"Every season hath its pleasures
Filled with varied fruits of time,
Yet the harvest's golden treasures
Reaped in autumn, ever shine.

Though the leaves have done their duty,
And the flowers fade and die,
Still all nature gleams with beauty
As we pass her treasures by.

In the time of peace and plenty,
When all cares have ceased and fled,
Think we then of blessings many,
Which upon us have been shed.

We learn how lightly, quickly pass
This world and all that's in it.
Only one in so great mass,
There is not time to lose one minute.

Life's year thus begins and closes,
Days though shortening, still can shine,
Though at times there are no roses
Love is present all the time."
~ Terry Donnell Sharpe ~

Happy first day of Autumn, beautiful friends!
Have a blessed Lord's Day :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely poem and photos. Have a wonderful day.

Vicky Hunt said...

What a lovely poem and photos. I am thrilled to finally have the arrival of autumn! It is still hot here but there are moments when I can feel that touch of all in the air and it gives me hope...:) Have a lovely week my friend...:) Oh...I need to reply to your e-mail. I do want to join the exchange and just haven't had the time to reply. I will get with you later...:) Have a blessed Sunday! Vicky
Life On Willie Mae Lane

Billie Jo said...

Such a beautiful way to mark the most beautiful of seasons, my friend... Fall is my very favorite!

Pumpkins, apples, leaves, sweaters, football, cider, early evenings...

Happy Fall!

Debbie Harris said...

Such a lovely poem, and yes Fall is in the air! I have enjoyed this season coming, when years past it was never my favorite. Winter is what I look forward to.
So many things to be grateful for in the Lord, and I believe that is why I have enjoyed this season.

Beautiful photos. Those blue, blue skies, just breath taking!

You have a blessed Lords day as well!

Teri said...

Dear Stephanie...Happy Autumn to you and your family! Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

Jennifer Where the Green Grass Grows said...

Beautiful pictures and poem! I can't believe it's already the first day of fall. It's my favorite season,love all the colors!! Have a blessed week!!

Linda said...

Happy Autumn to you too! Lovely photos and poem. Blessings

Suz said...

I have been so looking forward to autumn. My favorite season.

Merlesworld said...

Lovely poem, enjoy the cooler weather.

JES said...

Lovely poem :) What is the fruit on the beautiful photos? Are those cherries?

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Stephanie, Happy fall to you and have a wonderful week!

Delvalina said...

My dear sister...your pictures are beautiful I love it you could capture the tree together with the beautiful sky.
I hope you have beauiful fall season :)

OI pray that someday I could enjoy it with you. Fall is my most favorite season there.I'm going to reply the emails.

Love you.

NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful post-images and prose. Happy 1st day of Autumn to you, too- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Happy Autumn evening, Stephanie. Thank you for sharing your poem. A change in seasons calls for a change in scenery. :-)

Melanie said...

Lovely poem! I am happy to see fall here too. It brings some welcome changes!

SarahGeorge said...

Dear Stephanie, thanks for the lovely poem. How true is God's word, with every season comes it's beauty and blessings.

Sylvia said...

Beautiful sky and tree...Love the poem. Happy Fall!

Denise said...

Awesome post.

Kat said...

Don't forget to save some leaves so you can make something special with them! Hugs

Conniecrafter said...

pretty poem and love the blue sky showing through the branches, just Beautiful!!

Mindy said...

I love that His love is present all the time! Lovely poem.

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