With A Grateful Heart

It's Friday and it's a long weekend - yay!
I am looking forward to relaxing over the next few days and getting some reading done.
What are your plans, sweet friends?

I wanted to write and say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU
for your loving support of my new store.
Each comment and email that I received blessed my heart 
and encouraged me more than you'll ever know.

It's truly a wonderful thing to have friends backing you when you make a big decision in life.
There is always some doubt there in my mind when I create something,
but your words wiped that doubt away and inspired me to be strong :)
"If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives."
So glad I took the leap of faith - thank you for cheering me on!

So in honor of you , dear blogging friends, I am offering 20% off all my items
today - Monday.
Just use this code FRIENDLOVE when you check out
and you will receive 20% off each item you have in your cart.

And since I'm on the subject of thankfulness, 
I wanted to tell a few friends who I met through blogging 
how truly thankful I am the Lord allowed us to meet.
**WARNING - this is somewhat long ** :)

Eva, you are my Sister, Friend, and Prayer Partner - I love you dearly!
Our hearts are connected through Jesus Christ :)

Abby, words cannot describe how thankful I am that we met through blogging
and have formed a friendship that I pray lasts for a lifetime.
You are a kindred-spirit :)

Sylvia, we have known each other for close to a year now.
You were one of my first followers and you have now become a close friend.
Thank you for your many letters and comments throughout the year.
I love you!

Ceil, we have not known each other for too long, 
but already you have found a special place in my heart. 

Jazzmin, if we lived closer together I have no doubt we would be shopping together 
at Hobby Lobby all the time and enjoying sweet tea and chats on the porch 
You are a treasure, friend!

Marcia, you bless my life with your gentle words of love and wisdom.
You are a beautiful flower and a lovely fragrance that touches many.

Sherri, I love you, friend! 
You were one of my first followers and since that first comment you left 
on my cake cookies we have grown a friendship that is very precious to me.

Julie Marie, you are a beautiful, gentle soul that inspires me to be a perfect lady.
Your blog is always a place of loveliness.

Mrs. Smith, you are a lighthouse and wonderful testimony for Jesus Christ our Lord.
I am thankful for you and your dear friendship!

Leah, you are certainly a priceless gem and true friend.
You are such a role model to me and I am in awe of your love for our Lord.

Kitty, sweetest Kitty, you have been through so much lately,
yet you continue to be an encouragement to those around you.
You are beautiful and precious!

Rhonda, you have encouraged me with your sweet emails.
You always say the right thing that will be a blessing to me.
The Lord has used you in my life, friend.

Anne, you inspire me with everything you do and write.
You have been through trials, yet you trust the Lord through it all.
Your photography always leaves me speechless
and your reviews leave me in awe of your writing talent :)

Donna, you are just an absolute sweetie and have a kind heart.
So thankful for you!

Connie, your comments always bring a smile to my face.
You are so faithful in visiting and it means a great deal to me.
And your card designs always leave me speechless - you are so talented!

Danni, I love visiting your blog and getting inspiration for crafts.
You are very talented! You are always a sweetheart.

Diana, oh sweet lady, you make me laugh!
Whenever I am feeling "down" I will go visit you and have my spirits lifted with your humor :)

Lauren, we met through a gift exchange and since then we have gotten to know one another.
I appreciate your love for our Heavenly Father and your desire to do His will.
You are such a lovely example for young girls to look up to.

Angela, you have been a testimony to me as you go through difficulties,
You keep your focus on Jesus Christ and desire to live for Him even when things get tough.
What a blessing!

Gina, you have such a lovely blog that is a beautiful picture of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Your posts are filled with sweet words and kind encouragement.

Sandra, you blogs are filled with lovely thoughts for the home and family.
When I visit you I always leave your blog inspired to be the best wife and mother.

JES, thank you for being an example to us women to live for Jesus in our day-to-day lives.
I appreciate your helpful tips on homemaking and the joy it brings.

Lady Linda, you are truly so wonderful and special to me.
I remember coming across your blog and falling in love with your testimony for Jesus.
You have sent me cards in the mail and been there for me through difficult times - thank you!

Vicky, you are precious to me!
I love your enthusiasm for life and your sweet friendship means a lot to me!

Karen, I enjoy your wonderful posts on your blog.
You are able to captivate my attention with your photos and writing.

Libby, we went through some similar trials at the same time 
and it seemed to bring us closer together, forming a sweet friendship.
I don't like what we went through, but I do like the end result :)

Mildred, your kind words and comments always bring a smile to my face.
Thank you for always visiting and taking the time to care.

Roxy, I love visiting your blog because I know you're always honest
and I know I will learn something helpful from your posts :)
You have certainly blessed my life!

Miss Val, you and I have just met, but you have been cheering the new store on :)
Thank you for your kindness and support!

Mindy, I look forward to your 'Thankful Fridays' on your blog,
You often remind me of how much we have to be thankful for.

Kate, I remember the day I came across your blog - I was a newbie blogger :)
I instantly fell in love with your pretty creations.
You are such a doll :)

Teri, I appreciate your humbleness, kindness, and love for God.
Your blog is a lovely, peaceful place to visit.

Kat, you are such a beautiful, down-to-earth lady whom I greatly admire :)
I am very glad we met!

Delisa, you always share the sweetest poems and quotes on your blog.
You are a woman after God's own heart and I am honored to look up to you.

Nurdan, you were almost my first followers
and I still remember the sweet comment you left.
You were so kind and supportive of my blog and you encouraged me to keep going.

Geneva, thank you for your beautiful posts.
I love the Scripture you share and the encouragement you give your followers.

Linda, my faith is strengthened by your God-honoring posts.
You are so honest and I appreciate your wisdom.

There are so many more blogging friends that I could write about 
and even if your name is not mentioned that doesn't mean you're not special to me.
Each one of you have made an impact in my life
I don't often mention people in my posts
because I don't want feelings to get "hurt," but this has been on my heart for a long time
and I just wanted to say you, sweet friends, have made a difference in my life.
May you be richly blessed!

Don't forget the coupon at Enchanting Rose Creations.
Enter FRIENDLOVE to receive 20% off your items.

Have a delightful holiday weekend!
Love and hugs to all of you!



Grand Opening For The Enchanting Rose Creations

Hello, sweet friends!
I have some very, very, VERY exciting news to share with you....
I have opened up a shoppe and it's filled with handmade treasures just for you :)
Enchanting Rose Creations is the name of my sweet little place.

I am extremely excited about this new journey, but also very nervous.
I love creating things and I enjoy the pleasure of giving handmade gifts,
but I have always felt intimidated about selling items that I make.

Will it be good enough? What if it falls apart? Will I price it too high?

All these questions kept going through my head
until I finally pushed them aside and took a leap of faith :)

I have had such a great time making items to fill my little store with
and I hope something catches your eye and makes you smile :)
Please come over for a little visit and browse the goodies that are waiting for a special home.
Just click on the link below:

There is much to choose from

cards, pillows, bookmarks, pin cushions, flower bouquets, hair accessories and the list goes on.

 Don't forget Autumn is just around the corner

with Winter and Christmas following close behind.

These are a few items listed in my store and there are plenty more treasures waiting for you.

Love and hugs to you!
Have a fabulous day.


DIY - Braided Headband

Happy Tuesday, blogging friends!
I trust each one of you had a lovely weekend and your week is going well :)

I whipped up a few braided headbands a while ago
since I have been growing my hair out and there are times I just want to pull it up out of my face.
I can't seem to wear the thin elastic headbands because they always slip off my head.
So I decided to make something that would stay in place and be comfortable
and I thought I would share it with all of you.

You will need:

three strips (28 - 30 inches long) of jersey fabric or any fabric that stretches
(my strips were probably about 2 inches wide)
needle and thread or sewing machine

Lay the strips out on a flat surface and place something heavy at the top
so that your fabric does not move while braiding it.

Braid your fabric.

The strip of fabric should be about 18 inches now.
This size fits most heads, but you can make it whatever size you need.

Now sew the ends together.
Use matching thread :)
I used red so that you could see it in the picture.

You can leave it this way and trim the ends so that it looks like this....

The ends make the headband fun and cute.


You can trim the ends down to the seam and then apply a flower
or handmade rosette over the seam.

I used buttons and beads for the center.
To apply the beads, use fabric glue and then pour glass beads onto the glue.
Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!
I always appreciate your visits :)


Safely Home

I am in Heaven, dear ones;
Oh, so happy and so bright!
There is a perfect joy and beauty
In this everlasting light.

All the pain and grief is over.
Every restless tossing passed;
I am now at peace forever,
Safely home in Heaven at last.

Did you wonder I so calmly
Trod the valley of the shade?
Oh! but Jesus' love illuminated
Every dark and fearful glade.

And He came Himself to meet me
In that way so hard to tread;
And with Jesus' arm to lean on,
Could I have one doubt or dread?

Then you must not grieve so sorely,
For I love you dearly still:
Try to look beyond earth's shadows,
Pray to trust our Father's Will.

There is work still waiting for you,
So you must not idly stand;
Do it now, while life remaineth-
You shall rest in Jesus' land.

When that work is all completed,
He will gently call you Home;
Oh, the rapture of that meeting,
Oh, they joy to see you Home!

It has been 20 weeks since my precious Grandmother passed away.
My dear friend, Abby, sent me this poem shortly after Grandma Betty passed away
and it stays out where I can see it daily because the words have been a comfort to me.
I have been blessed by this poem and I wanted to share it with all of you on this Sunday.
I hope you are blessed as well.
Love and hugs!

Have a blessed Lord's Day


The Prayer Box - Book Review

When Iola Anne, a ninety-one year old woman, passes away in her sleep,
a struggling young mother and newcomer to Hatteras Island
 finds herself in charge of cleaning and organizing the elderly woman's home.
At first Tandi thinks it's just a job to get a little extra money, but soon it turns into more.
The minute Tandi steps into Iola Anne's home she begins an amazing journey,
a journey that will change her life.
Tandi comes across several prayer boxes from Iola Anne's life. 
Drawn to the boxes and letters inside, 
Tandi begins to learn a great deal about this precious lady and herself.

Always good at fleeing the past, 
Tandi soon realizes she can't keep running and it's time to face her fears and struggles head on.
"You can't run from the past.
You have to take it for what it is and realize it's part of you."

Tandi begins to learn about faith, love, hope,
and the sweet possibilities of opening herself up to the Lord.

My Thoughts

One word - extraordinary!
This book was truly remarkable and a delight to read.
At first I was hesitant about starting it because, in all honesty, 
I thought it would be slow and maybe a little boring.
Now I am ashamed to say I even thought that of sweet author Lisa Wingate.
She did an incredible job writing this book and totally captured my attention- 
I could not put the book down!
The story of deceased Iola Anne is precious;
she's the kind of character you can look up to and admire.
You can't help but love Tandi and feel compassion for her 
as she struggles with being a mother and just life in general.
Lisa Wingate weaves together the lives of these two ladies in such a way 
that will leave you smiling and crying tears of joy at the same time.

I highly recommend this book!
You will not regret reading it :)

*** I was given a free copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers for an honest review.
All thoughts are my own. ***



Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Hello blogging friends!
I hope your week is off to a great start and going well :)
I apologize for being somewhat absent during the last week,
much has been going on and I am trying to keep up with all of it.

I made some cookies over the weekend with my mom's homemade raspberry jam.
It's not only homemade, but it's also made with fresh wild raspberries.
Talk about melt-in-your-mouth!!
I am having a hard time staying out of the cookie jar - these cookies are quite the treat!


6 tablespoons butter, softened
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
2 tablespoons canola oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 cup cornstarch
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 egg white
1/3 cup chopped pecans
7-1/2 teaspoons jam

In a mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar.
Beat in egg.
Beat in oil, vanilla and almond extract.
Combine the flour, cornstarch, baking powder and salt; stir into creamed mixture.

Roll into 1-inch balls.
In a small bowl, lightly beat the egg white.
Dip each ball halfway into egg white, then into chopped pecans.
Place nut side up 2-inches apart on baking sheets coated with nonstick cooking spray.
Using the end of  a wooden spoon handle, make in indentation in the center of each.
Bake at 350 degrees F for 9 - 12 minutes or until the edges are lightly browned.
Remove from oven and gently push down in the center again.
Cool on wire racks.
Fill each cookie with jam and enjoy!

I will close with this short poem.
It made me smile and I hope it does the same to you :)

How to Bake A Cake

Preheat oven; get out utensils and ingredients.
Remover blocks and toy autos from table.
Grease pan, crack nuts.
Measure two cups flour;
remove baby's hands from flour,
wash flour off baby.
Remeasure flour.
Put flour, baking powder, and salt in sifter. 
Get dustpan and brush up pieces of bowl baby knocked on the floor.
Get another bowl.
Answer doorbell.
Return to kitchen.
Remove one-forth inch salt from greased pan.
Look for baby.
Grease another pan.
Answer telephone.
Return to kitchen and find baby.
Remove baby's hands from bowl.
Take up greased pan, find layer of nutshells in it.
Head for baby, who flees, knocking bowl off table.
Wash kitchen floor, table, wall and dishes.
Call baker.
Lie down.
~ Author Unknown ~

Have a delightful day, precious friends!


This Is My Father's World

This is my Father's world, and to my listening ears
All nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres.
This is my Father's world! I rest me in the thought
Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas - His hand the wonders wrought.

This is my Father's world - the birds their carols raise;
The morning light, the lily white, declare their Maker's praise.
This is my Father's world! He shines in all that's fair;
In the rustling grass I hear Him pass - He speaks to me everywhere.

This is my Father's world - O let me ne'er forget
That tho the wrong seems oft so strong God is the Ruler yet.
This is my Father's world! The battle is not done;
Jesus who died shall be satisfied, and earth and heav'n be one.
~ Maltbie D. Babcock ~

Have a blessed Lord's Day!



Beautiful Femininity

"Femininity is an attitude of contentment
and delight in how God made us as women."
~ Michelle Brock - What is Modesty?" ~

"To me, a lady is not frilly, flouncy, flippant, frivolous and fluff-brained,
but she is gentle.
She is gracious, she is godly and she is giving...
You and I, if we are women, have the gift of femininity.
Very often it is obscured just as the image of God is obscured in all of us...
The more womanly we are, the more manly men will be, and the more God is glorified.
As I say to you women, 'Be women. Be only women. Be real women in obedience to God."
~ Elisabeth Elliot  ~
(click here for more from Elisabeth Elliot)

"The attributes of a great lady may still be found in the rule of the four S's -
sincerity, simplicity, sympathy, and serenity."
~ Emily Post ~

"Mystique means guarding what is sacred,
protecting the essence of who we are from the inside out -
our heart, emotions, intimate thoughts, and physical body.
A woman with mystique delicately preserves the treasure of who she is,
keeping herself carefully set apart for one who proves he is worthy of such a gift."
~ Lesley Ludy - Authentic Beauty ~

"Only when we learn to vigilantly protect our sacred inner sanctuary of intimacy
with our heavenly Prince can we begin to truly develop the art of feminine mystique.
As we spend time in His presence, we become more like Him.
As we become more like Him,
we learn to carefully guard what is sacred - just as He does."
~ Lesley Ludy - Authentic Beauty ~

"Are you glad to be a woman? 
Does your dress give evidence you are grateful for the way God made you?
This does not mean that lace and pale pink must dominate our wardrobes,
but simply that we reflect we are grateful God made us women.
~ Jennifer J. Lamp - His Chosen Bride ~

"We are called to be women.
The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian,
but the fact that I am a Christian does make me a different kind of woman.
For I have accepted God's idea for me, 
and my whole life is an offering back to Him of all that I am 
and all that He wants me to be."
~ Elisabeth Elliot ~

"It seems to be the fashion nowadays for a girl to behave as much like a man as possible.
Well, I won't!
I'll make the best of being a girl and be as nice as a specimen as I can:
sweet and modest, a dear, dainty thing with clothes smelling all sweet and violety, 
a soft voice, and pretty, womanly ways.
Since I'm a girl, I prefer to be a real one!"
~ Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey ~

"Unaffected modesty is the sweetest charm of female excellence,
the richest gem in the diadem of her honor."
~ Noah Webster ~

"My Princess ... You are My true beauty.
Your real beauty is a work of art - hand carved by Me.
I have given you beautiful lips to speak words of life, beautiful eyes to see Me in everything,
beautiful hands to help those in need, and a beautiful face to reflect My love to the world.
I will work wonders that will radiate true beauty from within.
And when My work is completed, your character will show off My craftsmanship,
and your beauty marks will be remembered by all that were loved by you.
Your radiant King"
~ Sheri Rose Shepherd - His Princess ~

I hope these words are a blessing to you - they certainly encouraged and challenged me!
Have a beautiful weekend, lovely ladies :)


Into The Whirlwind - Book Review

Mollie Knox is the owner of the 57th Illinois Watch Company
which she inherited from her father.
She has a big heart for her employee's and wants the best for them.
The future looks bright for the watch company until the Great Chicago Fire
destroys her store and her beloved city.
In the aftermath of the fire, Mollie is left with several difficulties
including two men that are trying to win her heart.
She likes life to be predictable and routine.
Richard seems perfect for her - handsome, rich, kind, predictable.
Mollie lets herself be courted by this wonderful man,
but Zack has other ideas...

As an influential attorney in Chicago, 
Zack Kazmarek is quite the force to be reckoned with.
He has worked his way up in the business world and is used to getting what he wants, 
but then he meets Mollie Knox, the woman that intrigues him but keeps him at arms length.
Zack looses his heart to Mollie, but Richard is in the picture
and Mollie seems infatuated with him.
Who will win sweet Mollie's heart?

My Thoughts

Into The Whirlwind is just that, a whirlwind!
When I started the book I was swept up into the story, 
but then I came to the middle of the book and I struggled with interest to read it
because it seemed drawn out in some areas and maybe a little repetitive.
Towards the end the book picked its pace back up and I was eagerly turning the pages to finish.

It was interesting to read about the Great Chicago Fire
and I think Elizabeth Camden did an excellent job portraying the fire before and after.
There were many hardships the people of Chicago endured
and Elizabeth brings many of them to light in the book.
I admired Mollie's strength and passion for taking care of her 57th employee's
and I enjoyed the "fight" between the two men trying to win Mollie's heart.
I was guessing until the end as to who would win.

Into The Whirlwind
Elizabeth Camden

** I was given a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for an honest review.
All thoughts are my own. **


Lace Trimmed Pockets

Here is a super easy and cute way to "pretty up" a pair of pants or skirt.

Trim your pockets, front or back, with some lace
and it feels like you have a whole new pair of pants.

Items needed:
lace trim

Measure the amount of lace for the pocket 
and begin hand-sewing the lace onto the edge.

You can leave it with just the lace trim
or you can add a lace flower for a little extra pop :)

To make the flower cut a piece of lace trim that is about 7 inches long.
Sew a running stitch along the top edge
and then sew the ends together to form a circle/flower.

Sew the flower onto the pocket and you're done.

Have fun and enjoy your day, dearest friends!

By the way, the tea cup exchange was a big and fun success thanks to you ladies :)
Many requests have been made for another one
so be on the lookout for another exchange in the near future.



Master Painter

Into His heavenly palette He dips an unseen brush
And as the earth lays sleeping in the misty morning hush

He gently stirs in dulcet tones the purple of the sky

A hint of lavender and bronze to tease the wakening eye
And as the deeper tones recede with loving passion stirred
He strokes the soft horizon-line in colors of His Word

And hope takes on the burnished hue of orange and ruddy glow
Reflected in the morning dew like ruby-tinted snow
The drooping heart and heavy eyes are lifted from despair
As the Painter of the skies smiles upon him there

And bolder now the Painter, impassioned in His quest
To draw the sangfroid doubter from his cold and blinded jest
Splashes 'cross the heavens fluorescent pink and gold 
Rendering sinners speechless and earth's greatest painters cold

As love in all its glory shines 'Behold, for it is I'
And none can doubt His grand design, the Painter of the sky
Whilst I in my amazement simply whisper, 'why Lord why
Am I the blessed recipient of the master-piece from high?'
~ Janet Martin ~

Have a blessed Lord's Day!


Tea Cup Reveal

Hello sweet friends!
The time has finally arrived for us that participated in the tea cup exchange
to share our newest pretties :)

Before I share what I received I wanted to thank each one of you that joined in on the fun.
I had a wonderful time and I hope you did too!
I would love to have another exchange sometime in the near future.

I sent out a pink rose tea cup with several goodies to Gabriele,
a sweet lady that I just recently became acquainted with.
I was given a beautiful tea cup from Monica and she blogs over at 

And not only did she send me the gorgeous tea cup
she also sent all kinds of gifts!
I felt so incredibly spoiled as I went through everything.

Monica gave me a box of raspberry tea - a favorite of mine :)
And some very pretty tags that I am assuming she made.

I also received pretty ribbon and the cutest bird tag.

And don't you love the paper flowers?

A huge THANK YOU to dear Monica :)
I will enjoy my sweet delights.

And now for those that sent me their photos because they do not have a blog.

Ashley got this adorable tea cup from Lauren.
The little bird is adorable and the tea sounds perfect for a cool Autumn day!

Debbie received these delightful gifts from Sherri.
I love the Autumn theme - so pretty and colorful!

Look at the lovely yellow rose tea cup
and the creamer is just too sweet.

DeeAnn was given two teacups, blessed girl, from Rebekah.

They are both very pretty and unique.
The gold on the bigger tea cup and plate stands out nicely.

I can't wait to see what you ladies were given.
The link up is below.
Enter the direct link to your blog post and we will come visit :)
Thanks again, sweet friends, for joining in on the fun.

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