Remembering A Lovely Woman

First of all, thank you, dear friends, for the love, prayers, and support
you have given during the last few months since Grandma's death.
I never knew the world of blogging held so many wonderful 
and thoughtful ladies such as yourselves.
Each one of you has blessed my heart in a way that left me humbled by your kindness.

The trip to Canada was physically tiring, but also emotionally exhausting.
I can't describe how it felt to be in the home of my Grandmother without her.
It was like something was crushing my heart -
there was pain, but also comfort in being where my Grandma lived, if that makes sense.
So many memories flitted around in my head as I walked through her home
touching everything that belonged to her.

While I was at my grandparents home, 
I took some pictures of my Grandma during her younger years.
The photos brought a smile to my face so I thought I would share some with you...


My Grandpa gave me this picture of Grandma
and when I got home I remembered I had a photo of me sitting in the same position
with a similar dress so I put them together...

The memorial service went well and it was a bitter-sweet time remembering Grandma.
Like my friend Julie Marie advised me - remember the sweet and that is exactly what I did :)
Grandma is sorely missed by many - she was a dear lady with a heart of gold.
I will always love my Grandma and I cherish each moment and memory with her.
She will forever live in my heart.

My Grandpa and me watching the picture slideshow of Grandma at the service.

Flowers at the memorial service.

Until I see Grandma again in heaven...


It was also a lovely time visiting with family.

I was able to visit with my best friend from college.
We haven't seen each other in 4 years.

My family and I also spent some time at the beach
which was very peaceful and relaxing.

A VERY BIG thank you to the ladies that helped out on my blog while I was away.
Each one of you are beautiful gems :)

I hope you, sweet friends, have a wonderful 4th of July!

This nation will remain the land of the free
only so long as it is the home of the brave.
~Elmer Davis ~

Love and Hugs!


Delvalina Wright said...


touching and brought tears to my eyes...your grandma has been special to you sister. I'm glad she is well now with our Lord.

She looked wonderfully beautiful when she was young. Your grandpa must be so blessed :) and What a fun picture about same position when you were sitting.

what a beautiful day at the beach with family.

The last picture is so cute ;)so romantic.

Love you more sister.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephanie,

I know exactly how you feel. My trip to Florida for my husband's father's memorial was also bittersweet, especially because I was also thinking of my own father's recent passing.

The photos of your grandmother are wonderful. She was very lovely. What a neat similarity of the photos of her and you side-by-side; even your dresses are alike.

My prayers are with you today.


PennyWise Blog said...

What a lovely tribute! Her pictures are just beautiful and she seemed like someone who embraced everyday with joy. How wonderful that you had almost identical photos?
Thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

Marilyn said...

Because of your strong faith your heart can heal. May our loving God continue to wrap his arms around you and give you peace. Welcome home.♥♫

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are home safe. You do look like your grandma! Sad for your grandpa.....the one still left behind.

I am reading a book on aging...and I've read that the older years are to prepare us for heaven, to grow in virtue and holiness. That must be why our grandparents are so endearing to us. Because they are so virtuous and loving!

Now you must rely on your wonderful memories!

Lois' Laughlines said...

What precious memories you have of your grandmother. Treasure each one. Such a sweet photos. Reunited in heaven with the ones we have lost. O happy day that will be.
blessings to you.

Vicky Hunt said...

What a bittersweet time you had...:) I love all the old photos of your grandma and wow, you look so much like her! Two beautiful ladies! What a sweet photo of you and your grandpa too..:)Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful visit with friends and family....love the beach photos! So sweet! Glad you are home safe and with many new memories.

Blessings, Vicky
Life On Willie Mae Lane

Julie Marie said...

Oooh Stephanie, what beautiful photographs of your precious grandma... I love seeing that like you (and me) she loves the outdoors, Nature and animals... I don't ever use the past tense when I speak of our loved ones that have gone to Heaven, as they are still our same beautiful family members... that will never change... and the photos of you and your grandma side by side tell me of the beautiful bond you will always share... thank you for letting me guest post while you were away... I so enjoyed it, and also loved meeting your other guests and visiting their blogs as well... much love to you... Happy 4th of July, xoxo Julie Marie

Unknown said...

Such a special post for a special lady! I am so glad you shared such beautiful photos with us, so happy and carefree - it seems like she had a colourful life Stephanie and such a wonderful, loving family around her. It must have been very strange visiting her house, I have been through that before. But what a blessing she has been to you for all these years. God bless you and your family, Stephanie. x

Olga Poltava said...

Hi Stephanie, your grandmother was a beautiful lady. I like how you put the pictures of her and yourself together.
Have a nice 4th of July!

Nancy Vance said...

Nice, nice post. I love the old photographs...they speak volumes about who we are. Happy 4th!

Debby said...

I grew up next door to my grandmother. I know that I had a rough time when she passed. So many memories. I know how you are feeling. Beautiful tribute.

Elizabethd said...

Lovely memories to hold for a long time. There is no one quite like a grandmother, and yours certainly had a loving smile.

Natalie said...

What a sweet and honoring post. {Hugs} to you Stephanie and prayers continue for God's comfort to surround you as a shield. God bless and have a wonderful 4th.

Sylvia said...

Stephanie, your grandmother was a beautiful women and I'm sure she was just as beautiful on the inside. My heart goes out to you, I understand how you feel and know God will give you grace to go on.


Melanie said...

Hold tight to the sweet memories Stephanie! They will grow more precious each year. Write them down as you remember them and share with family. You will be surprised what you will remember. BIG hugs!!!

Anne Payne said...

Awwww....such a sweet photo of you and your grandpa! Your grandma was so pretty. I can tell by the light in her eyes she was a precious lady!

Delisa said...

Welcome back home Stephanie and what a dear and loving tribute to your precious Grandma. I love the picture of the two of you in the blue dress. What a treasure! One grandma past away before I was born and the other when I was only 5. But, my mother kept them alive and taught me to love them, with wonderful stories and I feel like they have both been dear friends. Have a restful day ahead! With Love, Delisa :)

Julie's Lifestyle said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandma and at least you have nice photos of her & the memories. Take care.
Julie from julieslifestyle.blogspot.com

janice15 said...

It brought tears to my eyes Stephanie I'm glad you are home and you got through it.. I love all the lovely photos of your grandmother she was a good looking woman and the one with you both sitting in the same position is amazing they are great you look a lot like her.. Your post tribute to your Grandmother is lovely.. Welcome home Happy July with love Janice

Mrs. Smith said...

Your grandmother was so pretty and sweet looking! I can see a family resemblance with you and her, too.

This is a precious post and I love all the pictures. It is great to see you back blogging and I hope you and your family have a happy 4th!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Stephanie, this was beautifully written. The photographs of your grandmother are lovely, especially the one of you wearing a similar dress. I'm glad you were able to make the trip, and spend some time with family and friends. Thanks for sharing. ~ Abby

Linda said...

I didn't realize you were going to Canada for your Grandmother's memorial service Stephanie. I'm so wrapped up in my husband's back problems and haven't spent much time on-line.
I'm so glad you have such precious memories. She looks so very sweet. She has left a beautiful legacy for you.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, what a beautiful memorial to your grandmother. I love the pictures of your grandmother. She looks so happy! God bless your grandfather. I will keep him and you and the rest of your family in prayer. May God fill your hearts with beautiful memories of her.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah to God be the glory what a sure joy to know she is with Him, dear Stephanie! you will be with her again - with Him!!

... and you have a heritage of great treasure in having grandparents that know the LORD, to look to!
...what an amazing likeness between the two of you, praying for you, Shaz in Oz.x

Teri said...

Dear Stephanie...such precious memories that you will always have of your dear grandma. You have shared such a heartwarming post ... filled with inspiration. Blessings my sweet friend.♥

Everydaythings said...

Stephanie, so glad youre back and safe after such an emotional trip. Your grandma was beautiful and you honestly look just like her! It must have been hard saying goodbye, but sweeter knowing that you will all meet up in heaven again one day! Blessings you to.

Two Cottages And Tea said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandma.
She was a beautiful lady and you look so much like her! I am so glad you have precious memories of her, such a treasure. Praying for you in this difficult time.

Two Cottages And Tea said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandma.
She was a beautiful lady and you look so much like her! I am so glad you have precious memories of her, such a treasure. Praying for you in this difficult time.

Ceil said...

Hi Stephanie! First of all, welcome back.

Your Grandma is just so proud of you, I know it. What a lovely tribute to her. I am sure that love was always flowing between the two of you...and always will.

Peace in Christ,

Debbie said...

Your grandmother was a beautiful lady and you look so much like her! I am glad you were able to go..even if only for the closure. Looks like you had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends. Happy to see you back!

Buttercup said...

Heart and prayers are with you and your beautiful family, Stephanie. The pictures are so beautiful, especially touched by the one of you and your grandfather. Take good care and lots of hugs.

Anonymous said...

Oh ~ so loving and beautiful photos and post ~ You seem to resemble your grandmother ~ lots of healing hugs to all ~ especially your grandfather

Conniecrafter said...

Good to hear all went well and you were able to share the Love you all had for your Grandma, such wonderful photo's of her and I just love that you have one that is the same pose, that would make a great scrapbook page. So good that you were also able to see family and friends, very special time, that I am sure was filled with all kinds of emotions.
Wishing you and yours a Happy 4th also!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful lady and I can't believe how much you look like your sweet grandmother!
We forget that they were once young for some reason, don't we?
Much love,

Jazzmin said...

What a beautiful and moving post, Stephanie. Memorial services truly are a bittersweet time, but I know your faith helped you through. Remembering the sweet is wonderful to focus on.

What a beautiful tribute to your Grandma through the lovely photos of her as well... she was beautiful and looked like such a classy, lovely lady. I love the one of them together sitting in the grass- so sweet. And it's amazing how much you look like her.

I feel for you dear friend and I know your time away was emotionally difficult, but what a gift to cherish all the memories of your sweet Grandma in your heart forever♥

So glad that you got to spend some joyful times too, at the beach and then seeing your friend. What a blessing.

God Bless you, I hope you have a beautiful day!! I missed you and I'm so glad you had a safe trip back.
Huge hugs to you~Jazzmin

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I loved seeing the photos of your dear grandma and the ones with the two of yiu in your similar dresses. The one with your grandpa just touched my heart, Stephanie. I know you miss her, but what loving memories you have to cherish. xo

Kat said...

Hi Stephanie I am so glad you got to go to your grandma's house and touch her things. It gave me chills when I read that it was so sweet and I bet it made you feel close to her, yes you will see her again in heaven. Hallelujah Sweet Jesus!
Did you grow up in Canada or was your mom born there? I love it there. What beach is that? it's very pretty. I love the photos and esp the one where your husband is holding you how sweet is that! Happy 4th of July sweets. Hugs

Audrey said...

hi Stephanie ... what a lovely post and for sharing the special love you have for your Grandparents. We can see why you love her so. I am sure she was as beautiful inside and outside. Cherish the memories.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Such a touching tribute to your Dear Grandmother, Stephanie. She was a beautiful woman inside and out and you are a direct reflection of her loving beauty. Sweet Hugs to you, Dear. xoxo

Maria said...

What a wonderful loving tribute to your Grandmother! Thank you so much for sharing the lovely photos of your Grandmother and sweet photos of your visit in Canada! You look very much like your Grandmother, very pretty! She will always be in her heart. I know you must have many precious memories of her. Take care, hugs!

Debbie Harris said...

I have enjoyed coming on every day and looking at the beautiful pictures of Grandma. Thank you for doing this tribute in honor of her.

May you find peace and comfort in our precious Lord and Savior, as I know your heart misses our dear Betty.

"Walking with God down the avenue of prayer we acquire something of His likeness, and unconsciously we are become witnesses of His beauty and His grace." E.M. Bounds

Grece and Peace be unto you!

Mindy said...

Beautiful pictures. I especially love the one of your grandma and then you posed the same way. I can see a lot of her in you. Praying for continued strength for you and your family during this time of healing.

Lauren Nelson said...

Sweet friend, this was such a beautiful post about a beautiful lady. I loved seeing all of the pictures of her and the one of the two of you side by side is great! So happy that you had a good trip!

Unknown said...

The picture of you with your arm around your grandpa just made me burst into tears. Such a touching photo. I am very sorry for your loss. I am glad you could be there for him. What a sweet granddaughter you are.

Splendid Little Stars said...

I totally understand your feelings.
The photos of your grandma are wonderful! The side by side ones are quite fun.
Funerals are so sad, yet there's the joy of being with loved ones.
sending you much sympathy.

Kate M said...

Thank you for sharing your photographs and memories of your beloved Grandmother. The two photos of you both in the same pose is so poignant - God Bless!

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

These pictures of your grandma are so beautiful. It's very touching to see her youthful smile, her life ahead of her, not even knowing you yet. I know you miss her, Stephanie. My heart continues to go out to you.


Libby said...

Somehow I believe that we were experiencing some of the same feelings during the same time. While you were away for your Grandmother's service, touching her special items, and remembering her fondly, I was at my grandmother's house looking through all of her albums, taking pictures of her pictures of my family from the beginning. Smiling while seeing photos of my dad in his early 20s. It made me want to put together a new album of the photos I'd not yet seen and the ones I've seen my entire life - to recreate the "whole" story.

I did think of you while you were away, and I do agree that the blogging world is filled with kind souls. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience. And, welcome back! :-)

Anonymous said...

So special, Stephanie. I was browsing today to see if you had written anything about the memorial, and I'm so glad you did. Your Grandma's smile lights up the screen. The picture of you with your arm around your Grandpa is priceless.
Love and blessings, friend.

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