Burn O Love Within My Heart

O Jesus, Jesus, dearest Lord.
Forgive me if I say,
For very love Thy sacred name
A thousand times a day.
Burn, burn O love within my heart
Burn fiercely night and day
Till all the dross of earthly love
Is burned, and burned away.
~ F.W. Faber ~

Scripture clearly shows us that our precious Lord loves us with His all,
and He longs for you and I to love Him with everything that we have.

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God
with all thy heart,
and with all thy soul,
and with all thy mind,
and with all thy strength:
this is the first commandment.
~ Mark 12:30 ~

Genuine love for God is more than a pleasing stirring of the emotions.
We are to love and worship God with "all our being's ransomed powers."
~ J. Oswald Sanders ~

With all thy heart, with all thy soule and mind,
Thou must Him love, and His behests embrace;
All other loves - with which the world doth blind
Weake fancies, and stirre up affections base -
Thou must renounce, and utterly displace;
And give thyself unto Him full and free,
That full and freely gave Himself to thee.
~ Edmund Spenser ~

Have a blessed Lord's Day!


Debbie said...

Lovely Stephanie. Have a Blessed Sunday and prayers continue for your Grandma.

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray for your sweet grandmother. I hope she will feel better soon. I love the quote from J Oswald Sanders.

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Thank you Stephanie for your words today. Continuing prayers for your grandmother and family. ~ Abby

Sherri B. said...

Thank you for this very moving post today.

I continue to pray for your grandmother and ask for healing so that you all may have a little more time with her. I kept you in my heart and thoughts during church this morning.

Please,do not feel the need to reply to my comments during this time..I know you care about us and that you are grateful for our thoughts and prayers...Please just rest when you can. Much love and big hugs.

Ashley~ said...

If our love for Christ burns within us, how much more effective servants of His would we be?
I love that thought of allowing His love to "burn".

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