Tea Cup Exchange Link-Up

Hello lovely ladies!
Let the fun begin...it's time to share our new tea cups. :)


First of all, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you 
that participated in the third tea cup exchange.
It's because of you, sweet friends, that make the exchange a joy and success.

There were 36 ladies that joined this time and we had women from around the world -
Canada, India, Denmark, and of course, the United States :)
It truly blesses my heart to host this exchange and to see many friendships form.
I have met some incredible ladies through these exchanges 
and I look forward to hosting many more!
There are already requests for another one so keep an eye out for the next one.

Shall we begin?
This post includes photos from the ladies who participated that do not have blogs - enjoy :)

The sweet and beautiful Kitty from 
had me and she blessed me with many wonderful items.
The tea cup has roses all over it and the minute I saw it I thought it was perfect!
She also sent a mix for raspberry and white chocolate scones which I have already made
and thoroughly enjoyed :)
She crocheted a pretty dish rag that is just too nice to use!
Thank you, dearest friend, for my delightful gifts!

I sent a tea cup to Lynn who has warmed my heart with her kindness.
Lynn does not have a blog so she sent photos of the items that I sent to her.

Verna received this lovely tea cup from Carrie
along with some raspberry tea and a pretty strainer.

Christine was given this sweet white tea cup and other fun goodies from Carol.
Do you see the cute house tea strainer on top of the tea box?

Debbie was blessed by these beautiful treasures from Linda.
Just look at the pretty lace with pink roses! Yes, I am drooling over it! :)

Patti received this incredible quilted mat which is a work of beauty
and the lovely rose tea cup from Betty.

Margaret from Canada was blessed by this beautiful tea cup and sweet items from Sandra.
I am loving all of the pink!

Betty got this amazing butterfly tea cup from Claire.
I love the unique look of this pretty cup!

Gabriele received this incredible tea cup and thoughtful gifts from Lynn.
And how cute is the honey and bee hive stir stick?!

Diane was given this stunning tea cup and tea treats from Nancy.
The plate is so pretty with its design and the colors are very cheerful.

Ann received a beautiful tea cup all the way from England from Diane!
And you can't have tea without cookies :)

Susan was blessed by these lovely items from Ann.
Her tea cup speaks of Spring.

Margaret got this unique and beautiful Shamrock tea cup from Linda.
I love the pretty detail!

My sweet friend, Mildred, from Blackberry Lane 
also participated in the tea cup exchange, 
but is unable to link-up since she is away on a blogging break right now
so I will share her photos and the words she would have written on her blog :)

"My exquisite tea cup is from Debbie, Stephanie's mom!

The package also contained  a delicate cloth napkin, blackcurrant tea bags from Canada,
a Colorado photo Calendar, delicious biscuits, aromatic loose leaf tea, 
and a sweet handmade card. 

My thanks to Debbie and Stephanie for such a wonderful tea cup exchange experience."

You can visit Mildred on her blog

Also, sweet Sherri from Little House in Paradise
joined the exchange - she has been apart of all three -
and had to go away for a few weeks and is not around her tea cup 
to take photos of it to share with us.
Sherri is a precious lady and you can visit her blog by clicking the link below:

Okay my dear friends, are you ready to link up your lovelies?!
Please enter the direct address to your tea cup post down below
so we can come for a nice tea visit :)

Once again, thank you to everyone that participated!
May you be richly blessed.



kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Thank you, my sweet Stephanie, for hosting your wonderful tea cup exchange and for saying such sweet things about the gifts I sent you. I so enjoy this party and have met so many lovely friends. You're a blessing in my life. xxoo

Linda said...

Stephanie, this has been so much fun..meeting new people etc. Thank you for setting all this up. Looking forward to the next one.Blessings

Anne Payne said...

WOW!!! Everyone received such beautiful gifts from their tea cup buddies. I had so much fun, Stephanie. It's a pleasure to make new friends through you! Thanks again for bringing us all together. Love & hugs, sweet lady :)

camp and cottage living said...

Your exchange was a big success!
There were so many lovely tea-cups and thoughtful gifts given.
I did see one just like one I own too...

Deborah Montgomery said...

Stephanie, this looks like it was so much fun, and a blessing to all involved. I will be looking for the next one you host!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How wonderful! I'm so happy for you all...sharing beauty and sweetness! Hugs, Diane

vic said...

Beautiful teacups!! I love looking at all the details they are all beautiful :)
Vic x

Unknown said...

So very beautiful! Ah, those tea cups! xo Jen

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

What sweet and thoughtful gifts exchanged here Stephanie - it was fun to see them all. So many thoughtful people. This looks like fun, I will look for your next exchange. Hugs xo Karen

Debbie Harris said...

Stephanie, look at these beautiful tea cups. Each lady sure knows how to spread their love around.
I too, enjoyed yet another exchange. This is the third for me as well, and I have been blessed to meet some precious ladies through you, thank you!
I look forward to visiting the ladies and their blogs. :)

Bless you my dear.

Vicky Hunt said...

How fun Stephanie! So sad I didn't get to join this time but I hope to with the next one. Everyone received such lovely teacups and other items. So sweet...:) Have a blessed evening...Vicky

patti said...

Dear Stephanie, this was so much Fun, I really enjoyed making new friends through tea cups :) so appreciate you putting it together. Patti Boyd

Denise said...

Very lovely.

Nancy said...

I enjoyed my first Teacup Exchange and thank you for hosting it! I loved seeing all the different teacups everyone received and viewing all the blogs.

Lady Linda said...

Thanks so much again Stephanie! I know it's a lot of work for you and you do such a good job at setting it up and following through with helpful reminders to all. I so love these and look forward to the next one...hint hint hint!
I am hoping to peek at some of the blogs this evening.
It was so fun to see all the pix that you posted for the non bloggers!
Much love,

Anonymous said...

All the tea cups and extra items looks beautiful!

lynn said...

My first tea cup exchange but hoping not my last. It was such fun looking for just the right cup and treats to send my exchange person. Stephanie thank you so much for sending me my beautiful cup and extra goodies that you made by hand. All so beautiful! You do such good work. Blessings to you, lynn

SarahGeorge said...

Thank you so much!!! Stephanie :)

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for coming by to say hi! I love the idea of a tea cup exchange! I'm sorry I missed this....:( Sounds like a lot of fun!

Maggie Ann said...

How special each gift is! I once participated in an art collage exchange and have kept those collages till this day. I'm sure many happy times will be recalled when these things are used and admired time and again.

Diane said...

What fun tea cups and beautiful idea.

Hugs diane

Ida said...

Wow that sounds like a lot of fun. I'll try to catch the next one as it looks like everyone had a grand time.
By the way I tried your cake recipe (see my blog post) and it was great.

Libby said...

Thanks for hosting an amazing exchange, Stephanie. I love all the tea cup packages I've seen thusfar. I really enjoyed this opportunity to share and meet new people. :-)

Camille said...

What a fun idea to do a tea cup exchange. It looks like each of the ladies who participated added in such pretty extras to their packages. What a lovely way to make friends. Happy weekend to you, Stephanie! Blessings, Camille

Abiola said...

All the tea cups are pretty.

Well done ladies.

Oliva Ohlson said...

Thank you Stephanie for hosting this fun and lovely party! A big thank you goes to Carol Van who sent me the most beautiful and cheerful teacup and goodies!

lynn said...

Dear Stephanie thank you again for my tea and tea cup and my beautiful home made items. All was appreciated so much. Lynn

Nina said...

Thank you so much for hosting this lovely Tea Cup Exchanging Party, Stephanie! All the work and time you have spend in organizing has brought joy and happiness to so many - and bonds of friendship are being born!
Blessings to you, dear friend!

Annesphamily said...

I so love the tea cup exchange and wish I could have participated. ALl the tea cups and goodies are wonderful. Love it all. Thank you for sharing.You have a thoughtful and kind heart. Posting all the wonderful photos. Hugs Anne

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