Vintage Postcards And A Kind Friend

This week I received a delightful package in the mail from a precious lady.
We just recently met one another through our blogs
and I hope our friendship continues to grow and blossom :)

sent me some vintage postcards.

I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I opened the package
and saw all of these wonderful cards.
My first thought was, 
"I wonder what the people were like who sent and received these in the past?
What is their history?"

 Many are dated from the early 1900's.

There are messages written on the back of most of them
and I enjoyed reading these dear words penned by family and friends.

I loved the stamps! Not all of the postcards had stamps on them,
but the ones that did were only 1 cent stamps.

Did you know it now costs 33 cents to send a postcard?!

I am excited to make something special with these beautiful vintage postcards.
I'm not yet sure what I will do, maybe a collage?
Do you have any ideas?

Sweet Abby also sent me this adorable card.

And she enclosed some blessed scripture and a dear friendship quote.

I am sure Abby would love a visit from you.
Her blog is beautiful and completely centered on the Lord.
Her blog name is perfect because you will be blessed after visiting her.


Anonymous said...

What a fun gift!

It always takes me a long time to decide what to do with such special items as these...often up to a year because I want whatever I do with them to be just right.

I love the lettering on the Phil 4:13 quote.

I'll pop over and visit Little Birdie Blessings.


Sylvia said...

What a nice surprise gift from a new friend. They are all pretty. I have a Vintage Christmas card of my mothers that a friend sent her when she was young, had to have been over 75 years ago. I cherish it, she passed away in 1980.

Γιαγιά Κασσιανή said...

So beautifull, so smart !!!
Thanks for sharing all these wonderfull things

Antiques And Teacups said...

What a wonderful gift! They really are a window on the past. I have my grandmother's collection and also pick them up when I can. They are little windows on a lost era. What a treasure!

Lauren Nelson said...

Those are beautiful and the only thing I love more than snail mail, is getting snail mail in snail mail!

I have a vintage post card framed on my desk addressed to my grandfather and the really neat thing about it is that it is a picture of the university I attended.

Elizabethd said...

How lovely to receive those pretty cards.
I am the one who sent a card to Rosalie!via Bimbimbie's blog. I've joined you now, as I think you have a very nice blog.

Debbie said...

How lovely! What a wonderful treat. Enjoy making something with them.

Jennifer said...

Hi Stephanie! Those cards are so beautiful, they sure don't make cards like that anymore...the details are just wonderful. What a sweet friend to share such a nice gift :o) Thank you for visiting me today, it's so nice to have you as a follower to. Have a really nice weekend! hugs Jennifer

Lauren Davenport said...

What a thoughtful friend. The postcards are very pretty and the stamps are so unique. I'll go visit her blog...

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Hi Stephanie, how sweet of you to post your goodies from me. It looks so wonderful the way you've displayed it and described it here. Blessings to you dear one. ~ Abby

Debbie Harris said...

How beautiful! What a sweet friend you have made here in blog land. I am always amazed of these precious ladies you have as friends.

Joy to you!

Conniecrafter said...

such a sweet gift, love to see the old postcards!!

Bimbimbie said...

A little boy and his dog, no matter what year the photo was taken they always look inseparable and very cute!

Lady Linda said...

I really love vintage postcards...what a treat. I like to decorate with them, tucking them in here and there.

Sweet post on your mom too.

Denise said...

Beautiful gift.I love My paper crafting,but sometimes have second thoughts in cutting up such sentimental pretties.I do anyway eventually.Enjoyed-Denise

Anne Payne said...

Those are adorable vintage postcards! What a sweet thing for your new friend to do :)

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful, Stephanie. I stopped by again tonight to take a less rushed look around your beautiful page and I am so glad I did because I see my beautiful blogging friend's name, Abby. Stopping by her page to say hello.
By the way, I absolutely LOVE your footer. The words are PERFECT for a conversation I was having with several close blogging friends tonight about all the changes I've seen in blogging lately and how we are to remain true to why we do this to begin with.
Thank you for sharing.
Love and blessings.

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