Money Bouquets

Hello blogging friends!
I trust your week is going well and you have a fun-filled weekend ahead of you :)
It's hard to believe tomorrow is the last day in May.
Where does the time go?!

I wanted to share with you some money bouquets I recently made.
There were a couple of birthdays in the family a little while ago
and instead of giving money in a card,
I decided to liven it up a bit with money bouquets :)

The first bouquet was for my nephew who loves to draw
so I tied money onto pencils.
I used Spanish moss to hold the pencils nice and snug in the bucket.
Then I used stickers and put his name on the bucket and added some fun paper balloons.

Fold the money accordion style then fold in the middle.

Use a piece of ribbon and tie the money onto a pencil..

The other money bouquet was for a niece.
I used wooden skewers that I bought at the grocery store
and punched out flowers with a paper punch.
I hot glued the flower onto the skewer and added a rhinestone to the middle. 

I pinched the middle of the money and tied it onto the skewer with ribbon
so that it looked like leaves on the flower :)

Enjoy your day!

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Time Spent In The Woods

Hello friends, I hope you had a nice long weekend and Memorial day.
Did you do anything special?

My family and I enjoyed some time in the woods yesterday.

We went up to about 11,500 feet and played in the snow :)

I am so thankful my husband was driving 
since I definitely would have gotten us stuck in several places.
My son had a blast as we "plowed" through the cold, white stuff.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch by a refreshing stream.
The water was quite cold, but its sweet, trickling music was very relaxing.

We came across a beautiful lake.
The love of my life and me snapped a picture together :)

The views were breathtaking!
I live in the mountains, yet I never grow tired of the beauty.
Our Lord's creation is truly magnificent!

I do hope your long weekend was a blessing.
I would love to hear about what you did.

Have a delightful week!


Land Of The Free Because Of The Brave

The bugle echos shrill and sweet,
But not of war it sings today.
The road is rhythmic with the feet
Of men-at-arms who come to pray.
The roses blossom white and red
On tombs where weary soldiers lie;
Flags wave above the honored dead
And martial music cleaves the sky.
Above their weary-strewn graves we kneel,
They kept the faith and fought the fight.
Through flying lead and crimson steel
They plunged for Freedom and the Right.
May we, their grateful children, learn
Their strength, who lie beneath this sod,
Who went through fire and death to earn
At last the accolade of God.
In shining rank on rank arrayed,
They march, the legions of the Lord;
He is their Captain unafraid,
The Prince of Peace...Who brought a sword.
~ Joyce Kilmer ~

We salute the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice
while serving our country.
Thank you for your integrity and nobleness.

May you all have a blessed Lord's Day.
Hugs and love to you!


Joy In A Memory

 These sweet little birds caught my eye a while ago when I was in a craft store.
The minute I saw them I thought of Grandma Betty - oh how she loved birds!
So I bought them thinking I would use them to make her something special....

Now that she has gone to be with the Lord I cannot give her the birds,
but I decided to make something for me to remember her by.
I love seeing them on the wall because my thoughts wander back 
to when she would sit at her kitchen table and look contentedly out at the birds in her yard.

I chose to put "Joy In A Memory" on the canvas blocks
because I have sweet joy when I think of  my Grandma.

To create this wall art,
I used canvas blocks and painted each one a different color.

I applied Mod Podge over the letters and then coated the whole block.

I used paper flowers, lace and beads to create the finished look.

I am thankful for precious memories and the joy they bring.
Have a blessed day and enjoy your long weekend, beautiful friends!

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Peach And Strawberry Cobbler

Mmm. . . This tasty treat will melt in your mouth
and make your tummy say "More Please!" :)

I had some peaches in the freezer that I had put up a while ago
and some fresh strawberries in the fridge that needed used up.
I was a little skeptical about mixing the two together, but I thought hey, what could it hurt?
Well it definitely didn't hurt anything and ended up being a new favorite of mine.
And it's the perfect dessert for summertime.
So here is the recipe.

Ingredients needed:

1 stick (1/2 cup) butter
2 cups peeled and sliced peaches (fresh or frozen)
2 cups sliced strawberries
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 tablespoons sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Slice butter and place in a 9 x 13-inch pan; set in oven to melt.
Once butter has melted, remove pan from oven.

Place fruit in a bowl and sprinkle 2 tablespoons of sugar over the fruit.
Stir and let sit for a few minutes.

Stir flour, 1 1/2 cups sugar, baking powder and salt in a bowl.
Add milk and vanilla; stir until the batter is smooth.
Pour batter into pan.
Pour fruit over batter and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Bake for 60 - 75 minutes, or until batter browns and fruit bubbles.
Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

Enjoy, sweet friends!

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Love's ABC's

We'll have our hands full and our heart filled trying to live out Love's ABC's.

Love Accepts, Behaves, Cheers, Defends, Enriches, Forgives, Grows, and Helps.

Love Includes, Joins, Kneels, Listens, Motivates, Notices, Overlooks, and Provides.

Love Quiets, Respects, Surprises, Tries, Understands, Volunteers, Warms, eXpects, and Yields.

Love in action adds Zip in our life.
~ Stan Michaiski ~

"And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us.
God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him."
~ 1 John 4:16 ~

Have a blessed Lord's Day!


Picture Frame Earring Holder

Hello lovelies!
I made this earring holder the other day and thought I would share it with you.
I saw a pincushion for sewing similar to this, 
but I didn't need another pincushion since I have plenty.

So I decided to make it into an earring holder.
Wouldn't it be a great gift for a girlfriend or family member?
Earring holder + earrings = cute gift!

This is what you will need:

picture frame (any size)
scrap fabric
hot glue gun and glue
card stock

Take the glass out of the frame since you won't be needing it
and draw a circle around the frame.
The circle needs to be bigger than the frame.

Trace the back of the frame onto some card stock
then cut out the circle.

Place the batting on top of the fabric circle
and hold the card stock circle on top of the batting.

 Fold the fabric onto the card stock and hot glue down.

The end result should look like this...

Place your earrings onto your new pretty earring holder :)

Have a blessed day!

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Vail Mountain On April 19th

This post is a little different from what I usually put up,
but I thought it would be fun to share this video with you.
My dad has been skiing and doing ballet skiing since he was a teen
and he is still going strong at over 50 years old :)
The mountain reopened April 19 of this year and my dad hit the slopes.
He met up with a guy that asked if he could film my dad skiing in the powder
and of course dad said sure.
The guy recently put the video up on YouTube and I thought I would put it up on my blog
for you to "experience" our wondrous mountains :)

In the video you will see the beautiful ski mountain and powdery snow,
and my dad in the grey/black jacket and black helmet.
I am sorry about the music (you can mute it) .... but enjoy the scenes and skiing.



Mother's Day Memories And A New Friend

I hope every Mother had a beautiful Mother's Day!

My husband, son and I had a quiet day.
My son is quite sick so he and I stayed home from church yesterday.
The poor little guy has a terrible hacking cough, congestion, sore throat and fever.
It breaks my heart to see him like this.
Lord-willing he will be on the mend VERY soon!

The three of us did have a nice picnic in our backyard yesterday.
We ate spaghetti (which my father-in-law made), bread and salad.
It was a blessing to be able to relax and enjoy the lovely sunshine and warmer weather.

I was able to pick some pretty cherry blossoms off of the trees for our table centerpiece.

I took a stroll around my yard and was pleased to see the trees coming to life after a long Winter.
In the picture below you will see there is still snow on the mountain peaks.

 The Crab Apple tree is about to blossom,
my Lilac bushes and Choke Cherry trees are slowly bringing forth buds
and the yard is ready for its first mowing.

All-in-all it was a lovely day.

Also, I wanted to share a little story ......
On Saturday my husband and I had a yard sale.
A lady (Carrie) came with her sister-in-law (who is expecting) and her mother-in-law.
They were at the sale looking at the baby items for over an hour.
I was able to talk with Carrie during the time she was at our yard sale and we instantly clicked :)
Before she left, we exchanged phone numbers saying we would love to be friends
and then found out we live about 10 minutes away from each other.
Sometime during our conversation I complimented her purse saying I loved the look and color.
So the dear sweetie said she wanted to give it to me 
because she does not use it very often. 
I could not believe it and tried to tell her to keep it,
but she was quite insistent!
I was truly amazed at her generosity to a stranger.
From the little bit of time I talked to her I could tell she had a kind and giving heart.
I told my husband after the yard sale that I was thankful we had it
for the sole purpose of meeting Carrie.
God is always so good and His timing is always so right.

 The purse is a Vera Bradley.
I know I will think of Carrie every time I use it :)

May you have a delightful week, friends!


Women Who Made A Difference

Happy Mother's Day to all of you sweet and dear women!
I hope your day is filled with sunshine, joy, and blessings.

There are several women in the Bible that have made a difference -
Eve, Rahab, Deborah, Mary, Naomi and Ruth, Miriam,
but I want to look at two women in the Bible that I admire.

SARAH - Woman of Faith
Genesis 12 - 23

Sarah was a beautiful woman whose name meant "princess."
Most of her life shows great faith in God,
but at times Sarah's faith faltered. 

When she heard she would have a son so late in life she laughed
and allowed a seed of doubt to form in her life which grew into a tree of unbelief.
But Sarah's laughter of unbelief turned to laughter of joy and delight.
God gave her the son He promised to her and Abraham.
She lived to be 127 years old and was able to watch Isaac grow up and see God's blessing on him.
In spite of her lapses in faith, we remember Sarah as a woman of great faith,
a woman who made a difference.

HANNAH - From Discouragement to Delight
1 Samuel 1: 1 - 2:21
(Hannah is my favorite lady in the Bible)

When we first meet Hannah, she is grieving, unhappy, and focused on her barrenness.
Like many women, she wanted a child more than anything else.

Hannah chose to change.
She humbled herself before the Lord and became broken before Him.
God did not abandon her, He answered her prayer for a child.
Hannah was so grateful that she gave her son, Samuel, back to the Lord
She sang and praised God, who gave her not only Samuel, 
but also three more sons and two daughters.
Hannah was a woman who knew how to pray and she became a mother as a direct answer to prayer.
We can learn from Hannah how to handle the problems we face 
in dealing with disappointment and hurt.
We can choose to hold on to our problems and become bitter,
or we can follow Hannah's lead and turn our bitterness and resentment into 
peace, joy, and happiness.
{Taken from Women Who Made a Difference by Martha Tyler}

And two other ladies that are not in the Bible, but have made a difference in my life ......

DEBBIE - Mother, Friend, Role Model

Sweet, precious Mother of mine, how I love you!
We had a few ups and downs when I was a teenager as any mother/daughter relationship might have,
but all-in-all we have remained close at heart, like two peas in a pod.
You are the blessed Mother God gave me at birth 
and you are the wonderful friend I have grown close to as each year passes.
Thank you for your tender care and nurturing love over the years.
Thank you for walking with the Lord and allowing His glory to radiate from your life.
Thank you for serving others with a cheerful heart.
Where would I be without you?
I love you, Mom!

KATIE - Strong, Loving, Mother-in-"love" :)

From early on, before I dated your son and became his wife,
I have admired your strength, courage, and gentleness.
Your days are constantly filled with something needing your attention;
you are one of the busiest women I know.
You take care of two churches which means 4 church services in a week,
you do a ladies Bible study, help with children's Bible club,
open up your home to strangers, and care for your home and husband,
yet I have NEVER heard you grumble or complain about all that you do.
You are a beautiful servant of the Lord.
Thank you for being an example to the younger women for I do look up to you.
I love you, Katie!

Have a blessed Lord's Day!

Also, my mom has asked me to thank each and everyone of you ladies
on her behalf, for the love, prayers and support during the passing of Grandma Betty.
Her heart was blessed every time she visited the blog 
and read the comments many of you dear friends left.
Thank you for being there, offering words of encouragement.

Love and hugs to you!


Pretty Gift Wrap For Mother's Day

What is a mom but the sunshine of our days 
and the north star of our nights.
~ Robert Brault ~

My mother loves lace and that is putting it mildly :)
She has bride dolls in lace dresses in her home,
she has lace on her stone mantel in her bedroom, lace in her bathroom,
lace on the shelves in cupboards, and lace doilies everywhere!
Lace, lace, lace :)

So what better way to wrap her gifts than in lace.

I used a brown box for a nice simplistic look.

The flower was made from some scrap lace.
To make one just use needle and thread and sew a gathering stitch along the top edge of the lace
then sew the ends together to form a gathered circle.

The beads in the middle are glass beads.
Put a little dab of fabric glue in the middle of the lace flower
and then put some beads on the glue.
Let dry for 24 hours.

The smaller package was wrapped in scrapbook paper
and the grey fabric is from a t-shirt.

I made the grey and lace fabric into yo yo flowers
and put some glass beads in the center.

Then I decorated a brown bag with some lace and pink rhinestones.

The tie which links mother and child is of such pure and immaculate strength 
as to never be violated.
~ Washington Irving ~

Have a beautiful day!
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