrificial, sensitive,  and sharing.
We should relate to people even as Jesus did.
He loved individuals simply for themselves
and met and accepted them at the place of their personal need.
- Kenneth W. Osbeck -

Have a blessed Lord's Day!


Lauren Nelson said...

Such a beautiful post, Stephanie! Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Gail Dixon said...

Loved this post. When I think of how I was before Christ it makes me cringe. God bless you.

Debbie said...

Lovely post Stephanie. Have a Blessed Sunday!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Love this post Stephanie! Just think of how the world would be if everyone showed love, one for another!

Delisa said...

Hi Stephanie! What a truly beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it with us. I have a similar poem hanging in my hallway that I printed up and framed. It talks about some good qualities that can become hurtful, if love is not applied to them. It says:
Righteousness without love,
Makes us hard.
Faith without love,
Makes us fanatical.
Power without love,
Makes us brutal.
Duty without love,
Makes us resentful,
Orderliness without love,
Makes us petty.
So many times when life becomes complex or challenging, I will stop and think about this and check myself to see if I am really doing all things with love as my motive. Sometimes just that little shift is all I need to get around a big obstacle that is my path. I love how patient and humble Jesus was with people even when he was hurting, or tired. How self-sacrificing he was and willing to share everything he had. I hope you have a lovely day ahead, and thank you for coming by to visit on my blog, it is always so nice to hear from you! With Love, Delisa :)

Anne said...

Beautiful post! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Housewife59 said...

Dear Stephanie. Lovely post - and postcard. I hope you are able to get the blog background as you like it again x

Housewife59 said...

Just as I posted the last comment, your gorgeous background amazingly appeared lol

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this, I feel blessed reading it. Wishing you a wonderful week.

Lisa'sLettersandLace said...

Beautiful, a lovely way to end my Sunday, and start my week. Blessings, Lisa

Conniecrafter said...

the sermon today was on living the life God intended us to live, something I try to do every day.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful post to read right before bedtime. Thank you!

Debbie said...

This was beautiful Stephanie! Wonderful words to think on and hide in my heart as I desire to live a life the honors and glorifies my Savior.

Praying you had a beautiful Lord's day today?


Meeha Meeha said...

What a beautiful post, simply inspiring! Little blog award for you, Stephanie, come check it out: http://meehameeha.blogspot.ro/2013/01/life-is-good.html

makeyourhomesing said...

Love your post. Great poem too, and of course that Bible verse is awesome. Can you imagine being filled up with more of God and less of me? That's a win win all around!

Thanks so much for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday today!

Jazzmin said...

Beautiful post Stephanie!
I am so thankful for Christ's love... this reminds me of what I have been reading about in my devotional. Being reminded of the greatness of the Lord's love for us is truly an encouragement in faith.
Lovely photo also, so neat and vintage :)

I hope you have a beautiful week!!

Crystal said...

Beautiful post! Thank you!


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