Falling in love with Jesus - Guest Blogger

Today's guest blogger is very dear to me - she is my Sister and Friend.
Delvalina and I met almost two years ago through blogging
and right away we felt a connection to one another.
We call each other 'Sister' because we are close and because we are Sister's in Christ.
Delvalina is all the way from Indonesia and it is a blessing to have her on my blog.
I hope you enjoy her beautiful tutorial for this lovely purse.

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DIY - Handmade Lovely Purse

Hello Stephanie’s friends – 
It such an honor to be a guest post here. 
I’m Delvalina from 
I would love to share you how to make simple purse. 
I’m trying to make it look as simple as I can. 
First, you will need 3 fabrics 
( The floral fabric as addition, the turquoise fabric for outside look, 
and the black one is for inside ) 

 How to make it: 
I will divide into 3 parts.

Sewing part I 

First picture is how you sew the inside fabric on the outside fabric.
Then sew it all around side –no sewing in the corner because you will use that whole to flip. 
 This is how you flip – you will flip the sewing line in the inside.

So it will look like this.
Do this twice for another side so you will get this two sides.

Sewing part II

Now how it looks.

Third Part for the Holder 
Just fold this and sew it.

Once it finished then sew these holder to the two sides 
Now how it looks 
(You can add the zipper )

Thanks for coming, 
if you get interested with this DIY please visit my blog and be friend with me 


Debbie Harris said...

Delvalina, that is a sweet purse, and you did a beautiful job. :-)
I would love to be able to sew like some of you dear ladies. You amaze me! I think my problem is because it is a machine, machines intimidate me :-)
It was so nice to have you visit here, and to see your precious friendship with Stephanie.
Blessings to both you and Stephanie,
Much love to you, Mrs. Debbie

Unknown said...

Hi Delvalina,

I loooove this purse, the vibrant color combination and all. Double thumbs up to you.

Valerie said...

Hi Delvalina,
What a lovely purse. =) Love the color. Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

Ceil said...

Hi Delvalina! How fun to find you here today! This purse is so pretty! I like the colors, and the clasp too. You are so creative! It's fun to see all the things you can make.
Have a great Thursday!

Miss Rhea said...

How could you not love anyone "Falling in Love with Jesus" ? :) Pretty purse, happy, happy colors :)

Vee said...

Delvalina, that is one beautiful bag. A very nice tutorial as well!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

This is such a beautiful purse that you made! It is such a talent to be able to sew and make pretty things. Thanks for the tutorial and for guest blogging today!
Julie's Lifestyle

Anne Payne said...

That is an adorable purse! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely handiwork with us, Delvalina. I could never sew like that but I can appreciate those of you who do :)

Sola Scriptura said...

Delvalina, you are so talented! This is a gorgeous bag!

Barbara Neubeck said...

..., Hello Stephanie and Delvalina ...
I like your bag Delvalina and your tutorial was easy to understand...

Hugs and Blessings to ou both...
Barb xxx

Mindy said...

Nice to see you here Delvalina and thank you for the lovely tutorial. Blessings to you and Stephanie both!

Denise said...

Awesome Delvalina.

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