Our Thankful Jar

As we express our gratitude,
we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words,
but to live by them.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

* * * * *

The first day of November is this Saturday which is so hard to believe!
This year has literally flown by :)
Since this coming month we celebrate Thanksgiving
my family and I made a 'Thankful Jar'
which will be used every day in the month of November.
Let me explain. . .

I had my family write out things that they are thankful for on strips of paper
and then we placed them in the jar.
There are 30 strips of paper in the jar since there are 30 days in November.

Beginning this Saturday, my family and I will pick out a sheet of paper
and read it aloud during our supper time.
Since we don't know what the other wrote down
it will be a joyful surprise to hear what everyone is thankful for.

This will take place at every supper for the whole month of November :)
What are you thankful for, sweet friends?

The list is endless for all that we can give thanks for:
I am thankful for all of you!
You bless my life and heart.
Hugs to you!

Notice the lace flower. . .
yep, it's one of the flowers that I shared on Tuesday- 
it's the one I used to clip onto my shoes.
I added it to the tag for extra prettiness.

* * * * *

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The Princess Spy - Book Review

A new suitor.
A shocking discovery.

Margaretha has always been a romantic and hopes her newest suitor,
Lord Claybrook, is destined to be her one true love.
But then an injured man is brought to the castle,
claiming to be an English lord who was left for dead by Claybrook's men.
She convinces herself "Lord Colin" is just an addled stranger,
until Colin retrieves an heirloom so lost in a well
and asks her to spy on Claybrook as repayment.
Margaretha knows she could never be a spy - not only does she tend to talk too much,
she's sure Colin is completely wrong about her potential betrothed.
But she soon discovers her romantic notions may have been clouding her judgement
about not only Colin but Claybrook as well.
She soon finds herself running for her life - and it may be up to her to save 
her father and her family from one man's wicked plot.

My Thoughts

A delightful fairytale told from a different view.
Melanie Dickerson weaves a classic and romantic story 
similar to the fairytale The Frog Prince.
Spirituality, romance, intrigue, suspense, courage, and humor. . .
the author brings all that and more to The Princess Spy, 
what more could you ask for in a book?
This book is labeled as teen fiction 
yet it held my complete attention and I am in my late 20's.
I found The Princess Spy to be a most enjoyable book
with characters that were charming and witty.
By the end of the book I was already wanting to read another one
written by the talented Melanie Dickerson.

Margaretha is a beautiful character, inside and out.
She has a generous spirit and kind heart, but talks too much.
She often babbles on and on which causes her to be "untrustworthy"
when it comes to keeping certain things quiet.
After all, she is known to accidentally let things slip out when she is rambling on.
A time comes when she must keep quiet or it might mean death to her family,
but can she do it and who can she trust. . .

Lord Colin thinks Margaretha is just a "flibbertigibbet,"
a young woman with no sense who talks too much.
But the more he gets to know her he realizes there is more than meets the eye.
Colin carries a load of guilt concerning two friends and Lord Claybrook
and he wants only revenge.
Lady Margaretha tries to point out
that there is a difference between justice and vengeance,
 but is Colin willing to open his eyes and heart to the difference
before the hatred consumes him. . .

A well-written book with a few twists that were unexpected and surprising.

** I was given a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers for an honest review.
All thoughts are my own and no other compensation was received. **

About the Author

Melanie Dickerson is the author of The Healer's Apprentice,
a Christy award finalist and winner of the National Reader's Choice Award
for Best First Book,
as well as the acclaimed novels The Merchant's Daughter,
The Fairest Beauty, and The Captive Maiden.
Melanie earned a bachelor's degree in special education
from the University of Alabama and has been a teacher and a missionary,
She lives with her husband and two daughters in Huntsville, Alabama.


3 Uses For Fabric Flower Clips

My sweet little niece asked me a little while ago what my favorite craft to make was
and I told her it would probably be fabric flowers.
There is so much that you can do with them and often you need only a scrap of fabric
or lace to create a lovely flower.
Plus, there are many designs and no flower is the same.
So. . .I made a few hair clips that can be used for other things as well.

First, let me show you how to make these simple but pretty flowers.

Items needed:

lace or scrap fabric
sewing needle
hot glue gun and glue
alligator clips (without the teeth)
buttons, beads, pearls, etc

If using lace, cut two strips that are each 10-inches long.
Sew a gathering stitch along the top.

When you get to the end bring your needle and thread through the other side 
and pull the flower together; sew the two ends together.

Cut out a felt piece to use on the back to secure the clip.
I cut mine into hearts, but you can cut them into circles or whatever shape you like.

Slip the felt into the clip, apply hot glue onto the felt and top side of the clip,
press onto the back of the flower.

For fabric flowers you will need two strips of fabric that are about 1.5-inches wide
and 18-inches or so long.
With those measurements you will need to leave the edges frayed,
but if you want a more finished look than cut a wider strip of fabric, 
fold in half and sew along the edge.

* * * * * * *

On the left are the folded flowers, to the right are the frayed,
and on the bottom are the lace.
For the centers I used crocheted flowers, fabric yo-yo's, 
mini felt flowers, and buttons. 

Now here is what you can use them for. . .
The obvious one being for your hair which you will see in the picture below.
But check out the flower on my jean jacket - yes, I used it as a pin.
The clip slipped right on and is actually more secure than a pin.

And the third thing you can use these pretty flowers for is. . . 
shoe clips!

They clip on perfectly to flats and don't they look darling?
I wore them on a walk the other day and they did not move or slide around 
instead they were nice and snug. . .and did I mention cute :)

The possibilities are endless, my friends!
Clip them onto your purse or even a small stack of papers :)
Add a little loveliness to your wardrobe with these simple fabric flowers.

Happy flower making!
Hugs to you.

* * * * *

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Still, Still With Thee

"Still, Still With Thee" was originally titled "Resting in God"
and was written by Mrs. Stowe while meditating on Psalm 139:17, 18,
especially on the phrase "When I awake, I am still with thee."
It is said that Mrs. Stowe generally arose at four-thirty in the morning
to enjoy the coming of dawn, the singing of the birds,
and the over-shadowing presence of her God.

Still, still with Thee, when purple morning breaketh,
When the bird waketh, and the shadows flee;
Fairer than morning, lovelier than daylight,
Dawns the sweet consciousness, I am with Thee.

Alone with Thee, amid the mystic shadows,
The solemn hush of nature newly born;
Alone with Thee in breathless adoration,
In the calm dew and freshness of the morn.

As in the dawning o’er the waveless ocean
The image of the morning star doth rest,
So in the stillness Thou beholdest only
Thine image in the waters of my breast.

Still, still with Thee, as to each newborn morning,
A fresh and solemn splendor still is given,
So does this bless├Ęd consciousness, awaking,
Breathe each day nearness unto Thee and Heaven.

When sinks the soul, subdued by toil, to slumber,
Its closing eye looks up to Thee in prayer;
Sweet the repose beneath the wings o’ershading,
But sweeter still to wake and find Thee there.

So shall it be at last, in that bright morning,
When the soul waketh and life’s shadows flee;
O in that hour, fairer than daylight dawning,
Shall rise the glorious thought, I am with Thee.
- Harriet B. Stowe -

Grace - the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul.
- Hazlitt -

The grace of the spirit comes only from heaven,
and lights up the whole bodily presence.
- Charles Haddon Spurgeon -

Have a blessed Lord's Day, dear ones!

* * * * *

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Tea Cup and Mug Link-Up #5

Good morning, sweet friends!
I cannot tell you how much I love and enjoy hosting these tea cup and mug exchanges.
I have such a delightful time pairing everyone up
and it warms my heart when I see how others are blessing people around the globe.
I truly find great joy in each exchange
and it's my desire for all those that participate to have fun and be blessed.
There were 54 lovely ladies that participated this time
and several from around the globe - New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Canada, Germany.
I hope each and every one of you walk away with a new friend or two *smiles*

With that being said, lets move on to the sharing of our gifts.
For those that joined the exchange and have blogs 
the link-up is located at the end of the post.
I look forward to visiting your blogs to see what pretties you received.
And for those that do not have blogs I have received pictures of the items they got
and I will be sharing them on my blog post so beware,
it's rather picture heavy :)
Grab a cup of tea, coffee,  hot cocoa, etc,
and have fun looking and visiting!

* * * * *

I participated in both the mug and tea cup exchange 
so I'll begin with the tea cup that I got from Diane.

Diane had my name for the tea cup exchange
and she sent me a most beautiful tea cup.
The gold is quite lovely and of course roses are my favorite.

She also sent along some handmade notecards in a folder
which will be put to good use.
And a wonderful selection of tea.
The Paris Fruit Black Tea With Bergamot is new to me
and very delicious!

Diane also included this sweet 'Napkin Nipper.'
I have never seen one of these, but I love the whole idea
and the poem is just too cute.

My new tea cup has made itself right at home with my other tea cups.
My heartfelt thanks to you, Diane!

Now onto the mug that I received from sweet Jen.
She sent me a package filled with wonderful items.

Isn't this the cutest owl mug!?
When I'm not drinking out of the lovely cup
it's sitting on the counter with cinnamon sticks in it.

Jen also made me this beautiful pin cushion.
It rests on the arm of a chair or couch
and has pockets for holding scissors, threads, etc.
The embroidery work is incredible - Jen did and amazing job!
Thank you so much, dear Jen!

Now onto the ladies I sent to. . .
I had the privilege of sending sweet Anne a tea cup
and you can see what I sent her by visiting her delightful blog:

And I sent a mug to Jodie who lives in Australia.
As far as I know she does not have a blog so here is a picture of what I gave her.

Diane signed up to receive and give two tea cups.
She received these sweet items from Gabriele,
The tea cup is simply lovely.

Diane also received these pretties from Peabea.

Betty was given these beautiful items from Celestina.
Everything is so pretty and romantic!

Caelin was given this lovely tea cup from Seairra
along with apple cider.

Lynn was given this sweet tea cup from Marcia.

I love the cute acorns and pumpkins!

Sarah received this wonderful package from Margaret.

Isn't the tea cup beautiful?

Margaret got this incredibly beautiful tea cup from Nicole
plus some fun crafting goodies.

The tea cup is simply divine!

Christine received a lovely Fall themed package from Linda.

Nicole got a lovely tea cup and beautiful old pictures from Sara.

Seairra got this incredible package from Deborah.
I am truly amazed at such generosity!

This beauty was given to Patti from Claudia.

Nikki received these delightful items from Dana.

Laura was given this sweet and pretty tea cup from Anne.

Salinn got this delightful tea cup and beautiful tea pot from Caelin.

Gabriele participated in both the tea cup and mug exchange.
Her tea cup arrived from Ida.

And she got this pretty mug from Julie.
Don't you just love all the crocheted goodness?

Deborah received this stunning tea cup from Amanda
along with handmade earrings.

Jen was given this bright and fun mug from Jessica.

Jessica for this gorgeous mug and pretty extras from Gabriele.

Abigail received this sweet heart mug and earrings from Amanda.

Elizabeth got a delightful package from Katie.

Sherry received a lovely pansy tea cup from Lisa.

Once again, I have been richly blessed by ALL who participated!
If you missed out on this exchange 
or want to join another tea cup and mug swap in the near future than no worries!
Look for the next exchange in February or March :)

Have a wonderful day and weekend, friends!
And enjoy visiting the other blogs.

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