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I'd like to warmly welcome Marci to my blog today.
She has a lovely blog where she shares her many talents
and it's always a treat to see what she has been up to :)
I am very thankful for Marci being here and I know you will enjoy her extra cute
and simply sweet tutorial.

* * * * *

Thank you, Stephanie, for inviting me to guest post today!
I am so excited to be here!
Hello!  My name is Marci.
We live in an old rock farmhouse built in the Ozark Mountains around 1935.
There are two greenhouses, a vegetable garden, herbs, several flower beds, lots of hobbies
and too many pets.
Thankfully, our neighbors love us!
 They say it is like living next door to Old MacDonald and Martha Stewart!
My blog is Stone Cottage Adventures .
Will you please stop by and visit us?

 This adorable two year old is Lil Fashionista! 
She loves getting dressed up and I love sewing for her.  
Below are easy directions to create the braided headband she is modeling.  
It's just enough to keep the wispy curls out of her eyes!

Today's project begins with a total score from a garage sale!  
We found this size 6X dress for only $1.00!  
The pink, green and brown fabric is vibrant and fun!  
With all the elastic shirring at the top of the dress, I
 took a chance on the fit and laid down my dollar!  ;-)

It's the beginning of summer so the sleeves were cut shorter and given a quick zigzag finish.  
This medium weight knit really doesn't need much of a hem.  
The fabric from the sleeves was used to make the headband.

One sleeve was cut into 3 strips of 2 inches by 10 inches.  
The other sleeve was cut into 1 strip of 3 inches by 10 inches. 

The 3 narrow strips were rolled loosely and stitched together on one end and braided.
The other end was sewn just enough to hold the braid together.

The wider strip was then wrapped around the very tips of the braid and stitched in place. 

Lil Fashionista loves how soft it is!

Thanks to a great yard sale find, she now has a darling little dress and headband
for all kinds of adventures with her favorite Chihuahua, Abigail!
I have lots of scraps left from T-Shirt Makeovers, maybe I can make a headband for me, too!  ;-)
Thank you, again, Stephanie for letting me visit  today!
It has been wonderful being here and everyone is invited to visit my Stone Cottage !

;-)  -Marci


Denise said...

Such cute things, thanks for sharing.

Jan Hermann said...

What a deal!! Lil Fashionista is adorable in her new summer dress and headband. Clever idea!

Jan ♥

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Thank you for allowing me to guest post today! I love your blog! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Julie's Lifestyle said...

What a cute dress and headband. Thanks for sharing the tutorial today.

pinks said...

Hello Marci! Aww such a sweet idea! The little girl is so cute!! And being so good for the photos! I cant wait to have children because I'd love to do little creative things like this :) Thank you for posting :)

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Love this, thanks for the tutorial.

Debbie Harris said...

What a deal! Such talent! I'm impressed, as I really do not have that kind of mind to think of making something out of what is already there. :)
I must come over and visit your stone cottage.
Have a beautiful rest of the day!
Blessings, Debbie

Red Rose Alley said...

These are the cutest pictures of this little girl. Isn't it so nice that our blog friends become such a wonderful part of our lives?

I hope you are enjoying these warm June days, my friend.


Delvalina said...

That is so cute and that little girl as well :) thanks for sharing this tutorial.


Debbie said...

oohhh cuteness overload!! i missed out on this as i have 2 sons!!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh I love Marci! She does fabulous stuff! Great guest post and I'm glad to finally have a little time to catch up on some blogs!

Unknown said...

Totally awesome Marci! she is such a cutie and the dress and headband do look great on her. Thanks for sharing the how to - I think the granddaughter will love a few of these! Millie

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