The Outcast - Book Review

Good morning, dear friends!
Need a good book to read, one that will hold you in complete captivation? 
The Outcast by Jolina Petersheim will not disappoint 
and will have you eagerly reading in anticipation for the unfolding tale of each character.

About The Outcast

Rachel Sotlzfus is a young mother from an Old Order Mennonite community. 
She is unmarried and refuses to name the man who fathered her child. 
The community begins to shun Rachel leaving her alone, angry, and hurt. 
Eventually her brother-in-law, Tobias King, who is also the bishop 
threatens to reveal Rachel’s dark secret if she does not leave
so she is forced to walk away from the community and those she loves.

But Rachel is not the only one hiding secrets, the bishop has a few of his own 
and they are eating away at his conscience and his very soul. 
Judah King, Tobias’ brother, knows he is hiding something when he says, 
“Bishops aren't supposed to lie, Tobias, 
and this is the third lie you’ve told in the past five minutes...
Then again, I guess it’s fitting: you should be allowed to tell as many lies as you want, 
considering your life itself is one.”

Now the life of Rachel’s son is at stake and choices must be made 
that will bring the darkness to light and nothing will be the same.

My thoughts
This book had me sitting on the edge of my seat with intrigue.
I couldn't turn the pages quick enough to read the secretive stories
of The Outcast characters.

From the first page of this book I was caught up in the world of Rachel, 
a young mother carrying a dark secret in her heart so that she can protect the ones she loves,
and Tobias, a man caught up in self-righteousness, anger, and soul-eating bitterness.

As I moved along in the book I could almost feel the emotions emanating from the characters:
sorrow, bitterness, forgiveness, hope, love. 
Many times my heart ached for Rachel and the trials she was facing 
and there were times I wished I could shake some sense and compassion into Tobias.

The book had many twists and turns that were very unsuspecting. 
When I thought I was figuring out the direction of the story, 
another interesting detail was brought into the picture 
leaving me hungry for the grand finale of the book.

The Outcast will leave you with feelings of hope in the power of forgiveness
as you take this healing journey with Rachel and the other characters of the book;
it's never too late for a second chance.

About the Author
Jolina Petersheim holds degrees in English and communication arts
from the University of the Cumberlands.
Though The Outcast is her first novel, her writing has been featured in venues 
as varied as radio programs, nonfiction books, and numerous online and print publications.
Her blog is syndicated with the Tennessean's "On Nashville" blog roll,
as well as being featured on other creative-writing sites.
Jolina and her husband share the same unique Amish and Mennonite heritage
that originated in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania,
but now live in the mountains of Tennessee with their young daughter.
Follow Jolina and her blog at www.jolinapetersheim.com

** I was provided a copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers
in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received. **


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

'Sounds like a book I would enjoy! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Mrs. Smith said...

The Amish have always interested me, and this book sounds good! I enjoyed reading your review! Hugs to you, Stephanie!

Carol Z said...

This sounds great. I am going to put it on my to-read list. Thanks, Stephanie.

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Great book review! Sounds good! My personal Facebook status yesterday was about how I hope to read a book this summer! I haven't made time for it really since kids. :( I used to read all the time! I'll out this on my list. Thanks!

Ashley~ said...

Sounds great! I have a few other books to give you when I get to see you~

no spring chicken said...

Thank you for the recommend. I read the Scarlet Letter a few years ago and you have me eager to delve into this rendition.

Blessings, Debbie

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks for the review Stephanie, I really think this is a book I would enjoy! I am always on the look out for good books at the moment. :)

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, that sounds intriguing. Poor Rachel! I wonder if it is available to download on Kindle?

Debbie Harris said...

Just reading your review had me interested!! You know me in reading novels, but I believe this one is a must to borrow.

Well done!!

Blessings to you!

Ceil said...

sounds like a good read! Who doesn't like to read about people who deal with all the emotions that we do?

Great review :)

Peace in Christ,

LV said...

I love to read. Will check to see if the library has this one. I stopped buying them as it was too costly. Thanks for taking to visit today.

Julie Marie said...

Sounds intriguing!... she looks so young to have written that!... xoxo Julie Marie

Merlesworld said...

Sounds like a pretty good story.

Jessica White said...

Thanks for sharing your review and recommendation. It seems I can never decide what to read these days and have ended up with some bummers, so I'm excited to have a good one to add to my list!

Kat White said...

Isn't it wonderful to find a good book to read that makes you really get into the character. It's been awhile since I have read a good book like that. I have a whole series Beverly Lewis books I would like to get rid of. So if you have not read them I will be glad to give them away there is about 5 of them I have 2 hard covers and 3 soft. Let me know. Hugs

Sylvia said...

Good review,Stephanie, this sounds like a very inspiring book to read.

kitty said...

Ooh I love a good book, Stephanie. Thanks for the review. This one sounds so good! xo

Gail Dixon (La.Belle) said...

What great timing that I should come to your blog today! I just finished Wonder and wanted another satisfying book to read. I will go download a sample now. Thank you!

Gail Dixon (La.Belle) said...

No sample available yet, darnit! I'll put it on my wish list.

Kimberly Lomont said...

Hi Stephanie,
I wasn't able to send you email so I decided to leave you a little note here. I love your blog and roses are a fav of mine. Thanks for your kind words and I am so glad to have found your blog as well.
Garden of Secrets

Karen Frost said...

Thank you for this book review, Stephanie! It is hard to find a good book these days and this one sounds wonderful. I have been reading the new books being written by the Amish and Mennonites and they are very good with lovely story lines. Hugs, xoox

Conniecrafter said...

sounds interesting, I have a few books that I still haven't gotten around to reading yet, just don't seem to have the time for it.... maybe if I wasn't on the computer so much I guess I would have more time to read

SarahGeorge said...

Hi Stephanie, this sure sounds interesting. I love to read. May be if I get a chance, I'll surely read this one. Thanks for introducing. Thank you for your kind visit too:)

Jolina Petersheim said...

Hello, Stephanie! My heart is touched by your kind review. I'm so glad Rachel's story of heartache and hope resonated with you. I sure enjoyed writing it!



Pamela said...

My Kindle and I thank you. Can't wait to begin this book. Thank you for your recommendation. I'm looking forward to "sitting on the end of my seat."

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