All For A Sister - Book Review

In Hollywood during the Roaring Twenties, Celeste DuFrane has it all. 
Her father’s work with color movie film opens doors 
that lead to the stardom she’s always aspired to. 
But after losing her mother, 
she discovers that half the estate has been left to a woman accused of killing Celeste’s baby sister 
before Celeste was even born.

Dana Lundgren arrives on the steps of the DuFrane mansion 
having spent most of her life imprisoned for a crime that never happened. 
After accusing Dana of murder so many years ago, 
why did Marguerite DuFrane leave her a sizable inheritance? 

As Celeste and Dana learn each other’s stories, 
they come up with more questions than answers. 
Then a surprising discovery begins to fill in the missing pieces: 
Marguerite DuFrane’s written confession, penned shortly before her death. 
Uncovering the treachery and deceit that changed the course of numerous lives
—most of all, their own—
the two women find more than they ever imagined.

My Thoughts
I am on the fence with this book. . .
I liked it (a lot), but I wouldn't say I loved it.
The characters are excellent and the story is intriguing, 
but there was just something missing and I can't put my finger on it.
I will say I appreciated the forgiveness aspect of the book
and the fact that Allison brought Christ's love so clearly into the picture.

The story is told from three views:
Marguerite DeFrane, Celeste, and Dana.
Marguerite accuses young Dana of murdering her daughter 
and is sent to prison for an indefinite time.
Marguerite's heart break after the loss of her daughter
and soon she becomes bitter and vengeful
and she will not think twice about bringing pain to Dana and Dana's mother.

Poor Dana is confused about being sent away
and has no one to turn to.
Her mother visits for a little while, but then stops coming altogether. . .
As Dana sits in prison she begins to find God 's love and learns of His precious forgiveness.
 And finally after years of waiting, waiting for some kind of answer,
she is told Marguerite DuFrane left her a sizable inheritance,
but she wonders why. . .

Pretty Celeste arrives after her little sister was killed
and she brings joy and happiness to her mother and father,
but there's someone in the family that does not share the same enthusiasm
and often doesn't want anything to do with Celeste.

Questions begin to surface and Marguerite Dufrane's written confession
begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
But will everyone be happy with the answers
or will it only go downhill as each chapter of the confession is read?

** I was given a free copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers for an honest review.
All thoughts are my own. No other compensation was received. **

About the Author
Award-winning author Allison Pittman has penned more than twelve novels,
including her most recent series set in the Roaring Twenties-
All for a Song, All for a Story, and All for a Sister.
Allison resides in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, Mike,
their three sons, and the canine star of the family - Stella.
For more information, visit



Sola Scriptura said...

I always enjoy reading your book reviews. This looks like an interesting read. Hugs to you, dear Stephanie!

Rosemary-Thyme said...

What a great review. Vwry well written. It still looks like an interesting book. Thank you for sharing.

I hope you had a great Independence Day.


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