Ordered By The Lord

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD:
and he delighteth in his way.
Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down:
for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand."
~ Psalm 37:23, 24 ~

While going through the difficult trials of moving into a new home 
my husband and I had days where our hearts would be discouraged
and we would wonder if we were ever going to get everything accomplished.
The Lord used a small devotional from A.W. Tozer to greatly bless and encourage us
and to this day I still think upon the words that Tozer wrote 
and I thought I would share them with you.

"To the child of God, there is no such thing as accident.
He travels an appointed way.
The path he treads was chosen for him when as yet he was not, 
when as yet he had existence only in the mind of God.

Accidents may indeed appear to befall him and misfortune stalk his way;
but these evils will be so in appearance only and will seem evil only because 
we cannot read the script of God's hidden providence 
and so cannot discover the ends at which He aims...

The man of true faith may live in the absolute assurance
that his steps are ordered by the Lord.
For him, misfortune is outside the bounds of possibility.
He is not a waif of the wide world, a foundling of time and space,
but a saint of the Lord and the darling of His particular care."
~ A.W. Tozer - Tozer on Christian Leadership ~

"A man's heart deviseth his way:
but the LORD directeth his steps."
~ Proverbs 16:9 ~

"O LORD, I know that the way of man is not in himself:
it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps."
~ Jeremiah 10:23 ~

I hope this encourages you as much as it encouraged my husband and me :)
Have a blessed Lord's Day!


News Flash -
We moved in on Thursday evening - praise the Lord!
I have been having Internet issues in the new home
so I may be missing in action for a few days until I get everything worked out.
I am at my mother-in-laws right now writing this :)
Thank you, dear friends, for your patience with my absence in blogging during the moving process;
all of you are so wonderful and dear to me!

Many hugs and blessings to you!


Mary said...

Beautiful words from Tozer. Congrats on moving into your new home. Blessings...

linda eller said...

I think your post was for me this morning. Thank you for posting and hope you get settled in your new home soon.

Billie Jo said...

Those words!
How perfect!
And congrats on moving in, my friend...
No worries, will be here whenever you return. : )

Simply Linda said...

Thank you..I do believe this was for as we well. No worries, we will be here when you return. Blessings

Denise said...

Enjoy Your new home Stephanie-how exciting :)I have One of His books and will most likely be able to find this quote in My own library.This was a lovely post with the beautiful words combined with one of My most favorite sites in this life,Aahh-the Mountains,filled with His majesty.Blessings and hugs Dear Sister

A Daughter of the King said...

Encouraging words and lovely photographs. You filled my Sunday morning with joy! Thank you!

kitty said...

What beautiful words that you posted, Stephanie, and meaningful for each of us.
Hooray for moving in!! I can't wait to see pictures of your new home. xo

Anne Payne said...

I do so admire Tozer's words. He is so right! Love the Scripture even more :) It's a GOOD thing that the Lord directs our steps and we don't. Thank you for such a timely reminder. Love & hugs and SO SO happy you have moved into your new home!!!

Sandra said...

I emailed you last night to see how things were going with the move and come on here this afternoon to find you're in your new home...yippee! I'm so happy for you and to read how you found encouragement from this devotional is a blessing to read.

Debbie Harris said...

Blessings my dear!
No... This post was just for me!
I love the way God confirms His Word to us. Your post was confirmation of what the Lord had just blessed my heart with this morning. I always stand amazed on God's personal love to me.
I was in Exodus 33 reading of Moses, and God told him"My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest".
"God does not show us what is on the road ahead-but He will thoroughly equip us for the journey. His living presence is our companion each step of the way".
My heart and soul have been richly blessed on this beautiful Lord's day!
Thank you for encouraging me with your post and beautiful photos :-)
I notice where their beauty is found :-)
Much love to you!

Patty Sumner said...

So happy you have settled in....What a wonderful post.. a great remember that God is with us and that one way or another...he gets the glory...May your days continue to be better and truly blessed as you settle into your new home! Blessings!

Julie Corbisiero said...

Hi Stepanie what a beautiful post. I'm so glad that you moved in and good luck with unpacking and everything. Take care. Julie

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Stephanie. I am so happy for you all! Take your time, we are not going anywhere. Making a house a home is a lot of work. Take pleasure and joy in it. I loved the devotion, we read the same one :)
Love Always, Roxy

Maria said...

Big congrats to you for your new home! I thank you always for your wonderful inspiration! Take care and blessings to you and family, hugs!

Teri said...

Dear Sweet Stephanie ... beautiful words ... beautiful pictures! I am so happy for you and your family and your new home! Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

JES said...

Beautiful words of encouragement! Thank you for sharing this :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Stephanie,

So happy for you that you finally have your new home. I hope your internet problems are quickly resolved.

Yes, this passage is indeed encouraging and a lovely reminder that God works all thing together for good for those who love him and are called according to His purpose.

Praise the Lord!

Brenda said...

Hi Stephanie,
so glad you and your husband have settled into your new home. We have moved so many times that it is almost a ritual to my husband and I.
Your post is beautiful, and I am a firm believer in being still and know that He is God. Everything is for a purpose, even moving.
God bless

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

Thank you for sharing this encouragement with us! God is so good. I'm glad to hear you're in your new home.

Ida said...

So happy to hear you are moved into the new home now. Enjoy!
Wonderful post here. I copied down that first verse and am going to start trying hard this year to memorize more scripture. I think I'll start with that one.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Wonderful post! Very encouraging! Congrats on your new home.

Sarah said...


I am so happy to hear you have moved into your new home! May the LORD bless you many happy years there.

The devotional and scriptures are so beautiful!


Lauren Nelson said...

So glad to hear that your family has officially moved! Hope that everything goes smoothly now and you can enjoy getting settled and creating home in your new house!

SarahGeorge said...

Sweet Stephanie,
You blessed my heart with this encouraging word of God. I truly needed this today, and I'm thankful that God chose this post to speak with me. Congratulations to you on moving to your new home. May the Lord bless you and your family. The pictures are truly fabulous! Again,it makes me think, "how wonderful are His works!". Thanks for sharing amidst your busy schedule

Mindy Whipple said...

All moved in - so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, thank you so much for this post. These last few days have been difficult for me as well. But I know that God is faithful.

I'm glad you are all moved in!

Barbara Neubeck said...

...Good to hear you have moved into your new home... now comes the fun of putting your 'touch' on it. Enjoy....
Hugs and Blessings..
Barb xx

Sylvia said...

Stephanie,Happy for you to be in your new home. I've thought of you often and whispered a prayer. God has promised to be with us in all our trials and storms of life, we just need to trust and have faith. Hope your day is blessed and you can be back soon!
Love and Hugs,Sylvia

Anonymous said...

All the best to you in your new home.

Laura said...

Dearest Stephanie,
Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog for a visit! I am so excited for you and your family...new year...new home! I remember, though, when we were building our home many years ago...it is easy to get discouraged. There is just so much to do...I would find myself distracted from the things that were truly important. How important it is for us to keep our focus on Him...and He will direct our path. Love your Tozer quote...he is one of my favorite authors of all time.

Have a blessed day, my sweet friend!
Love and hugs,

Carol Z said...

Prayers for many many healthy and happy years in your new home!

Camille said...

Oh Stephanie...how precious these truths are! The Lord orchestrates everything for our good and His glory. Our path is ordained for us by His loving hand. I am so happy for you that the Lord has led you to your new home. May He greatly bless you in it! Blessings, Camille

Delisa said...

Hi Stephanie, congratulations on your new home! I know how tiring it can be. We moved cross country eight years ago and it was one of the most stressful times of our lives. But whenever it would get really difficult I would imagine the first wonderful day in our new home, when a lace cloth would be on the kitchen table, with a chocolate cake sitting on my grandmother's cake plate, and on the air the smells of our soaps and clean laundry...then I would relax. I knew it wouldn't be long till that day and I would think about it as I unpacked box after box. :) I hope you feel at home in your new nest very soon and get rested up! With Love, Delisa :)

Vee said...

Oh good news! Thank you for sharing that word from Tozer. It is an encouragement.

Jen said...

Congratulations on a new house, how exciting! :) I do love Tozer, and that's such a good word for me right now. I've been struggling with a bad temper lately, which is something that I've never struggled with! It usually occurs when something sudden or unexpected happens. I read something from Edith Schaeffer very similar to this--that accidents aren't surprises to our sovereign Father, and they are opportunities for us to be creative. :) I'm hoping to blog about that in the new future!

Conniecrafter said...

YAH!!!! so happy for you to be in your home!! Sure hope you can get your issues fixed soon with the internet, but not having it may be God's way of letting you get more done around the house ;)
Blessed words to share, thank God for always being there and supplying us with what we need to get through!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a lovely verse, Stephanie. It sure will come in handy when I am faced with finding our own home this year. Thank you.


Maggie Ann said...

How precious your devotional is...and the pictures make me hold my breath as if they are the real thing. Beautiful blog...I'm so glad I came across it.

Melinda Ruth said...

Beautiful words by Tozer, he's my favorite author! Thank you for sharing, my friend.

I hope you're doing well and staying warm this winter!

I hope your Lord's day is restful and blessed.


Tea Cottage Pretties said...

Beautiful post!

Kate M said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful words. So glad to hear that you moved into your new home - let the fun begin. Wishing you many years of good health and happiness in your new home.
God Bless

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