Letters For Gracie. . . Let's Spread The Love

Hi friends and happy Monday to you!

Many of you visited my blog last week
and commented on my "Sew" In Love Stamped Hearts post
so you read that the hearts were for my sweet cousin
who is facing some difficulties right now.
I did not share the specifics of all that she is dealing with,
but I received many thoughtful comments and emails from you
saying you would keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
I and my cousin's family greatly appreciate your love and kindness!

I got an email from a blogging friend, Carol,
and she mentioned writing a card to my cousin
and possibly spreading the word to my friends and readers to send cards as well
for it would be a kind gesture that would encourage and bless her.
I thought it was a fabulous idea and checked with my aunt 
to see if it would be okay and she said she was on board with the idea :)

You are probably wondering why my young cousin would need a card.
Well, let me share what Gracie, my cousin, is facing. . .

Gracie has Cerebellar ataxia
which affects her balance, coordination, and speech.

This is ataxia caused by a dysfunction of the cerebellum - 
a region in the brain which is involved in the assimilation 
of sensory perception, coordination and motor control. 
Cerebellar ataxia causes some basic neurological problems, such as:
  • Floppiness (hypotonia).
  • Lack of co-ordination between organs, muscles, limbs or joints (asynergy).
  • Impaired ability to control distance, power, and speed of an arm, hand, leg or eye movement (dysmetria).
  • Difficulty in accurately estimating how much time has passed (dyschronometria).
  • An inability to perform rapid, alternating movements (dysdiadochokinesia).
How the patient is affected depends on which parts of the cerebellar are lesioned, 
and whether lesions occur on one side (unilateral) or both sides (bilateral). 

So, dear friends, thanks to Carol's sweet idea,
I am organizing Letters for Gracie.
This is something that will greatly bless this little girl's heart
and put a smile upon her face.
All you have to do is send a card to Gracie letting her know she is thought of.

If you are interested in sending a card than please email me at
and I will give you the mailing address and other details.

I also made a button. . .
Simply copy the HTML code and 
place the button on your sidebar for the month of February
and spread the word about a little girl that would be blessed by a sweet card.

Letters For Gracie

Love is an action,
not just a word.

Thank you, sweet friends!
Love and hugs to you.


Kelly-Anne said...

Dearest Stephanie - your cousin is in my thoughts and prayers... What a very difficult time for her! I love this idea and I hope receiving these notes will bless and encourage her heart.

Hugs to you and thank you for giving us this opportunity to send Gracie some sunshine!


Sola Scriptura said...

I will be praying for Gracie and I'll be sure to send her a special card.

Susan said...

My dear Stephanie...I will keep Gracie in my prayers. Will attempt to put the button on my blog, too. You are such a dear cousin. Susan

Anne Payne said...

Oh Stephanie, SO many of these symptoms are exactly what my sweet Amy had. My heart is heavy for your cousin but we serve a mighty GOD!!! Praying for her and her family. I would be honored to send her a card. {{hugs}}

Anonymous said...

We would love to send her a card. How old is she?

Conniecrafter said...

I will work on that this week, Hugs!

Maryann said...

I would love to send her a card

mamasmercantile said...

What a wonderful idea, she is in my prayers.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

The small gesture of your blogging friends sending a card, will surely have an uplifting impact on Gracie. A fabulous idea for your sweet cousin. I know most of us love to craft, so lets get to it.

Stephanie, you are so thoughtful! :) Pam

Scrappy quilter said...

Awe sweet friend, so glad that you aunt is open to this. Can you e-mail me the address. Hugs

Gail Dixon said...

I am one that would love to send a card. I will be emailing you. Thanks for letting us know, so that we can offer our prayers and best wishes.

Debbie said...

what an awesome idea...i'm in!!!!

Mindy said...

Wonderful idea! I am definitely in and am off to e-mail you.

Vee said...

As soon as I have my PC up and at'em, I'll be snagging that button. What a sweet idea for your cousin Gracie.

Mari said...

What a great idea! I'd love to send a card.

Vicky Hunt said...

I would be honored to send Gracie a card. I know she is young but I was wondering what she likes? Some of her favorite things? I would like to send a little gift as well ...:) You are such a dear! Have a blessed Tuesday.

Hugs, Vicky

Joyful said...

Aw, I missed the earlier news about your dear cousin. It is always so difficult when those we love go through trials. I will be happy to send little Gracie a card too if you let me know how to reach her. By the way, how old is she?

Bethany Carson said...

What a sweet idea! Gracie is in my prayers.

Debby Ray said...

Hi Stephanie...I have been a little out of touch the past few days. Taking care of the Nashville grand babies for a week, here in their home. I may have missed the first post about Gracie but I will go back and read it. What a wonderful idea to flood her with a sweet shower of cards! I would very much like to be a part of this lovely gesture of love. I will be back home by the end of the week and hope to get a card sent out very soon...I will email you :)

Anonymous said...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Stephanie, I am LATE! Oh count me in...this email, is this the one you use when you email me???? Anita

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I am praying for your Gracie. Much encouragement. Great idea. Keep in touch

Nina said...

Such a lovely initiative, Stephanie! I'd love to send a greeting to here, so I'll mail you to get more information :)

Jazzmin said...

Praying for and thinking of your precious cousin. May the Lord keep her and bless her in her trials and keep her strong through them.

Sending love and prayers to her♥ What an amazing idea- I'm sure all of the cards she will receive will lift her heart and spirits so much.

God bless her.
Have a wonderful day, dear friend!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Dear Stephanie, what a lovely idea for little Gracie. I will most definitely send her a card. Praying for this little one. ~ Abby

Debbie Harris said...

This is just heart warming, Stephanie.
My heart has been blessed reading all these precious comments of love poured out on Gracie's behalf from your sweet and dear friends here in our blogging community.
What joy shall fill her heart when she receives that bundle of love!

You are a dear!
Love you, Mom

SarahGeorge said...

I'm sure she will be happy to receive many such loving cards Stephanie. Thanks for this opportunity to make Gracie a little happy. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. Will send you an email right away.

Anna said...

A big HUG from a swiss woman living in Portugal to your sweet cousin !!!!

CatieAn said...

oh Stephanie I would love to send cards to Gracie. I think that is a wonderful gift for her from you.

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Hi Stephanie! Just sent you an email. Keeping Gracie in my prayers.

Maria said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful way to uplift Gracie, Stephanie! I will keep her in thought and prayer! And, I'd be happy to send a card! Off to email you! Take care and have a great weekend, hugs!

Oh My Heartsie Girl said...

Hi Stephanie, what a sweet request, I am sharing your banner in my WW this week so my readers can learn more how to help. I pray for Gracie's health and that she will be lifted up and have a bright day!

Karren Haller

Taci simmons said...

Hi Stephanie,
I would love to send Grace a card and I will keep her in my prayers and you and your family.
I have a 18 year old daughter and I'm blessed she is healthy and she would love to send a card also.
Thanks for sharing it with us. Sometimes it is hard to share this kind of information, but I believe when you share the load that it does not feel as heavy anymore. Blessing to you dear.

Unknown said...

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. #motherteresa. See the link below for more info.


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