Autumn Flower Bouquet

Happy Autumn, lovely friends!

Cozy nights,
hot tea and coffee,
captivating books,
wool blankets,
cheery cardigans,
knee high boots,
charming scarves,
sweet pumpkins,
yummy cinnamon,
crunchy leaves,
blissful breezes.

All the things Autumn brings puts a smile on my face and a skip in my step.

Welcome, sweet Fall!
What do you love about this time of the year?

I am beginning to bring Fall-ish items out into my home
and of course I have to make a few things as well :)
I made a delightful little flower bouquet that will go in my living room by some old hymnals.
The flowers are made out of felt and are so easy to make!

What you need:

wire stems
embroidery floss
pinking shears
hot glue gun and glue

For one flower you will need two circles (about 3-inches in size) of felt.

Place the two circles of felt together;
thread the needle with the embroidery floss
and sew a running stitch around the center.

Gently pull until tight then wrap the thread around the bottom two times; knot.

Poke a hole with the wire through the bottom of the flower; pull wire out.
Cut out a smaller circle of green felt (or whatever color you want)
and poke the wire through the green circle, apply hot glue to it,
and then poke into the flower bottom where you already made a hole.

You can decorate your vase or leave it as is.
I added some rose lace with hot glue and a mini clothespin 
that held a Scripture verse that my sweet friend Abby sent to me a while ago.

And that's it, dear friends.

The days may not be so bright and balmy—
yet the quiet and melancholy that linger around them is fraught with glory. 
Over everything connected with autumn there lingers some golden spell—
some unseen influence that penetrates the soul with its mysterious power. 
Northern Advocate

Enjoy the first day of Autumn!
Hugs and blessings to you.

* * * * *

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Those are sweet.

Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love fun projects like these that are easy enough for even me to try! Love the scripture, too. I like the colors of Fall...it's not my favorite season though! I'm a summer time girl! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely site you have. Thanks for sharing the felt flower. Great idea for sharing as a gift also. I love crafts so this one will go on my to do list. ~smiles~
Fall is my favorite, and I would love for Fall to hang around a bit longer than it does before heading into the cold. :)

Anna said...

Lovely flowers !!!
Love Fall too !!!
Have a great day !

Visits With Mary said...

I love fall, there is just something so cozy about it. Once again you have given us a great project. Those flowers are so pretty. Wishing you happy days!

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I like autumn colors. Autumn smells good. I like the cooler nights. I like your creations very much. Keep in touch

Robyn said...

I love autumn too, Stephanie. The sunny days with the crisp air are so invigorating!
Such a lovely project. You always find the best colours and textures!
Hope your week is off to a good start. :) xoxo

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Love this bouquet, and thanks for sharing the tutorial. I recognize the verse you used on it, like the idea of clipping it on. ~ Abby

mamasmercantile said...

The felt flowers are stunning, simple but effective and the attached scripture was a real delight. You have made a beautiful start to the season.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, lovely and sweet flowers. Hugs and blessings to you too.

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Stephanie! The flowers are very pretty and great fall colors. Fall came to us right on time. Our temps dipped into the 50s for the first time today. Have a great fall week!

Janneke said...

Lovely felt flowers!

Anne Payne said...

What a beautiful autumn bouquet! Your gifts in the crafting area never cease to amaze me. Love & hugs, my friend :)

Anonymous said...

I saw two big Ziploc bags full of nice, clean, felt squares at the thrift store for next to nothing. I love your felt flowers. We are enjoying a nice breeze today and everyone on our street has decorated their porch and/or mailboxes for Autumn.
Blessings to you this evening.

Marci Smith said...

What a great craft to take on. Thanks for sharing it with your readers! :)

God's Grace Overflows said...

Happy Fall to you as well, Stephanie!

I all ready had the itch to pull out my Fall decorations and got them all displayed yesterday. It just adds an extra coziness to the home. And, I have been baking with pumpkin for over a week now. I just love the smell of pumpkin baking in the oven. I've been experimenting with flavors and playing with some Gluten Free recipes for my girlfriend. I kinda like some of the GF recipes and actually like taste testing them myself. :-)

I love the idea of those little felt flowers. I might have to try my hand at these.

I hope you are doing well. You have been on my thought radar for a while now. I need to send you an email to catch up. Until then...

Have a wonderful week!


Vicky Hunt said...

The flowers are just precious Stephanie. Perfect for fall! Cozy looking flowers if there is such a thing...:) Hope you are doing well and have a blessed week.

Hugs, Vicky

Debbie Harris said...

Just lovely, Stephanie.
You always make your projects look so easy with your excellent tutorials.
Fall has never been my favorite season, as you know, but I am beginning to love it more as the years go by.
While I was taking my walk today in the woods up to national forest where we would go when you were young, the fragrance in the air was breathtaking. The leaves were blowing off the trees making it seem like winter was here and the snow was falling. So beautiful.
Tomorrow I plan to grace the outdoors around the house with all my fall delights. Its time, even though I am still enjoying the pretty bright pink flowers in the window boxes.
Much love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Autumn, Stephanie! Your flowers are gorgeous! When things slow down here, I'd love to make some. :-)

Cheese and Sparkles said...

Wow, those flowers are so cute!! I'm going to have to make them!
I love your list of great things about autumn. I just love autumn...all the wonderful foods, and the delicious smells. Oh and all the colours! :-)
~Katie@ liliesofgrace.blogspot.com

Sola Scriptura said...


Poppy said...

Stephanie, these are so sweet and dainty and delightful! Like you, I treasure all those treats we associate with autumn, from scrumptious comfort food to cozy evenings by the fire.

Happy first week of fall!


SarahGeorge said...

How beautiful!! Te words about autumn are very nice, I really wish I could see this season some day :)

Conniecrafter said...

Those flowers are so pretty... I have just finished setting out all my autumn decorations, it is so neat to look back at all the things I have made over the years, it is hard for me to part with them because there are so many memories associated with them. I so enjoy the crackle of the leaves under foot when out on our walks and seeing all the different colors God blesses us with to enjoy :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

These flowers look so easy and I love the end result! Happy fall! This is my favorite season. :)

Ida said...

So pretty. Very clever idea. I love fall. It's almost October though and since I decorate for Halloween I guess my fall stuff will not be displayed this year or maybe I'll mix them together.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Happy fall. The flowers are so pretty!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I love all the things about Fall that you listed too! Your felt flowers are precious!

Wanda said...

Just another way you share with us...I like all your Fall list, and your crafts are so sweet.

Pumpkin Bread
Spice Candles
My Pumpkin Soup Tureen filled with homemade potato soup.

Marilyn Mathis said...

What a simple, lovely item to add to the room for fall. I like fall because of the beauty of the leaves and the colors of the fall flowers

Gail Dixon said...

Your craftiness continues to impress! The felt flowers are so cute and that bible verse clipped to the vase is the perfect touch.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Your felt flowers are soooo pretty, Stephanie! You're always making something pretty. Love you!

Laura said...

These felt flowers are so sweet, Stephanie! What a talented lady you are! I just love fall...life slows down around here...the air is crisp...the colors are vibrant... and everything speaks "home".

Have a blessed day, my friend!

GranthamLynn said...

Oh how pretty. I loved this entire post. I love you've added the scripture! I'd love to feature your blog on Saturday if you'll link to the Fabulous Fall party! I choose my features from the linky party! Please come and join! I just love this!
Have a beautiful Thursday,

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