Birthday Giveaway

. . . Giveaway closed . . .

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it
is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.
- William Arthur Ward -

My dear friends, have I told you lately how much I appreciate you?
Have I told you that I am grateful for your faithfulness in following my blog?
Have I told you how much your thoughtful comments bless my heart?
Please know that I am very thankful for all of the things I just listed.
Each one of you is so special and precious. . .thank you for being YOU!
In honor of you I have made some gifts that I would like to give away. . .

My birthday is coming up next week {the first part of April} 
and if you have followed my blog for more than a year than you know I love birthdays :)
Every year I like to have a giveaway around my birthday 
so that I can give something to a special someone.
There is sweet joy in blessing someone with a handmade gift.
Let me show you what you could win. . .

The blessed winner will receive a handmade apron.

I have applied vintage lace and doilies to the apron.
There are a couple of vintage buttons sewn onto the pocket
and a metal key and miniature book hangs from a rustic safety pin.

I have made a potholder with matching fabric and lace
and a matching flower magnet for your refrigerator.

I created 8 tags with matching lace 
plus pearls and other pretties :)

And finally. . . 4 tea cup coasters.
These coasters have been a big hit so I just had to make some to give away.

The tea cups are adorned in lace 
and each one has a pretty rose bead applied to the corner. 

To enter the giveaway you must:

{ 1 }
Please be a follower of The Enchanting Rose.
You can follow via GFC, Bloglovin', Email, etc.

{ 2 } 
Leave me a comment and share a fond birthday memory :)
{ The comment format is open for everyone, including email followers }

{ 3 }
Extra entries. . .
if you would like {this is not necessary} you can do the following 
and be entered two more times for the giveaway - that means 3 chances at winning.

Like The Enchanting Rose on Facebook

Follow The Enchanting Rose on Pinterest.

If you already follow along on Facebook and/or Pinterest
or have just signed up please let me know in your comment.

The winner will be announced on March 31st.

Because of you. . . 
I laugh a little harder,
cry a little less,
and smile a lot more.

I am so thankful for you. . .thanks for making my life extra beautiful
Love and hugs!


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! Wow what lovely things you have made for your lovely giveaway! I love the teacup coasters you made! Wishing you a lovely and happy birthday! My birthday memory is when my husband and daughter baked me a cake together! It was so special.
Julie xo

Kelly-Anne said...

...Oh Stephanie, my friend!! What a GORGEOUS giveaway and what beautiful things you have made...the winner will indeed be a very blessed lady!
Thus, please, please may I enter...?
I follow you on Pinterest and will hop over to like The Enchanting Rose on Facebook right now!
It is just so sweet of you to host such a lovely giveaway in honour of your birthday and truly generous!
May your day be richly blessed and thank you for the chance to enjoy these delightful goodies!
Hugs and dearest love,

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear me...there I went and forgot to share a special birthday memory! My apologies:)
I have been blessed to have so many wonderful birthdays that it is quite challenging to pick just one! I would say that my last birthday, my eighteenth, was the most memorable, though - I had my very dear friend here to celebrate with me and then I was taken to a special dinner! Such fun! Hope your birthday is just as precious as you!

Scrappy quilter said...

What a wonderful giveaway. Love the apron. I am a follower and so happy that I am. Hugs sweet lady.

Michelle {Miss Strawberry Shortgirl} said...

Ooo, what a lovely giveaway! Happiest of Birthdays to you!
I follow with GFC, like on FB, & follow on Pinterest.
Hmm...a birthday memory...
Do you remember how very hard it was to wait for your party when you were a kiddo? I sure do. One birthday when I was probably 8 or 9 - I had to wait 'til dinner time for my party. Time usually would drag on so s-l-o-w-l-y. This particular birthday, my dad took me for a hike out at Grandpa Harold's farm. Hikes are great time devourers so before I knew it, it was time to head home to greet my guests. :)
I hope you have a terrific birthday, my friend, and many more! ^_^

Miss Michelle

Debbie Harris said...

Wow! What a gorgeous giveaway, Stephanie!
Your heart us so big and generous. You are going to make some dear follower blessed in deed.
I love every single item that you have made with your own beautiful hands, just lovely.
I have been richly blessed with many a wonderful birthday, and some of those have been graced with beautiful parties given by my two daughters.
But when I returned 50 that was a delight!
Your father, if you remember right, hid fifty dollars around the house in all forms, from Pennies, nickles dimes, quarters, half dollars and bills. I then was sent on a scavenger hunt to find it all. Oh what fun that was!
Then we all met in Breckenridge for a lovely day out and lunch. I loved turning 50! :-)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my dear, and bless your sweet kind heart for this remarkable love gift for someone else to enjoy in honor of your special day.
You bless my heart!
I love you, Mom

Susan Klein said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! Your sewing is so beautiful! Thank you for offering this special giveaway. My boys gave me a scrapbook album with the photos they had taken for my birthday. Talk about precious and from their hearts.

Debbie Harris said...

Oh...I "returned" to 50! :-) gotta love spell check!

mamasmercantile said...

What a truly generous giveaway. Hope you have a wonderful celebration in honour of your birthday. One of my favourite memories was when I turned 50 all of my family flew over to Disneyworld, an amazing family holiday and 2 week celebration.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Birthday my friend! I hope you enjoy a week of celebrations! I like to remember the first year we moved to Florida and I walked on the beach barefoot...in January! I knew this was the place to live! Thanks for a beautiful giveaway my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! What a lovely giveaway. One of my favourite birthday memories is when John and I went to Paris for my 50th. It was a dream come true and everything I imagined it would be. We're hoping to go back for John's 60th.

Sarah said...

Dear Stephanie,

I hope you have a marvelous birthday!! My husband's birthday is Monday, so I am guessing your birthday is close? Well, it is a lovely time of year to celebrate your birthday. : ) Last year was a pretty special birthday for me, as I found out two days before that I was expecting my sweet baby.

May you have a blessed and beautiful day!!


Betty said...

Happy Birthday and what a wonderful giveaway you are having. So many pretty things. Throw my name in the hat please.

Diane said...

WEll, have a happy!!!!!

I follow on feedly, I follow on pinterest & FB.

What a marvelous way to spread birthday joy!! Thank you for the chance!!

It always snowed or was freezing rain on March 1st. One March - It warmed enough for the crocus to bloom! We had a party outside while it was warm.

Thanks again!

D : )

Dreaming of Vintage said...

You are such a dear and generous soul Stephanie! I do follow you here and on Pinterest. Have a wonderful week my sweet friend!

Elizabethd said...

What delightful gifts, Stephanie. I do hope you have a lovely birthday.

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

Everything is so lovely but that apron is great I have an apron thing I love how bright & cheerful yours is.
Have a great week.

Stacy said...

Hi Stephanie! Your apron is adorable and so are all of the other goodies you have made! What a generous giveaway. I'm not really fond of my birthday. It's supposed to be a special day but it's really just another day. I'm to blame for that because I'm guilty of spoiling myself all year long. I'm following you on Pinterest as well (thank you for following me too) but I'm not on facebook :( I hope your birthday is a great one!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Stephanie, I love how creative you are. You make such lovely, lovely things and have a loving heart too. We have been kind of busy here with Dr. appts. etc. But today I am visiting blogland and my freinds. And trying to go through clothes and pack some away...from my jammed closet. I wish I was brave enough to get radical with that closet, but know I am not, and everything cost something. sending you a h ug and a wish for a very happy day!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Everything is so sweet and beautiful! I think my favorite birthday memory was in my 20s when my girlfriends took me away for the weekend. We had a blast being silly!

Home Meadows said...

Hi Stephanie, I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. All the items are lovely. One of my favorite b-day memories is my hubby ordering a special cake for me. It was beautifully decorated with spring flowers and it really made my day special. It's nice of you to have the giveaway. I followed you on Pinterest too; I'm not on FB. Have a great day, Heather

Sandra Hurt said...

My fondest Birthday memories are the one's shared with family when I was way younger. My Grandma also made them special with all her homemade goodies. I always received a new outfit every year that she whipped up from her sewing machine. Other times that were special is when my Birthday falls on Easter. Couldn't think of a better day to celebrate.

Heather said...

Happy birthday to a fellow March baby :)
Thanks so much for entering my name!!!! This is a darling and very sweet giveaway!!!!


Unknown said...

Dearest Stephanie,

Let me first say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Secondly let me say, I LOVE your blog! We should be adorning YOU with gifts for your birthday in appreciation..... love your kindness to give a gift on your birthday!

I believe my sweetest birthday memory is from two years ago when my daughter, my birthday is also in March, surprised me with a most special treat! Not only had she saved up enough money to take me to the Melting Pot for a delicious meal, a movie, and buy me Chocolate Covered Strawberries but she also had put so much time, energy, and creativity into making me a ceramic "Belle". She spent the day with me that year. It was a birthday I'll never forget!

Treasuring the memories! I have pictures of the day! Part of what made this birthday so special too was the fact that my daughter had been away for so many of them prior.

silverfeather said...

Happy Birthday dear one...someone will be blessed in honor of your birthday! What lovely, special gifts you have made~ those tea cup coasters are so dear! I am looking forward to this birthday actually, because our 2 daughters will be treating me to lunch and shopping at an antique shop in a quaint little village in MD. Any birthday spent with family is memorable! You are so kind Stephanie, to share your talents with others!

Kim GB said...

Happy Birthday!! I follow with GFC, like on FB, & follow on Pinterest. Every one of my birthdays are wonderful!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Happy birthday, Stephanie. The apron is amazing and everything is so pretty. I can't believe it is almost April!

FeltByRae said...

Happy birthday to you! I love birthdays too :)

I had mine just over a week ago... and my son's lovely girlfriend made me a superb cake, which I was *not* expecting; such a lovely surprise :) - it was pink and sparkly and very, very yummy!

Funny thing is, we had a chat on my birthday and I am making her a pinny for her birthday in June

(PS, I follow you and you are on my blogroll too!)

FeltByRae said...

Sorry... also meant say what a pretty pinny you have ade and I love your coasters :)

(Oh and I follow you on Pinterest too... I'll be quiet now!~!)


Becky @vintagebeckym said...

Have a Very Happy Birthday. The birthday, I look back on the most was my 13th. I got wonderful presents but then my Dad asked me to go and get something out of his coat pocket. There it was, lipstick. Mind you, it was the palest, almost color-less pink you have ever seen, But it was Real Lipstick. I was over the moon happy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday to you, dear Stephanie :) And a very, very Happy early Birthday as well!! Each of these things are so lovely and very unique too! A special birthday memory that I have is really each year that I was growing up I had a sleepover with my best friends. It was only me, my sister, and one or two other girls, but we had the best fun staying up all night, watching movies, eating snacks, giggling way too much, and holding our own concerts singing *very loudly*. It was always so much fun, and I look back on those parties with such fond memories.

I follow The Enchanting Rose via Email, GFC, and Google Plus, as well as on Facebook and Pinterest. Your blog is a favorite, and I always enjoy my visits. Hope your day is lovely and blessed! Love and hugs to you <3

Becky @vintagebeckym said...

Got so caught up in remembering my special day, I forgot to tell you how beautiful all the gifts are. I am so in love with the colors you chose. I am a email subscriber and vintagebeckym just liked you on Facebook and followed you on Pinterest.

J9sHappiness said...

Happy Birthday!! I too have my birthday in the first week of April! I have lots of lovely memories of my birthday week with my now Hubby - his birthday is two days before mine and we often share the event over 3 days!! The children call the day in between club sandwich day (as it is sandwiched between our birthdays) and we celebrate club day too with each of our desired club sandwich fillings!!! It's eagerly awaited each year and makes me smile!!! Hope you have a lovely time and thanks for the opportunity to win some of your gorgeous homemade goodies, J9 x

vic said...

This is just beautiful Stephanie what a great giveaway I wish I could make things like that!
Have a lovely day my friend
Vic x

Sherry said...

I too have a birthday in the first week of April. One year my husband surprised by by purchasing an armchair I had admired, he had it special ordered and delivered for my birthday. I am a new follower by email and I now follow you on Facebook and Pinterest.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday!! Those items you made are just lovely!! Thanks for the smiles. Blessings

P.S. My favorite bd memory? When my husband treated me to a B & B in the Catskills when we were newly married.

Debbie said...

WoW stephanie, this is all so lovely!! you have so much talent and are so very generous sharing it with others.

love those fabric colors of the apron, they are so bright and cheery!!!

my birthdays are always special, just really special and all about me!!! but that kinda describes everyday of my life ;)

Melinda said...

Birthday's are wonderful treasures! Ladies are always amazed when I joyfully share my age. I just tell them it is a privilege to have a birthday and it certainly beats the alternative. Thank you for hosting such a lovely giveaway. Every item you have created is so wonderful. I especially love the apron. I am in need of a new one. My 44th birthday was a few weeks ago on March 1st. My favorite memory from that particular day was seeing two of my daughters in the kitchen cooking and baking a fabulous meal for me. They were so adorable. One is 21 and the other is 12. The 12 year old had to tell the 21 year old a thing or two about cooking. lol I hope you have the happiest of birthday's!

Sandra said...

Oh my Stephanie, what beautiful items you've made and how generous of you to share your handiwork. Who wouldn't want to win this giveaway!!

One of my favourite birthday memories was my 9th birthday. That year I had a birthday party where all the girls from my 3rd grade class were invited. I was so excited to pick out decorations and decide on a few games. I still remember that day so clearly even though it was many, many years ago.

I'm a follower of your blog and have been following you on Pinterest for awhile. I also "like" your FB page. You're one of my favourite people! :)

Hannah @ Shining Stars said...

What a lovely giveaway!! I am a GFC follower.

Honestly I had a hard time deciding what birthday memory to share but here's one that stands out: our family raises puppies and about four years ago I woke up on my twentieth birthday to find that one of our Labradors had gone into labor early and was birthing puppies in the dirt - NOT where she was supposed to be! It was bitterly cold and all the puppies were screaming. We brought them inside to get warm and she continued to have more - for a total of ten.

Unfortunately they would not nurse on their own (we later discovered that she had trouble with her milk) and after trying all day to get them to eat, some of my siblings and I went to go buy puppy formula. It had been a stressful day just trying to care for the puppies and I was concerned about them not eating so I wasn't really thinking much about it being my birthday. When newborn puppies won't nurse, they usually don't survive, even if you try to supplement with formula.

In the midst of all this, as were driving to the store we were listening to a CD that was recorded by some friends of ours. One of the songs says "I'm not gonna doubt, I'm not gonna fear, whatever life throws my way, I know that You are near, and though the road gets rocky, there will be brighter days, and all I have to do is give You praise …" That really spoke to my heart and encouraged me, and made me stop stressing about the puppies!

That evening, my sister presented me with a book she had put together that contained encouraging birthday messages from so many friends - many of whom I had never met but had connected with through the magazine. It was a total surprise and I couldn't believe she had pulled it off! All of those sweet notes were such a blessing and encouragement and really brightened my day after the "rough" beginning!

We continued to have difficulty with that litter for the following weeks; the dog was not a good mother and we lost several of the puppies, both from them not eating well and her attacking them. It was one of the most stressful litters we had ever experienced but through it all, the lyrics of that song stayed with me and it was special that the Heavenly Father had used them on a day like my birthday :)

Hannah @ Shining Stars said...

I have liked Enchanting Rose on FB and am also following on Pinterest :)

Birgitta said...

You are making so many beautiful things and then you also give away...
Your are a very kindhearted person Stephanie.
Hugs to you from me!

Kerin said...

Sending you birthday wishes.
I hope it's a great one!!

You are very talented, and have made some beautiful things for your give-away. You are kind and generous to GIVE a gift away for your birthday :)

Hope this week is a lovely one.


p.s. I think it's pretty neat that you enjoy birthdays so much.

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Happy almost birthday Stephanie. My most recent birthday memories was my 50th birthday last fall. I spent it quietly at my daughter and son in law's house, snuggling with my brand new grandbaby, fresh from God. Your giveaway items are beautiful as always. ~ Abby

Lori said...

Happy Birthday! I am an April baby, too, on the 12th! My sweet 10yo daughter squealed when she saw your giveaway...she loves your blog, as do I. I follow you on your blog and on Pinterest and Facebook. Thank you so much!

Lori said...

P.S. I forgot my fondest birthday memory! It was one I tell my children about often. My 10th birthday was so special. Friends were invited to a "Big Lady" dress-up party...this was when mom's were still wearing dresses most of the time, hats as well. When everyone arrived, we looked so lovely! My mom had prepared a scavenger hunt where we went out in the neighborhood in pairs (when neighbors were safe and friendly and everyone knew you!) Oh, so fun!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Hi sweet friend!
I'm already a follower of yours, and my fondest birthday was when I turned 60. My late dearly beloved flew my mom in from Ohio to Texas as a surprise for me. Wasn't that sweet? How lovely to have a giveaway for your birthday!

annie said...

Happy Birthday! I love the giveaway, so very pretty. I have been reading your blog for several years. I did not have you in my reading list because I have to go back and stop following blogs in my reading list from time to time to get spam out of it. That is the only way I have found to get rid of over seas spam pages in my reading list. But I do go back and add my favorites back in after awhile and I put yours back in now. It is some kind of glitch with blogger.

I also follow you on face book, and have since last year.

I will add your pinterest on to my reading list there as well.

Even if I win or not, I am blessed by your sharing.

Last year was my favorite birthday. One of my sisters and I met, along with my Great Aunt. We went to the assisted living unit and were able to take my oldest brother out for some food and a drive. I hadn't seen him in months. When we parted out on the parking lot after the visit, she gifted me with a big bag of goodies for my birthday, lots of vintage linens, pictures, dishes, and some candy, as well as a pretty card. She shops for me at yard sales and flea markets. But the time all of us spent together was the best gift of all. I only see her & my Aunt a few times a year.

NanaDiana said...

Stephanie, I am going to wish you a happy birthday but not sign up for the giveaway. I just got two packages that I won on giveaways...I'll give someone else a chance this time. Your apron and everything? BEAUTIFUL!!!! xo Diana

Debby said...

What beautiful gifts. Love those tea cup coasters and the apron. I do already follow you.
For a birthday memory. A year and a half ago I went on a Disney Cruise with my best friend. She had moved from Ohio to Florida. Our birthdays were two days apart and we both got to celebrate.

Sylvia said...

I can't think of anyone that deserves to be happier on her birthday than you,Stephanie, I know yours will be a great one.Happy,Happy birthday!
I have had so many birthdays that it's hard to think of one that out did the others, I am blessed!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Stephanie, Happy Birthday next week and what a beautiful and generous giveaway you are gifting someone in blogland. Your treasures are very special. I would like to enter too.
Thank you so much. May your Birthday be as special as you my friend.
Hugs and Blessings, CM

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Wishing you the sweetest kind of birthday for a very sweet lady! And talented! What a beautiful gift you have made for a very special someone! My best birthday memory would have to be this past birthday in January. It is when I finally decided that I can't dread my birthday anymore because it was a wonderful day!

Antiques And Teacups said...

Happy birthday Stephanie! I would love to win your treasures! My favorite birthday was being on a cruise with the whole family for my birthday...with both kids and their families. Treasured memories.

Antiques And Teacups said...

A second entry because I follow you on Facebook. I guess I don't have another birthday memory, other than my husband and I going out to our favorite restaurant. Never had parties as a child, as my birthday is in August...no school and everyone scattered on vacation.

Anonymous said...

My husband's bdy is the first week in Apr also! These are lovely hand made with love gifts, Stephanie. I would love to be entered. A favorite bdy would be the year I married John. He surprised me with cookbooks from many of the places we had visited.

Nancy Vance said...

Hi Stephanie! Happy April Birthday to you...mine's April 7; when's yours? I already follow you on Pinterest and I just "like" your Facebook page. As for a birthday memory, my father always woke us up on our birthday morning, carried us downstairs, wiggling and giggling all the way, and put us under he & Mom's bed! After more laughter and a photo or two, we emerged to our birthday "spanking." That's how all my childhood birthdays began. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, goodness, I would feel bad for my first comment in a while being on a giveaway, as if I was just freebie-grabbing -- I just have to say, Stephanie, you're such a sweet and generous blogger!

Margie said...

Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I'm a Blogger follower and would love to be entered in your amazing giveaway.

My favourite birthday memory is my 30th birthday. To celebrate this milestone birthday, I had an '80s themed party. Everyone dressed up in '80s attire (there were side ponytails, crimped hair, leg warmers!), we listened to '80s music, and my friend made me this awesome cake which had a Rubik's cube on top, Pac Man, etc. It was a blast!

OhioLori said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!! (mine is 24th) Have such a fun & full of Love & Blessings!!!

I follow you thru Bloglovin & Email both :)

OhioLori said...

Best Birthday was when our daughters made me a cake...like Merry-go-round!!! Was sooo fun!

The Victorian Girl said...

I follow your blog by email and would love to enter the giveaway. Such great prizes! When I was in high school, for my Home Economics project I chose to have a birthday party for my little sister. I made her dress plus the birthday cake and goodies, planned the games and made the favors. It was so much fun!

Wanda said...

What a lovely giveaway. We will be in Oregon and I will not enter and hope that someone else can enjoy your homemade with love gift.

I know... I've received some, and I love them.

A Birthday Memory....on my 50th ~ my family gave me an art table, and a gift card for Aaron Bros. so I could enjoy a little studio for my watercolors. That was very special.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday dear Stephanie! What a beautiful talent you have! Your treasures are soooo lovely!

Birthday memory, for my 40th my beautiful daughter and niece sang happy birthday to me while playing along on their cello and violin and followed it up by playing my 2 of my favorite Bach pieces!

Patti said...

My birthday is in early April, too! Your creations are absolutely wonderful! One of my favorite birthdays was when my kinder class gave me a surprise CHINESE FOOD lunch complete with decorations, AND Disneyland tickets for hubs and I! I couldn't believe it! Another special time or two, is when my birthday was on Easter Sunday. That is pretty special, too.
I follow you on bloglovin. I will figure out how to follow you on Facebook and run over to Pinterest now! You are a blessing! Cheers to the WINNER!

Jazzmin said...

Oh, how beautiful your handiwork is, dear friend!! Everything is just so lovely, Stephanie. You are so generously kind and have the purest, most loving heart that truly blesses all of your followers more than you will ever know.

I hope your coming birthday is filled with sweetness and blessed memories! My favorite memory is of a recent one, when I turned 20 and my Daddy surprised me with a big chocolate cake he went and bought for me and had my name written on it. He had it in the kitchen to surprise me when I woke up ♥

Love and hugs to you!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sweetest friend, your handmade items mean a lot to me....PLEASE PUT ME IN! Oh how fun it will be to celebrate our birthdays, for mine is April 23 (Shakespeare's birthday and Shirley Temple! HAHAHHA)


JES said...

What a gorgeous giveaway!!! Thank you for sharing your handmade beauties with us Stephanie :) The apron is stunning!

Sola Scriptura said...

I wish you a very happy birthday! Last week was my birthday. We visited a castle which was pictured on my blog yesterday :) Your giveaway is gorgeous. I've never seen such a pretty apron! Hugs to you. Lauren

Robyn said...

Wow, Stephanie, that apron is one of a kind! I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful piece of work. You need to have your own shop, my friend!
I agree, we need to be thankful each and every day for all that we have been given in life. There is so much going on in the world that is hard to imagine and our efforts should be going to eradicate those issues rather than be turned inwards.
Take care, sweet friend!

Conniecrafter said...

You are such a sweetie giving away gifts for your birthday and they are all so wonderful!!
When my hubby was deployed to Desert Storm and Amanda was just a baby my parents drove to my home at the base where we were stationed at so that I wouldn't be alone for my birthday, that meant a lot to me. A few weeks later I got the news that he would be able to come home, was the best news I could get.
You know I follow everything ;)

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Birthday blessings to you Stephanie. I might have known you'd celebrate your birthday by giving. You're a doll.

I follow you every way I can. ~smile~
Have a terrific week!

Poppy said...

Hello Soon-to-Be Birthday Girl,

How generous of you to give away such prettiness, handmade with so much love and attention to detail! I would so appreciate winning these lovelies, as their colours would look right at home in my kitchen, and wearing that sweet apron, I'm thinkin' would put a smile on my face!

One of my most cherished birthday memories is of my 50th, which I was blessed to have celebrated with my daughter, who is has been living in my hometown of Toronto, Canada, and my entire extended family, last year. Wrote a post on it, called 'Turning 50 in Toronto'. I celebrated my 51st last Thursday, March 19th; this time it was quiet, just my husband and me. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at a local seafood tavern.

I am following you here, of course, on Pinterest, and just liked you Facebook!:))

Hope your upcoming bid day is a beautiful one!


Linda Walker said...

Happy 'almost' Birthday dear Stephanie! Your giveaway items are so lovely, the entire kit and caboodle. I already follow you here and on .facebook. I will double check on pinterest. My favorite birthday memory was when my best friend sent her 3 yr old son to my front door with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! He was so adorable and proud of himself! My friend was waiting in her car with a birthday cake. It's especially bittersweet because she passed away two yrs later. Thinking about that day brings a smile to my face.

What a nice, thoughtful way to celebrate your birthday by having a giveaway! I hope your day is special Stephanie!


Vee said...

What beautiful creations! You give a gift on your birthday? How wonderful. I do follow you both here and on Pinterest. One chance works fine for me!

Anne Payne said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Stephanie!!! You are just the sweetest thing in blogland. :) All of these creations are beautiful and whomever wins will be blessed.
{{hugs}} and blessings a for a wonderful week!

I follow you in all those forms listed above!

Debby Ray said...

Hi Stephanie...and Happy Birthday to you! You have certainly outdone yourself with these adorable handmade items. I guess my most memorable birthday surprise would be when my youngest son was in college about 500 miles from home decided to surprise me. He secretly made the trip home but parked his car away from the house. That evening, the doorbell rang and when I looked out, all I saw was a large black garbage bag. I very gingerly slipped out the door to see what was in the bag and guess who jumped out at me???!! He almost scared the daylights out of me to say the least but it was a birthday surpise I will never forget! I follow you on FB too :)
Have a lovely rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephanie,
You have the sweetest giveaways.:) I would love a chance to win. Lets see my favorite birthday memory? I think that would have to be my 2013 one. I was waiting for our little Joshua to arrive. He was born three days after my birthday, but he was one of the BEST birthday memories for me.
I also follow you on Pinterest. :) Hope you have a very happy birthday!

Laura Smith said...

Happy Birthday! How sweet of you to celebrate by spoiling others with beautiful gifts. :) I just signed up to follow your blog, I usually find you thru the blog roll on Home living. I also liked you on facebook and pinterest. My favorite thing about my bday was celebrating it with my grandparents since we three had them in January. Thanks for the chance, Laura S.

Mary E. Stephens said...

Happy Birthday, Stephanie! Our birthdays must be fairly close since mine is April 2nd. :-) My best birthday gift was when my now-husband showed up on March 31st to be with me on my birthday. He went all the way from California to Tennessee, and without telling me he was coming, so it was pretty special! Only my dad knew he was coming. :-) (We now live in Texas.)

I also follow you on Facebook with the name Mary Elizabeth. I just "liked" your page there this evening.

Ashley~ said...

Ooooo such special things you are giving away...beautiful work my friend. You make such lovely things. I loved your moms bday memory- what fun to search for money you know you will find!
Of course I follow on Bloglovin, pintrest, and fb because I love to have a little bit of you in my daily life.
A favorite bday memory for me was my 16th bday. I had a truly surprising bday party. I had no idea my mom was having a party and it was wonderful.
You know I don't think we have ever shared our bdays together in person, maybe somday we can celebrate one together.
Ps... I smile remembering that you will always be older than me ;)

christine said...

Wow you are so talented! I love what you have made! Happy birthday and I follow you on GFC. My fave memory is the surprise birthday part my sister threw me for my 30th.

christine said...

I like you on facebook

sarahissac at outlook.com

christine said...

I follow you on pinterest as sarahissac6

sarahissac at outlook.com

Mindy said...

Happy early Birthday Stephanie! You are always so generous with your give-away's. Any Birthday surrounded with loved ones is a sweet memory in my book : ) Hope yours is great and your year ahead a blessed one.

Salinn said...

I follow your blog with GFC. :) Love it!
I'd love to win!

Salinn said...

My fondest birthday memory is either the time we were visiting friends or when we went to a local museum with friends on my birthday.:)

Salinn said...

I follow you on Pinterest.:) I thought I followed you on there a while ago but I guess I didn't. I do now though.:)

Mizumatte said...

happy birthday, what a generous birthdaygirl you are, I follow you even on Pinterest and liked on facebook, hope you will have a lovely birthday. take care Jaana

mommar6 said...

I just found you after reading about your tea cup exchange from Kitty's Cozy Kitchen. I am following you via email, pintrest, facebook and BLOGLOVIN. I don't want to miss a thing. My mom rarely baked but always went all out for our birthdays. I love remembering how special the birthday child felt when we got to lick the beaters.

Unknown said...

Hello Stephanie, I just found your blog and it is so warm and beautiful I know I will enjoy. I am following now and also following on FB and email. Wow all the beautiful things in your B'day give away, you have such lovely taste.
Best Birthday was my 60th surprise one at work, when everyone decorated my office to the hilt. They put an empty mason jar on my desk and all day long different employees would come in and drop marbles into it telling me they had found my marbles I had lost. So much fun.
I love my Lord Jesus as my Savior and enjoy your many Bible verses as well as your sweet music. Blessings. Linda

RoseMary Baty-Willcox said...

I tried to leave a comment but it wasn't there.
Happy Birthday.
I follow you with email, facebook, pinterest.

Daniela said...

My dearest Stephanie,
I cannot find the words to apologize for this delay of mine, a fortnight of 'holidays' from work saw us working full immersion in restoration works in a new room which we're going to rent and where everything had to be done, from walls, floors, forniture and so on to arrive to those little details that make a room a cozy room ... so, my husband has come back to his work, I'm still going on waxing old family piece of furniture and taking care of the last refinements .... I hope to have your understanding !
Consciuous to be late for your Ggiveaway I hope, at least, to have arrive d in time for wishinng you a very Happy and Blessed Birthday, my precious friend !
Sending much love and gratitude

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