Tea Cup and Mug Exchange #5

The time has arrived for the long-awaited tea cup and mug exchange!
The days are slowing down as Autumn draws near
and the evenings are growing cooler - a perfect time to enjoy a hot drink.

It's quite easy to participate and I know you will thoroughly enjoy yourselves.
The exchange is open to everyone from around the world.
The more the merrier and who doesn't love making friends from another country?
Also, you DO NOT need to have a blog, this is for anyone.

Let me explain what needs to be done for joining this exchange. . .

1. Email me at 
to let me know you would like to participate.
If you want to do both the tea cup and mug exchange than that is just fine.
Please let me know if you want to send out both.

2. In your email PLEASE let me know if you are okay with shipping overseas.
If you do not want to ship overseas than that is no problem, just let me know either way.

3. Purchase a tea cup or mug or you can send one from your own collection;
it's completely up to you :)
If you send one from your own collection 
please make sure it's in good condition with no stains or chips.
Tea cups or mugs from antique or thrifts stores are also fine,
but again, please make sure they are in good condition.

4. You are welcome to add additional tea items to your package,
but this is NOT NECESSARY!
You may do as you please, dear friends.

You will send a tea cup to a special someone and receive a tea cup from a special someone else
so you will be making two friends in the process.

 *** If you sign up for the exchange and then later find out you're not able to join
PLEASE let me know ASAP! ***

Sign up for the tea cup exchange will start today, September 16th
and will go until September 26th so we have 10 days to sign up and spread the word.
I will email each one of you on September 27th
with the information you need to send your special someone her tea cup.
We then have until October 4th (a week) to get the package together and shipped out.

And finally...I will have a linky on my blog towards the end of October
so that we can share our treasures with everyone.
If you do not have a blog then you can send me pictures of your new tea cup or mug
and I will put them on my blog for all to see.

So does everything make sense, lovelies?
You can email with any questions that you might have:

The tea cup exchanges in the past have been a tremendous blessing
and I know this one will be as well so please join us for some sweet fun.
You can see what others have received from the other exchanges
by clicking on the links below:

I will email each one of your throughout the exchange with updates and reminders :)
Also, if you have a blog you are more than welcome to share the tea cup and mug exchange 
with your friends and followers by using the picture below to place on your sidebar.
Just copy the HTML code and paste it onto your sidebar.

Tea Cup and Mug Exchange

I am looking forward to having you join the fun, sweet friends!


kathyinozarks said...

what a wonderful idea-I will get back to you if I can participate-I need to see if I still have some vintage tea cups-I have been slowly giving them away or taking to the resale shops. I will share your button on my page-

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Stephanie, I can't wait for this fun exchange and I'll put your button on my blog. Have a great day.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Stephanie, This will be so much fun. Please count me in for the tea cup exchange and I will email you next.
Thanks for hosting and blessings to you for a another fun exchange.
Blessings and Smiles!

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: great idea to this exchange. In my country it's colder at night. Autumn is near. Keep in touch

Crafy Lady said...

Lovely Blog, it always makes my day.My name Barbara and I am from Florida. Thanks for making me feel good for another day.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I've been looking forward to it, Stephanie! xo

Debbie Harris said...

Yes, please count me in on this most delightful exchange, Stephanie.
I always look forward to these as I have met the sweetest ladies over a teacup and mug.
Thank you for doing this for us ladies to enjoy.
Love you, mom

Deborah Montgomery said...

Looking forward to it Stephanie! I'll be emailing you.

Antiques And Teacups said...

Hi Stephanie. Nice to connect! Blogger does wierd things sometimes! I'll have to see if I can participate in the exchange...they are so fun!

Poppy said...

Hi Stephanie,

What a lovely idea and a most enchanting tea party, if there ever was one!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Red Rose Alley said...

Your tea cups are so beautiful. I would love to participate, but I am very busy right now. You are the first blog friend to know this, but we just bought a new home, and I will be busy cleaning, unpacking, and organizing. I just got done cleaning today, and am soooo tired. I will visit you when I get a chance, but it may be a couple of weeks. Please think about me, as I will think about you.


and please say a prayer for me that God blesses our new home. Thank you, my friend.

Anne Payne said...

I am in on this one! I found a lovely teacup the other day, just waiting for someone special :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to join, Stephanie. Off to email you.
Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to doing this. Off to e-mail you.

Anonymous said...

I just sent you an email to count me in plus a couple of questions. Thanks..what a wonderful idea.

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