Mmm, Mmm Good.....Blackberry Cobbler

So blackberries may not be in season right now,
but they are still available in the grocery stores...at least they are here :)
They can be tart right now, but sometimes they can be fairly tasty.
Besides, just a little bit of sugar makes everything sweet, right?
That's what my darling hubby thinks since he always adds extra sugar to my coffee in the mornings
when I'm a little cranky...at least he thinks I'm cranky 
(maybe I just want an excuse for extra sweetness) - haha

Okay, how about the recipe for this very yummy blackberry cobbler...

Ingredients needed:

1/2 cup white sugar
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup melted butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups fresh blackberries
1/2 cup white sugar
1 cup water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and grease a 9 x 9-inch baking dish.

Stir 1/2 cups of sugar with the flour and baking powder in a mixing bowl.
Stir in the milk, butter, and vanilla until a batter forms.
Pour into the prepared baking dish.
Add the blackberries and sprinkle with 1/2 cups of sugar.
Pour in the water.

Bake in the preheated oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour 
or until the batter has risen and the top is golden brown.
Cool before serving and ENJOY!

I made this cobbler for Thanksgiving and it was quite the yummy treat.
I've also made a few different blackberry cobbler recipes and so far this one is my favorite :)

Have a beautiful and blessed day, lovelies!


Jackie said...

Oh yumm!
This looks deLISH. I'm making this. Thank you so much for the recipe.
Did you know that blueberries freeze beautifully? We have blueberries bushes, and when we pick them, we put them in the freezer WITHOUT washing them. Wash them when you take them out to use. Just a little hint in case you didn't already know that li'l tidbit.

Billie Jo said...

I am all over this, my friend!
How did you know I have blackberries in my fridge right now...AND was looking for a dessert for dinner tonight?
Saved the day, you did!

Anonymous said...

Did you say blackberries.....that got my attention!!! LOL
This looks so delicious. Wishing you a very nice afternoon.

Laura said...

Oh, this looks simply delicious, dear Stephanie! Blackberries were on sale last week at our grocer's...I'm sure my guys will love this recipe! Thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

Oh my, but that makes me drool. I grew up on Vancouver Island, BC, where the blackberries grew wild everywhere. How I miss those days...

Anne Payne said...

Oh my! That looks scrumptious!!! I will take a big bowl ;) Thanks for sharing the recipe. I made Blueberry, AND Apple, turnovers today. {{hugs}}

Jeanna said...

This looks like a wonderful treat ;) I'll give it a try, thank you for sharing the recipe.

Hope you are getting settled into your new home!

Linda said...

OHHH I have blueberries my freezer.Tyanks for the sharing the recipe. Looks so yummy. Blessings

Abiola said...

That looks delicious; can I have some, please?

Unknown said...

The cobbler looks so good and blackberries are my all time favorite berry. Will have to give it a try.

magnoliasntea said...

Blackberries are high on my berry list so we have our own patch in the pasture. Your recipe sounds delicious. *drools* I may have to break our "no dessert until the weekend" rule. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

Jazzmin said...

Stephanie, this looks delectable! And quite addicting! I'm sure if I made it I would probably eat the whole thing in one sitting, haha. What a wonderful looking cobbler. I can imagine how happy everyone was when you served this at Thanksgiving. This reminds me of the cobbler my Mama makes- it is to die for.

I pray you're having a lovely and blessed week so far!

Love and hugs to you♥

sweetbriardreams said...

Oh Stephanie, I have a saying 'my teeth are itching', meaning I NEED to have this! I haven't had a cobbler for so long so this will be a weekend treat! xx

Sola Scriptura said...

It looks delicious, and easy to make! I just know this would be a big hit in my home! Thanks for the recipe.

Suz said...

Looks really good and easy. Visit me and see my photos from Rachel Ashwell's Shabby chic boutique.

Buttercup said...

This looks so good. Wouldn't mind a piece right now, with maybe a little vanilla ice cream. Keep cozy!

God's Grace Overflows said...

Oh boy... does this ever look tasty! I love cobblers and you can put just about anything in them. I have some blueberries I need to use up and since I don't have blackberries, well I might just make a cobbler.

Thanks for getting my baking juices going!

How's the homestead coming along? It's very windy here today, so I've just been catching up on my bloggy friends.

Have a wonderful day!


GranthamLynn said...

Oh I loved this post. It brought back such memories for me. My grandfather grew blackberries. I remember picking them. Very hard since they are so thorny! I have had many a cobbler. Aw sweet memories. Thank you! I enjoyed visiting. I'll follow you!
Come and see me.
Have a Blessed Day,

Delvalina said...

oh hmmm it looks so yummy as always :)as long as it your handmade.
I missed to talk to you sister and I love to talk with you again.
Been thinking of you and praying for you sister.


Teri said...

Dear Stephanie ... your Blackberry Cobbler looks absolutely delicious. It would have gone well with our evening cup of coffee. I will want to try your recipe. My hubby loves blackberries. Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

Vicky Hunt said...

Good thing you live in Colorado and I'm all the way down in Florida because I would be paying a visit for a bowl of that yumminess if I were close! It looks heavenly...:) Thanks for sharing the recipe...:) Blessings, Vicky

living from glory to glory said...

Oh My; This is so refreshing and pretty looking. I did get it Pinned :)
No Mail this last Monday... Darn :)
xo Roxy

Mrs. Smith said...

That looks tasty! I love cobblers! There is something so cozy about cobbler! I am looking forward to trying your recipe!

Gail Dixon said...

Oh, I wish I'd seen this post after lunch when I was full. Or even right after dinner. I'm trying to resist the late evening snacking right now. :/ Love cobbler, especially peach. But I'll take it with any fruit. YUM!

Debbie Harris said...

Oh yum! You are making me hungry for one of these :-) I just came across a bag of blackberries in the freezer, may have to use them for a cobbler. After all, its a fruit dish and good for you :-)
Much love!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Stephanie, wow this looks like a wonderful cobbler to make! I pinned it and I know my family will just love it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Conniecrafter said...

mmmm that does sound good, I don't think I have seen them fresh around here, but will keep this in mind for the spring :)
Hope your having a good week!

Unknown said...

Mmmm, this sounds so delicious! I'll have to save this recipe for next year when our wild blackberries are ripe!

I hope you have a blessed day, sweet friend!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh Stephanie,
Anything with berries calls my name. I know I'll be making this one soon if you say it's the best! I wish I could share a dish with you together and with your Mom, too. Well, I can pretend, can't I?
Have a berrylicious day, my friend! xo

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that looks so delicious, Stephanie! I'm going to look for berries at the grocery store.

SarahGeorge said...

Lovely, delicious treat!! :)

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I just saw blackberries in our store this week and wondered if they would be too tart. Looks like you've come up with the perfect solution! Yum!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I just saw blackberries in our store this week and wondered if they would be too tart. Looks like you've come up with the perfect solution! Yum!

Ida said...

Mmmm....that looks so yummy. No fresh blackberries here but come summer I may have to try this one out.

Robyn said...

I don't believe for one minute that you are ever cranky, Stephanie! You are just too sweet for that, lol.
This cobbler looks so amazing and I think it's always such a treat to have fresh fruit in the winter. We need something to remind us that there actually is a summer! Hugs - beautiful job, my friend.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh my goodness, this looks amazing. I love cobbler for dessert.


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