Guest Post - Marcia From Gathering At The Table

When gracious Stephanie invited me to write a guest post for The Enchanting Rose
the first thought that came to my mind was honor
 Without hesitation, I thought of ways to interpret this special word. 
 Quietly, I listened. Closely, I searched.
   photo 1070b4f8-e5cd-4eeb-b722-ab95947d4cd6.jpg
Through God's Word...
   photo ffebe39c-410e-4dfe-a349-a04838364733.jpg
through dictionaries...
honesty fairness integrity in one's beliefs and actions D I S T I N C T I O N

and, of course, through creativity.

   photo ab2dac69-c195-461b-8303-ffbe4bfb57e2.jpg

Tag is a handmade gift for one chosen guest/reader of The Enchanting Rose
 Infinite as the deepest ocean are the ways to share the love of God. 
 When we're mindful of how uniquely He creates us, 
we resist comparisons and limitations--we broaden our hearts--
and make room for the very thing that pleases Him most.

   photo 669ce936-ba23-437f-b3d2-7c8bf4c752ba.jpg

His children, loving and honoring one another.
 My name is Marcia, and I blog at Gathering at the Table
I am a wife, mother, sea lover, movie enthusiast, and tag maker. 
 I see blogging as an adventure 
and a great opportunity to share our gifts with neighbors throughout the world. 
 Thank you again, Stephanie. xoxo


Vicky Hunt said...

Stephanie....what a beautiful post from your sweet friend Marcia! I love the topic she chose and the photography is gorgeous...:) I am off to visit Marcia now...:)

Blessings, Vicky
Life On Willie Mae Lane

Delvalina said...

Hello Marcia,

You have pretty vintage thing and I love it :)

Glad to see you as guest post on Stephanie's blog.


Julie Marie said...

Hello Marcia... what a beautifully inspiring post!... both your photos and your words... thank you for sharing a bit of yourself today... am off to visit your blog, xoxo Julie Marie

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, the post shines on your page. Thank you, friend.
Love and blessings.

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

What a beautiful post and such gorgeous tags!

Kat White said...

I love the sea too, and just made a cute tag but have not posted it yet. Love your tag! very creative. Have a lovely day!

Kelly said...

Hello Dear Marcia, Stephanie and all who visit,
This was such a gift for me today finding my way here through Marcia and her Beautiful words. I LOVED where she wrote, "WHEN we are mindful of how uniquely He creates us....
Sending Stephanie heartfelt condolences. Grandmas are BLESSINGS!!!

Jazzmin said...

Beautiful post, Marcia!! Your tag is truly lovely, and I enjoyed your photographs as well. Any photos of beautiful things on the bible always make my heart smile :)

Blessings to you!

Ashley~ said...

Honoring one another is a way to show love one to another~
Thank you for your post, beautiful pictures. Thank you for helping my sweet Stephanie during these difficult days~

Nancy Vance said...

Beautiful post! Your photos are compelling. Honoring one another...do I pass the test? It's a good thing to ponder, and the do!


Very NICE...

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's so much fun to read your guest post here. I love your tags and would be thrilled to have a new one. If you look up close at the book I showed in my post today, you'll see one of your tags being used as my bookmark. Happy weekend my friend!

Kimberly Lomont said...

How very nice of you to honor your friend on your blog. Heartfelt and a pleasure to read.I enjoyed this sweet post. Blessings!

Garden of Secrets

Linda Primmer said...

A lovely post indeed and the tags are so pretty .What a true gift.

SarahGeorge said...

What a beautiful post! Simple but powerful! Thank you Marcia for sharing the word with lovely pictures as well!

Dearest Stephanie,
What a joy visiting your beautiful blog! Your new look of the blog is so beautiful. Enjoyed the guest post:)

Maggie Ann said...

That is a beautiful post! I like the art tags. I used to belong to Wednesday Stamper but that is history now. Now I enjoy other people's creativity...=)

Anne Payne said...

Marcia, What a delightful post! It is truly an honor to be invited onto The Enchanting Rose. Stephanie is a sweetheart. Your tag is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Lovely Marcia, such beauty and inspiration in your photography and art. ~ Abby

Mindy Whipple said...

Your tag is so beautifully made! Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

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