Cookie Dough Truffles

Do you remember the cookie dough truffles from my Valentine's tea?
Well here is the recipe :)

When I was younger, 
I would always sneak into the cookie dough when my mom made cookies.
I loved and still love anything with cookie dough!
How about you, do you have a hard time resisting cookie dough?

So when I came across this recipe from love & olive oil I was thrilled!
And it's prefect for eating since it doesn't have any raw eggs in the mixture.

Here is what you will need:
1 cup (2 sticks) butter
3/4 cup granulated white sugar
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/3 cup milk or cream (soy or almond works too)
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
(I didn't have mini chips on hand so I chopped up regular sized chips)
14 oz chocolate candy coating.

Next time I make these truffles I am going to make them without the chocolate chips.
My nephews even said they would be delicious without them.


Beat butter and sugars in large bowl with mixer on medium speed
until light and fluffy.
Add vanilla and milk.
Stir in flour and salt and mix until incorporates.
Stir in chocolate chips.

Cover and chill dough for an hour.

When the dough is firm enough to handle, 
form into 1" balls and place on a baking sheet lined with waxed paper.
Place the sheet in the freezer and chill for 30 minutes.

Melt chocolate candy coating according to the directions on the package.
Stick a toothpick into the top of the ball and dip into the chocolate.
Use another toothpick to gently push the ball onto
waxed paper-lined sheets.
Chill until set.

Store in an airtight container for up to one week.

Enjoy :)

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Jenna said...

My mouth is watering! YUM! My husband would love these! Thanks for sharing! New follower!

Jenna @ http://rainonatinroof.com

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh wow!! I love, love, love cookie dough and I'm giving these a try! Thanks for sharing this one! Yummm!

Vi said...

Looks so yummy and love your teacup :)

Sylvia said...

Love your teacup and would love a truffle now, or maybe two!

Unknown said...

No way those would last in my home for a whole week... I'm going to have to make these since I LOVE cookie dough. Thank you for the recipe :)

Debbie said...

Oh Stephanie, what an easy recipe that is and I love that it doesn't contain raw eggs too! Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Harris said...

For you ladies out there, these are soooo good! I was visiting Stephanie and she gave me one for the road, well, I wished I had taken more as they were devine! I will be making some of these for sure!

Thank you my dear for sharing the recipe. Your father will love them!

Love & Blessings!

NanaDiana said...

My gosh! Those sound wonderful! I am so glad you found me- now I found you back. I am your newest follower and you are on my sidebar! Can't wait to get to know you better- xo Diana

Lady Linda said...

Oh Stephanie, I cannot stand this!! TOOOOO yummy.
Thanks for the recipe.
I got your thank you today...so pretty.
Am I a follower on your blog? I'm not sure how to join up?

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Mmmmmm, Stephanie, these sound so good!! I love how you displayed them in the pretty cup, too. What a perfect treat. xo

Jessica @ A Humble Creation said...

Thank you for the recipe, Stephanie! I tried a similar one that didn't turn out as well as I hoped. I'll give yours a try. They look delicious!

no spring chicken said...

You just made my girls very happy! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Blessings, Debbie

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh my goodness - these look so yummy! I love the dainty tea cup, too. Thank you for sharing! xo

makeyourhomesing said...

These really do sound yummy. I am not "into" cookie dough, but one of my sons loves it. He buys it at the the store so he can eat it, lol! He'd probably love this.

As for your sweet comment, you'd be surprised! Oh it's possible. I was crying Wed. when I was at physical therapy and had to do a lot of praying that day as I was not in the best mood. Feeling tearful, emotionally fragile, frustrated and grumpy.

Pain does that, lol! :) But I'm feeling better now!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, those look so delicious and not too difficult to make. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I'd love to try to make them for Easter. :-)

Conniecrafter said...

sounds like a great thing for a special occasion!

Kat said...

That looks so delicious! you make good things. How is it that you are not fat? I can't eat like that. I just look at the stuff and it goes to my hips it seems. This year I have been laying off the sweets. but I do love love them. Hugs

Unknown said...

Stephanie, those look so yummy and pretty! Your pictures are so tempting! I think I like them with the chocolate chips :) I am pinning these!

Shannon Barefoot said...

Oooh I love cookie dough! I'm sure these are delicious, Stephanie. Thanks for linking up to The Weekly Creative.

Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

Tanya said...

My grandmother inspired my love for crafts also! These look delicious!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Thank you so much for the recipe! My daughter and grandchildren will love this! Have a wonderful week!

Unknown said...

YUM!!! These looks so delicious. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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