'Love You' Burlap Plaque & New Shoppe Items

On my side of the family there are a lot of family members
and thankfully we all live fairly close to one another.
So for Christmas we always draw a name and have a gift exchange
and this last Christmas I was blessed to draw my Grandma Dee Ann.
I had fun making her several items, but one in particular was this burlap plaque.
I wanted her to be able to hang something up in her home and be reminded that I love her dearly.

I got to thinking this would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift for someone special.
I found the plaque at Hobby Lobby and applied pearls to the corners.
To make the flower I cut out four heart shaped petals from felt and sewed them together.

The rosettes are made out of the same lace I used for the bottom

and the 'Love You' was embroidered on.

There are so many ways you could go with this - have fun with it :)

Ebony seems to like it too!

And speaking of burlap...I have several new burlap pillows in the shoppe :)

And there are a few pretty magnets waiting for someone special.

Lovely bookmarks to mark the pages of your favorite books.

And sweet flower bouquets ready to "cheer" your home.

This glass jar is a sweet vintage piece.

Would love for you to come visit the store.
All USA orders ship for FREE!

I am off to get my hair cut...hope it turns out :)
Enjoy your afternoon, sweethearts!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift for your grandmother. Ebony certainly is lovely and has such pretty eyes. I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful creations, Stephanie. Hope you will have a nice weekend.

Carol Z said...

Everything is lovely. I'm about to make some Valentines. I've got my supplies, but I may have to change some of the colors due to your inspiration.

Teri said...

Oh, Stephanie, such pretties! I love burlap and lace! Thank you for sharing! Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

Sola Scriptura said...

Stephanie, Your items are so beautiful! I really like your elegant style. Hugs to you!

Vicky Hunt said...

Your grandma is blessed to have such a sweet granddaughter...:) I'm sure she loved that precious gift. Did you get a new kitty? Don't know if I have managed to miss that news! She is adorable...:) I used to have a kitty almost identical to her or is it a him? :) Love your new creations....you make such lovely things! Have a blessed Friday sweet friend....Vicky

Denise said...

Such great gifts.

Laura Lane said...

Oh, such adorable items! You make time to sew. I make time to read. It's a trade off really. I'd like to sew more.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Stacy @ Sweethearts + Sweet Tarts said...

Wow! I can't believe how busy you have been creating goodies for your shop! Your plaque made for your grandma is adorable and I am sure she enjoyed receiving such a darling gift from an amazing granddaughter!

Sherri B. said...

Your sweet gift for your grandma brought a big smile to my 'heart'! It is so simple with such pretty little touches but with a huge impact. :)

Hope your hair turned out well, is it a new style? xo

MichelleReflects said...

These are so lovely and feminine, Stephanie! I am delighted that you are slowing down enough to add items to your shoppe!

I love all the lace you have added, and that magnolia pillow!

So very feminine!

Gail Dixon said...

Sweet bookmarks and so clever! Love your collection of pillows. The organic materials are perfect!

Debbie Harris said...

Oh Stephanie, so adorable! I need to go shopping and I'm away!! Cute, cute, cute! Those black and white ones are my favorite. I'm thinking I really need one. :-)
Miss you dear!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a nice plaque you made your Grandma. I love the grey flower on it, and the "love you" is sweet. I really like the white and black burlap pillow also. This gift exchange sounds fun, and I know many families take part in it at Christmas time.

Off to check out your shop now.


Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I just checked your shop out, and I would love to have the black and white pillow. Would it be ok if I just sent you payment in the mail instead of going through all the steps of ordering? Let me know. You can e-mail me with you address, and I could send you my payment right away. Thanks a lot.


Celestina Marie Design said...

Hi Stephanie, SO nice to see you and thank you for stopping by, your kind comment and new following too. I became a follower here stop time ago but I suppose we lost touch. That happens in the large blogland doesn't it?

I so enjoyed seeing your wonderful gift to your grandmother. What a great idea to create the burlap board. I found some burlap canvas boards last week to design with. Thanks for the inspiration. Looks like your sweet fur baby loves posing for a picture.

Your pillows and flowers are so pretty. You are such a talent.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Blessings and Hugs

Kath said...

I love them all!
Blessings :-)

Conniecrafter said...

cute canvas, I didn't know they had those, love how you used one of the rolled flowers for the center of the felt flower :)
Your pillows are all just lovely!!
Wishing you all the best with sells. How did you like your haircut? I cut my own, a few years ago I went in to get it cut and came home and I looked in the mirror and said I could have done that and I have been doing it every since.

Robyn said...

That would make such a lovely gift, Stephanie, and the intricate design on those pillows is so beautiful!
What are you having done to your hair? Anything drastic? lol. Enjoy your weekend. xo

Liz Hockamier said...

I just went and checked your little shop.... DARLING stuff. I really love those hanging heart pillows. So cute.
Ebony is very helpful. Your lucky to have her. :)

Have a great weekend!

Splendid Little Stars said...

such pretty items!
I'm sure your Grandma is treasuring her gift.
Ebony makes a great model!

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh how pretty! Love the rosettes. Wish I could do that!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

So many pretties, Stephanie - you have such a creative soul! I'm sure your Grandmother must love her sweet gift and thank you for sharing it with us. Have a blessed weekend, my Dear. Hugs xo Karen

Kat White said...

Stephanie everything is so pretty. I was hoping to see photos of your new place, went back a few pages. But I did see a lot of wonderful things on my travels back in time. You are a busy little bee as always! hope you are enjoying your new home! Hugs ~Kat

Merlesworld said...

Lot's of lovely pretty little things.

Anonymous said...

so beautiful! I love the pearl button in the center of the rose.

Have a lovely evening.

Rose (new pen name & blog)

PS I hope you received your package. I mailed it earlier in the week.

Ida said...

Very pretty stuff. Love how dainty and girly these are.
Ebony is a cutie as well.

Mindy Whipple said...

Hand made gifts are the best! How sweet to do this for your Grandma. I am off to check out your shop! Happy weekend lovely lady : )

Sharon said...


You create such lovely things :) I enjoy looking at your treasures :)

Have a blessed weekend sweetie!


Jen Ham said...

Stephanie, your work is just beautiful!!! xoxo Jen

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

You are so very creative! Your burlap plaque is perfect for Valentines. You have been very busy this winter making things for your etsy. Those pillows are just beautiful and the book marks are a lovely way to keep your place in a book.

Brenda said...

You are so talented Stephanie, I just wish that I had more time to do what I love doing, one of those things being water colour painting.

Karen said...

You are so creative. Beautiful work!

forgetmenots blue said...

Ebony is gorgeous and so is your craft looks like you've been very busy. Wishing you a lovely week x

Julie Corbisiero said...

Hi Stephanie, I hope all is well with you and that you had a nice weekend. I love the burlap wall hanging you made & all of the other things too. Take care and have a wonderful week.

SarahGeorge said...

A lovely gift for sure :) Beautiful burlap pillows and gorgeous other creations :)

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