A Thing Of Beauty - Book Review

It's a wonder to behold what happens
when love moves in. . .

Former child star Fiona Hume deserted the movie biz a decade ago-
right after she left rehab.
She landed in Baltimore, bought a dilapidated old mansion downtown,
and hatched dreams of restoring it into a masterpiece,
complete with a studio for herself.
She would disappear from public view and live an artist's life.

That was the plan.

Ten years later, Fiona's huge house is filled with junk purchased at thrift stores,
haggled over at yard sales, or picked up from the side of the road.
Each piece was destined for an art project. . .
but all she's got so far is a piece of twine with some antique buttons 
threaded down its length.

She's thirty-two years old and still recognizable,
but Fiona's money has finally run out.
She's gotten pretty desperate, too,
and in her desperation she's willing to do almost anything for money.
So it is that she comes to rent out the maid's quarters 
to a local blacksmith named Josia Yeu.

Josia is everything Fiona isn't:
gregarious, peaceful, in control without controlling. . .
in short, happy.
As the light from the maid's quarters begins to permeate the dank rooms of Fiona's world,
something else begins to transform as well - something inside Fiona.
Something even she can see is beautiful.

My Thoughts

This review is going to be short and to the point. . .
I did not appreciate nor enjoy this book
and in fact did not even finish reading it which is a first for me.
A Thing of Beauty is labeled as Christian fiction
yet there were several swear words within the first few chapters.
If this book was not labeled as Christian than I would not be surprised by the cussing,
but since it is Christian I expected a higher standard.
I do not appreciate the use of swear words 
and had no desire to fill my mind with such language so I did not complete the book.

I have always trusted Christian fiction books,
but lately it seems the standards have dropped and they are no different than non-Christian.
When I pick up a Christian book to read I have high hopes that it will be a "clean" read-
a read that will encourage my walk with the Lord and strengthen my faith in Him.
My biggest disappointment is the fact that these newer Christian books are labeled as Christian;
therefore, giving the reader the idea and hope that the material will be decent. 
I am sad that Christian authors feel the need to use fowl language 
and other such things to make their book "more appealing," 
but in reality it has the opposite effect on me. 
When I pick up a Christian book I put my trust in the author 
that it's going to be a book that agrees with God's Word. 
I truly struggle with the fact that many so called "Christian" books 
are not different than non-Christian. . .
We, believers of Jesus Christ, are different and desire the things that honor and glorify God. 
I simply believe cussing and other unsavory things go against our Heavenly Father.

Frankly, I was very disappointed with A Thing of Beauty.
I would not recommend this book to anyone.

** I was given a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers
for an honest review. All thoughts are my own and no other compensation was received. **


Anonymous said...

Stephanie, yikes! Thank you for your honest review. Aside from the curse words, the story sounds rather depressing!

Scrappy quilter said...

Thanks for the honest review. Lisa has never been on my list of reading as I've never enjoyed her writing. I also have to agree with you, some of the Christian authors have really changed their writing and it disappoints me.

Vicky Hunt said...

Such a shame that this book would be listed as Christian fiction when it contains so many curse words. I read many different books by many authors and I expect them to be clean if they are listed as Christian. Good for you for doing an honest review....:) I've been meaning to tell you I love your new header...so much so that I modeled mine after yours somewhat. I hope you don't mind. I have always used PicMonkey to design mine, but I like the way you have your name at the top in white. Hope you don't mind me being a copycat...:) Have a blessed weekend my friend!

Hugs, Vicky

doodles n daydreams said...

Good on you for being honest. It doesn't sound like a book I want to read either.


Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Aw, too bad! I have so many half-finished books for the very same reason. You think it is one thing, and it turns out to be either crass or violent with no redeeming qualities. Sounds like it was definitely mislabeled. It's nice to have an honest review. I am loving your new blog header, Stephanie! So pretty and interesting! Hope you have a lovely weekend, my Dear! Hugs xo Karen

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

You know my friend, I have to agree with you. Let me explain however, my first impression.

The shame of it all, is that the entire WORLD has lowered its standards. Film, television for sure, and literature. As a teacher and now having taught ALL levels (elementary, middle school and high school), I could almost cry at how our precious children are being exposed to TOO MUCH TOO SOON. Our world has become so excepting of allowing trash to enter into not only our media, but our minds. Now on to my point on this trail of explanation: because many of us have become USED to cussing, explicit and graphic sex, and other unsavory things, sometimes some of us say, "Well, this is the reality we live in." In film for example, sometimes I tell my husband that I do NOT appreciate sitting there watching more than I need to, or listen to cuss words. But he often says, "But this is the world of the character, this is what this character would do or say." TRUE. HOWEVER....we become used to it, and I don't like that.

All that to say what my INITIAL reaction was....(but my reaction has changed because I agree with YOU) - I thought to myself, "Well, if a writer is going to be true to the character, the writer has to reveal the character's personality, and that may include more than what we care to know. It's reality." But then I caught myself being just like many others who are becoming USED to this low-standard of living.

I do however, agree with you wholeheartedly. I prefer uplifting material. I read a lot of poetry, and the work I enjoy the most is when a seasoned and smart poet CELEBRATES all things, even death and who leaves out the trash of life. The poetry of the younger folks is a bit dark (not all) but it is indicative to me about the world THEY see now....too much, too soon.

Good for you for standing your ground. And even if this author was trying to capture the reality of the character's life, I know I too wouldn't give it my time of day. We need UPLIFTING material to show our children and the child inside of us that there is hope.

BRAVO! Anita

Sola Scriptura said...

How disappointing. Thank you for warning us about this book.

Blue Jeans And Teacups said...

Hi Stephanie,
I can totally relate to your thoughts here. This week I received Silent Night, Holy Night by Colleen Coble. I have enjoyed her historical work in the past (Mercy Falls Lightkeepers series), but this book just did not resonate with me. It is 2 Christmas novellas in one book. I read the first and just did not enjoy it. Not much faith in the story. The 2nd one I too couldn't finish, and when I thought to myself, why am I reading/filling my mind with this? After Ch.2, I set it aside to find better use of my time. Good for you for doing the same and being honest about it.
Did you happen to receive my email regarding Pembrooke Park? I used your email square on the right side of your blog, so I hope it worked :)

Daniela said...

My dear Stephanie,
I didn't know this book yet, but be sure, I'm not going to buy and read it, thank you for you honest reveiw, I do appreciate it so very much !
Sending thankfullness and blessings
With much love X

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