Happy Friday!

Hello lovelies!
I just wanted to pop in and say I moved my store over to Etsy :)
I have contemplated this for a long time and I finally took the leap.

So, my new shop is
and I hope you'll stop by for a visit.

All USA orders still ship for free
because I love you :)

Happy weekend, my friends!

P.S. Thank you for the many kind birthday wishes for my mom - she greatly appreciates is.



Happy Birthday, Mom!

"Your many years of loving God
have been golden years well spent,
Which brought a "golden harvest"
of deep serene content ...
For glorious is the gladness
and rich is the reward
Of all who work unceasingly
in the service of the Lord ...
And I know our Heavenly Father
has directed you each day
As you tried to serve and please Him
as you followed in His way ...
And looking back across your life
your spirit grows serene
As your soul in love envisions
what your eyes have never seen ...
And while the springtime of your life
is pleasant to recall,
You know the autumn of life 
is the richest time of all ...
For great has been your gladness
and priceless your reward
As through the years you walked with joy
in "The Vineyard of the Lord,"
For to know God and to serve Him
is a "Joy beyond all price."
~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

My dearest Mom,
may your birthday be extra special filled with lots of joy and sweet blessings.
You have touched many lives with your sweetness, kindness, goodness, and love -
I am honored and blessed to call you my mom
and I am thankful I get to celebrate you, precious Mother!

Have a very Happy Birthday!
I love you!



My Sincerest Thanks!

*** There is a surprise at the end :) ***

The world of blogging never ceases to amaze me,
but what amazes me the most is the friendships that are formed.
Friendships with women across the states and around the world.
My life has been blessed by these women and their kindness 
during the last year and a half of blogging
and I am so incredibly honored to call these women 'Friends.'

A good friend of mine from Along the Cobblestone Path
had a giveaway and I was so surprised when she wrote me and said I had won!
I was thrilled!

I was given some sweet heart treat bags, note cards, AND a Wal-Mart gift card!
Whoa! Did I feel spoiled or what!
I am looking forward to a shopping spree and can you guess what I will be buying?
If you guessed craft supplies than you're right :)

Thank you, sweet friend, for the delightful items!

Next, I received this lovely glass 'Bluebird of Happiness' from Terra Studios.
It is beautifully made and will certainly bring me many years of happiness :)

My friend Vicky from Life on Willie Mae Lane received one
and shared about it in a post on her blog.
So I visited the official 'Bluebird of Happiness' site and entered to win a sweet bird.

Well surprise, surprise, I was a blessed winner as well!
The bluebird reminds my of my Grandma Betty 
and it sits happily in my kitchen with my other "bird friends."

Click on this link: 
 to visit the website and to enter for a chance to win 
your own 'Bluebird of Happiness.'

How can I express my thankfulness and gratitude 
when there are truly not enough words to say, "Thank You!"
I am humbled by these thoughtful gifts
and I am full of joy having such kind-hearted friends.

Here is a blessing for you, friends...
if you make an order today at the shoppe you will receive a free gift with your purchase :)
This is for today, February 26th only.

"Iron sharpeneth iron;
so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend."
~ Proverbs 27:17 ~


Homemade Butterscotch Pie

Many of you know I have a sweet tooth....more like sweet teeth!
And if you have followed my blog for a while you probably noticed I share mostly dessert recipes :)
I am of the opinion that at mealtime we should eat what we like first 
and for me that would be dessert - haha :)
Okay, no I don't actually eat dessert first (though I want to) 
and I do try to limit how many sweets I eat...TRY being the key word :)

Anyway, I made a butterscotch cream pie last week and thought it to be quite tasty
so I figured you fellow sweet tooth friends would like to try the recipe sometime.

Ingredients needed:

2 cups milk
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 egg yolks
3 tablespoons butter, melted
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
6 egg whites
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
2 - 3 tablespoons confectioners' sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 unbaked pie crust

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
Bake pie crust in preheated oven for 10 - 15 minutes, or until light brown and crisp.
Remove from oven and reduce temperature to 350 degrees F.

In a small bowl, mix together the flour, brown sugar and salt; set aside.
In the top of a double broiler over medium heat, scald the milk while stirring with a whisk.
Slowly whisk in the flour mixture.
Cook, stirring constantly until thickened; remove from heat.
Place the egg yolks in a medium bowl.
Stir in 1/3 of the milk mixture to temper the yolks,
then pour the yolk mixture back into the pan.
Return to the stove and cook, stirring constantly until thick.
Remove from heat and stir in the butter and vanilla.
Pour into baked pie crust.

In a large mixing bowl, beat egg whites, cream of tartar,
confectioners' sugar and vanilla until stiff peaks form.
Spread meringue over pie, covering completely.

Bake at 350 degrees F for 10 - 15 minutes, 
or until meringue is golden brown in spots.

Place a slice on a pretty crystal plate, 
pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee
and sit down to enjoy.

Thinking of you, dear friends!
If I have not been by your blog in a few days it's because I have been somewhat busy,
but I will catch up with you soon!

Much love to you!

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Good Morning!

Hello dearies!
I hope your weekend was lovely - did you do anything special?
My mom came over on Friday and we visited for most of the afternoon
while enjoying hot tea together - it was definitely a special treat.
Saturday was spent cleaning, crafting, ironing, etc.
Nothing too exciting :)

I wanted to remind you that today is the last day to sign up for the tea cup exchange.
I am very excited to say that there's over 30 sweet ladies participating
and we would love for you to join as well!
You can click on the link below for all of the needed information.

Also, there are some new bright and cheerful items in the shoppe.
As I was making each item my mind was on Spring
and you can tell by the "happy" colors I used.
I hope they put a smile on your face :)

Here are some pretty flower vases with fabric flowers.

Tags with buttons, beads, flowers, and more.

Magnets to brighten your kitchen or work area.

And flowers for crafting.

Sweet hair clips made out of vintage fabric that I would even wear :)

And there is more at the shoppe so please come by for a visit.

Have a beautiful day, dear friends!
My heart is so thankful for you!


O Wonderful Love

"As the Father has loved me,
so have I loved you.
Now remain in my love."
~ John 15:9 ~

"I have a Redeemer, O worship His name, 
He bore my transgressions, my sin and my shame,
And in His own body on Calvary's tree,
He took them upon Him, that I might go free.

I have a Redeemer who calls me His own,
He bids me come boldly before His great throne;
Because I am pardoned and cleansed by His blood,
And guiltless, tho' living 'mid earth's evil flood.

Yes, sweet are Thy mercies, O Savior divine,
In tender compassion Thou madest me Thine;
With Thee will I journey till life's day is done,
And all thro' the ages give praise to the Son.

O wonderful love that saved me from sin,
O wonderful love that cleansed me within;
His Spirit bears witness with mine that I'm saved,
All glory to Jesus, I'm saved, I'm saved, I'm saved!"
~ Albert Simpson Reitz ~

"But God commendeth his love toward us,
in that, while we were yet sinners,
Christ died for us."
~ Romans 5:8 ~

"Behold, what manner of love the Father 
hath bestowed upon us,
that we should be called the sons of God:
therefore the world knoweth us not,
because it knew him not."
~ 1 John 3:1 ~

Have a blessed Lord's Day!



Favorite Room In The House

Today is the first day, my sweet friends, that you will get to "visit" our new home
and what better room to start with than my favorite room - the craft room.
You might think it's my favorite because it's filled with crafty goodness
such as buttons, beads, lace, and fabric,
but let me tell you why this room is truly my favorite....

Won't you please come in?
And I will share with you the secrets held in this delightful corner of the house.

There is an old, but very comfortable rocking chair waiting for you
so rest your feet and rock a little.
She is an antique and I have often wondered who has rocked in her 
and what that person did while sitting there.
Maybe a mother rocked by the fire while mending holes and tears in her children's clothes,
or maybe a sweet Grandmother sat by the window watching the birds fly around 
while a cat curled up in her lap.
The quilt on the chair was made by me and given to my Grandma Betty,
but after she passed away my Grandpa gave it back to me...
I wrap up in it A LOT!

This beautiful and colorful quilt hanging on the wall is a precious work of art
made by my dear great-Grandmother who was 90 at the time.
She used her lovely hands to stitch together each piece of fabric
and gave it to my husband and me as a sweet wedding gift.
Great-Grandma is now 97 years old with a few health issues, 
but she still keeps on going blessing many with her stories.

I hung a few doilies and handkerchiefs on some delicate lace 
which was given to me from a wonderful friend named Abby
who blogs over at Little Birdie Blessings.
The doilies and handkerchiefs are mostly from my loving mom
and one of the hankies was used on my wedding day - can you guess which one? :)

This picture is of my beloved Grandma Betty whom most of you have "met" through my blog.
My Grandma is very special to me!
It has now been 10 months since she passed away ... oh how I miss her!

You will see a couple of quilts folded on the white table.
The top one was given to me from my aunt and uncle who live in Canada.
They call me "Steffits" and had that name embroidered onto the quilt.
The bottom quilt has the 'Log Cabin' pattern
and was beautifully made by my mother many years ago when I was a teenager.
It has been used many times to warm me up and it's still a quilt I love to curl up with.

Here is where I keep my flowers made from lace and fabric.
It's easy to keep my basket filled and it makes for pretty decor :)

The picture of my darling husband and me 
was taken the day after we got back from our honeymoon in Kauai, Hawaii :)

As for the dolls, they were given to me from Grandma Betty.

When I see them I think of her and am reminded of how she liked pretty things like these.

I tend to use a lot of embellishments when I craft so I like to have them handy
and out where I can see them so I have several in a tin box.

And I also keep them in these pretty vintage jello molds.
They are the perfect size for beads, pins, and other little items.

My shelves are filled with little knick-knacks-
come take a peek :)

Ribbons and lace and trim, oh my!
They fill my jars...

and my basket!

Scraps of fabric rolled up in a basket.
Dried lavender and fabric yo-yo's are always on hand.

These pretty tea cups were a gift from an extremely kind friend.
She said I could use them for crafting, but I haven't the heart to make anything with them.
I like to look at them and think of her :)

No, I don't crochet, but I must have yarn for crafts...
and inspiration to one day crochet :)

To all my stamping friends - 
please come over sometime and we'll have a sweet time making cards!

Believe it or not, 
keeping thread in a jar has made it so much more convenient for me when I am sewing.

And speaking of sewing,
my machine is all ready for the next project....I wonder what it will be? :)

Now onto this charming fabric that was used for my craft room.

I used embroidery hoops and fabric for wall decor

and made curtains to match.

If you visited on Tuesday then you saw my organizer board made from the same fabric.
It came from Donna's lovely shop
Donna has beautiful fabric to choose from that is simply perfect for anything.
She also has a delightful blog and I know she would enjoy a visit from you :)


So my lovelies, can you figure out why this room is so special to me?
Yes, I love having extra room to craft 
(you should have seen my previous craft room - small doesn't even describe it!)
But that is not why it's my favorite.
It's my favorite because it is filled with memories :)
Memories of precious family and sweet friends.
I love sitting in there to craft, read, or simply to think
because I am surrounded by love and joy.


I hope you enjoyed the tour and there will be more coming of other rooms in our new home.
I will try to shorten them and not add so many pictures :)

Once strangers, but now you are dear friends to me!
Enjoy your day :)
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