Memories. . .


Always remember to forget,
The things that made you sad,
But never forget to remember,
The things that made you glad.

Always remember to forget
The troubles that passed away,
But never forget to remember,
The blessings that come each day.
- Unknown -

This Mother's Day I have been thinking of the beautiful women in my life. . .
the women that have taught and encouraged me,
who have loved unconditionally.

Each one is unique and special. . .touching a part of me that only they can touch.
Each one has created memories that will last a lifetime 
and carry me through the minutes, the hours, the days, and the years.

Life is made up of memories - memories that are stored up in the mind
to be pondered over and tenderly laid away.

Such Pleasant Memories

Little things make such pleasant memories.
A friendly smile on the way to work,
A light of welcome in someone's eyes,
A cheery "good morning" from an acquaintance,
A word of praise for something done,
A card or letter from a dear old pal,
A nice long letter from Mother and Dad,
A favorite dish prepared by loving hands,
A thoughtful courtesy from a pupil,
A bit of lilting poetry from a great author,
A calm, rosy sunset seen from the hilltop,
A snatched moment alone with God,
These things leave such pleasant memories.
- Unknown -

Grandmothers have ears that listen,
arms that always hold,
love that's never-ending,
and a heart that's made of gold.

Grandmothers. . .oh how precious they are!
From the time of my birth until just a couple of years ago
two dear grandmothers have graced my life with their sweetness and love.

~ Grandma Betty ~

Here was a very special lady.
The love, joy, and care that she kept in her heart 
flowed out like a running stream onto her family.
Many of you know this blog is in honor of grandma Betty. . .
she inspired me to craft and makes things in love.
She was so beautiful, inside and out.
There is no gem in the world that could compare to her beauty -
she truly sparkled and shined.
Grandma Betty knew what it was to be a grandmother. . .
she was the complete definition of what a grandma should be.
She laughed, she rode roller coasters, she cheered, 
and she dared to live right beside her grandchildren.
She took the time to remember what I loved to eat
and always had my favorite baked treats waiting for when I came over.
The minute I walked through her door she would often say.
"I made some raspberry sandwich cookies for you and they are in the fridge."
The last memory I have of grandma Betty is rather bittersweet. . .
I called her the night before she was going into surgery {she had open-heart surgery}
and she didn't answer the phone so I listened to her sweet voice on her answering machine.
Then, I left a message telling her how much I loved her. . .I never talked to her again
because she passed away a few days after the surgery.
A few days after calling her I received a birthday card
that she has sent out right before her surgery. 
It was a truly a gift.
It's been a couple of years since grandma Betty went home to be with the Lord,
but the precious memories I have of her are like a tender loving hug. . .
a hug the envelops me every time I think of her and days gone by.

~ Grandma Dee Ann ~

She is a very feminine and elegant lady
and as a young girl I remember wishing I could dress just like her.
She always smelled sweet - like a beautiful flower.
To this day my grandma will dress like a lovely lady,
not overdone and not under-dressed, but always perfect and classy.
I remember going to her beautifully decorated bedroom 
{she had a canopy bed when I was a young girl with lace on top *sigh*}
and admiring all of her dainties and delights.
Many times she would let me have a bubble bath 
with lots and lots of bubbles in her extravagant bath tub.
Her entire home was like a doll house begging any little girl to come and play.
Many times at Christmas I had the joy of helping Grandma Dee decorate the Christmas tree
and often we would decorate it with a theme. . .one year we put only Madame Alexander dolls on it.
Several sweet items that belonged to Grandma Dee have come to reside in my home
and every time I see them I think of the times we shared when I was younger.

~ Great-Grandma Maxie ~

My mom would take me to great-grandma's home 
to play, to talk, to learn, and to have a relationship with this dear lady.
She passed away about a year ago and even though her presence is no longer on this earth
I have the gift of memories. . .
Memories of riding around in her pony cart, 
eating ice cream sandwiches on a hot day,
playing in the pool,
and helping her take care of her chickens. . .great-grandma made a mean fried egg.

~ My Mother ~

A Mother's heart is a special place
where her children are always home.
When I am with my mom I truly feel at home.

Beautiful, patient, kind, caring, loving, funny, godly, feminine, forgiving.
talker, baker, cook, cheerleader, understanding, joyful, precious, friend. . .
These are the words I think of then I think of my sweet mom.
I have been abundantly blessed by the lady God gave me as a mother
and when I look back upon my life I am flooded with precious memories with her
as we faced the good days and the bad - she was and still is always by my side.
She loves me like a daughter and understands me like a friend.

A mother's love is patient and forgiving
when all others are forsaking,
it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking.
- Helen Rice -

Her constant source of enthusiasm and support got me through many difficult trials and
her never-ending love has pulled my through the bad days and carried me into tomorrow.
We have laughed together until our sides hurt and cried together until our eyes no longer had tears.
I can't help but smile when I think of my mom
and I thank the Lord for giving me such a special gift. . .
a gift that I will always cherish and appreciate.

A mother's happiness is like a beacon.
lighting up the future but reflected also on the past
in the guise of fond memories.
- Honore de Balzac -

Because of grandmothers, great-grandmothers, great-great-grandmothers
we are blessed with mothers.
The generations before us are what shape us into who we are today
and the women we look up to teach us how to love and live.

On this Mother's Day find a moment of quietness and reflect upon some memories 
that you have with a grandmother, great-grandmother, mother, or a special lady in your life.

Dig into your treasure chest of sweet memories. . .
you will find memories of youth, of young love and marriage, of parenthood;
memories of joy and triumph, of love and beauty. 
May God help us to live sweetly, so tenderly, so unselfishly and lovingly
that the memories we make for ourselves and the memories we give to others
may be an inspiration and a benediction.

The beautiful tea cup and dishes that I used for this post
belonged to my great-great-grandmother.
My Grandpa Bill {Grandma Betty's husband} gave them to me last summer.
It is quite special to have something that belonged to my great-great-grandmother
and knowing she used the tea cup to sip her afternoon tea brings me a sense of kinship 
with this lovely lady that I have never had the opportunity of meeting.
I know my Grandpa Bill so in a sense I guess I know this dear woman as well :)

Memory's Lane

I strolled today to Memory Lane,
To visit scenes departed;
And when I entered through the gate,
My happy journey started.

The old home-place rang with the sound
Of children's merry laughter,
For Mother's love and Father's too,
Filled our young hearts with rapture.

I roamed once more among the fields,
A gentle breeze caressed me;
No stain of sin then marred my soul,
My world was small and carefree.

The roses had a sweeter bloom,
The hills so strangely beckoned;
I heard the mourning doves' sad call,
As evening shadows quickened.

Then in the gloaming we all met,
And gathered in our places;
Oh, pleasant hour of suppertime,
Contentment framed our faces.

Beneath the stars, the sweetest strains
Of old-time songs enthralled me;
A full moon shone, pale lamplight glowed,
And far-off voices called me.

But dreams must end, and soon I found
My vision growing fainter;
Then as I turned to latch the gate.
I caught sight of a Painter.

Upon His canvas rose a scene
Of rarest colors blended-
What will the finished picture show,
When all our days are ended?

Oh, will the family all be there
And gather at the river?
Where scenes more fair than tongue can tell
Will greet the Saved forever!
- Myrtle Unruh -

Have a beautiful Mother's Day!

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning and Happy Mother's Day dear Stephanie. I enjoyed reading about the special women in your life. I am blessed to know your Mom through blogging. Each of you are dear to me. What a treasure the gorgeous china is. God bless you on this special day. xo

Margie said...

Beautiful words to match the gorgeous images! Happy Mother's Day, Stephanie!

Debbie Harris said...

Oh my... Stephanie, I can hardly write this for the tears...
What a beautiful tribute you have written here for each and every women God has graced you with in your life.
Every one so beautiful and unique in their own special way and causing you to be the lovely woman that you are. Life trickles down from generation to generation in beauty, doesn't it? :-)

Thinking of all these women as you so beautifully described them brought back many memories to my own mind, and all so wonderful.
You have done a beautiful job in sharing just a small piece of your self through these ladies with us, Thank you!
What an honor!!

May the Lord bless you on this special day for Mother's, enjoy every bit of it.

I love you lots and lots! Mom

mamasmercantile said...

Beautiful tributes from the heart, a beautiful post. Hope you have a lovely day.

Kelly-Anne said...

Oh, dearest Stephanie... What a magical, beautiful post filled with the sweetest and loveliest memories! What precious women filled your life and continue to do so...women who truly lived a Godly life and encouraged and inspired you to do so as well!
I just love the tea cup you used in your post...so elegant and yes! How special to think your great-great grandmother sipped tea from it...*sigh*! And the quotes - I love them!
Your mother is such a dear lady and it is pure joy knowing her a little through blogging and she certainly raised a very special daughter:)
Thank you for sharing this lovely post...so touching!
Have a special day further!
Love and big hugs,

hobbyloes said...

What sweet memories you have written for your mother, your grandmorthers and great-grandmother.
It touched me, you are so blessed with such a family.
Happy Mothersday as well.

Lorrie said...

Beautiful tributes to some of the wonderful women in your life, Stephanie. I hope your mother's day is full of joy.

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, precious Stephanie, this has to be one of the most beautiful tributes to mothers and grandmothers (as well as great and great-great) that I've ever read! It says it all, and we praise God for all that He has done in providing the loving and godly women in our lives who have "handed down" to us their faith and loving care. What a blessing! I so love your photos, and I particularly love the special and beautiful teacup from your great-great-grandmother! How precious indeed. And praying for you and especially your dear mom as she is away and with her precious dad...as he awaits the surgery. Lovingly and with hugs, Cheryl (Thank you!)

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Stephanie, What a beautiful post honoring the special women in your life. The words and memories brought tears to my eyes. I am so blessed to know you and your dear mother who I am also blessed to call my friends.
Thank you for always sharing your heart, your talents and your beautiful spirit.

Happy Mother's Day
Love to you, CM

DELETED said...

Lovely post stephanie, brought memories to me, my mother passed away 5 years ago..these days she is in my thoughts..Have a very blessed and nice day..Happy mothers day!

Tamara said...

What a beautiful post, Stephanie. You have such a way of touching on the things that are priceless and causing my thoughts to go deeper. What a lovely, honoring remembrance of the special women in your life. Blessings to you sweet friend and have a Beautiful
Mother's Day!

Love and hugs,

Bobbie Lynn said...

What a beautiful post Stephanie. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Mother's Day too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephanie,
Just beautiful, georgeous photo and words. Have a wonderful Mothers Day.

Mari said...

happy Mothers Day Stephanie! This is a wonderful post and a great tribute to all those women!

domenica.60 said...

What a wonderful post!like a superb poem from the bottom of your heart!
Thank you!

Vee said...

Precious memories of your mother and grandmothers...The readings were sweet, especially the last because of that sweet promise and hope that we have.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

A beautiful, thoughtful and memorable post. Uplifting! I love remembering all the women in my life and cherish those memories. Gorgeous photos also. Hope you are enjoying the best Mother's Day Stephanie. xo, Pam

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a beautifully written post, sweet girl, of the lovely women that have shaped you into the kind, caring, thoughtful person that you are. You are blessed and so are we. I love you!

Linda said...

What a beautiful and lovely post. You are so richly blessed sweet friend. Happy Mothers Day...prayers for you and your family this week...Blessings

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Hope you have a nice Mother's Day. I had a grandma Betty also and she was so special to me. :)

Faye Henry said...

You are certainly a blessed lady, Stephanie and this is a wonderful post.. God bless you and have a great day.. xo

Debbie said...

So many special women in your life, wonderful stories you shared!! I always try to be the kind of woman I needed when I was younger!!

Debbie said...

Happy Mothers Day!!

sarah said...

What a wonderfully heart-warming post, absolutely overflowing with love. Thank you for sharing it.

Kim said...

Is it any wonder you are the sweet, sweet lady you are with all these amazing women who have contributed to the special person you are today. My, you have been blessed with wonderful women in your family, haven't you. Such a lovely and nostalgic post, Stephanie. A post filled with love and wonderment of the special women who have graced your life. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous words, gorgeous reminisences AND the most gorgeous of tea cups!! Have the most loveliest of Mother's Days, dear Stephanie!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Thank you Stephanie for the beautiful photos and the glimpses into the lives of the women God placed in your life to inspire you and love you. Happy Mother's Day. ~ Abby

magnoliasntea said...

Lovely post, Stephanie! Thank you for sharing the sweet ladies in you life with us. And the photographs are just gorgeous. Happy Mother's Day to you dear!

Merlesworld said...

Happy mothers day.
I have many good times to remember of my mum and my grandmother.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Stephanie, what a beautiful post and such great tributes to the women in your life. I had the same caring mother and grandmothers and now, I hope that I am that for my daughter and grandson. Hope you are having a beautiful day and Happy Mother's Day..Judy

Jazzmin said...

Absolutely beautiful, my friend! I enjoyed the amazing things you shared from your heart. Your tribute to and sweet descriptions and memories of the mothers and mother figures in your life was just too beautiful for words. I had tears in my eyes especially as I read Grandma Betty's ♥

Sweet friend, I wish a wonderful and blessed mother's day to a wonderful mother- you!!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, special, touching post, my friend! This is one to treasure for sure! What a blessing godly examples are- a gift from above!! This post made me pause and remember the godly women who have influenced me. My grandmother and great-grandmother both shine through my own mother, as I never got to meet either of them. My mom lost her mother when she was just 18 years old. Yet their love for home, family, simplicity, and faith as well as other things like cooking, delighting in homemaking, making something beautiful, etc. have definitely been passed through to me by my mom.

I so loved all the quotes and poetry throughout- it added a simple yet sweet touch! And the tea cup is exquisite :) What a special keepsake it is for you, I know :)

I hope you had a lovely, blessed day today! And I hope your upcoming week is beautiful! Lots of love and many blessings to you, sweet Stephanie <3

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I LOVED your post today. The quotes so sweet and true. The "moms" in your life sound like such precious women and I hope to meet them one day in Heaven. :-)

Debby Ray said...

Well dear Stephanie, I don't quite know where to begin! This post is just overflowing with so much beauty...in image and words. What precious memories of these lovely women who contributed so much to your life! Such a beautiful tribute to them all! I know the day is almost over (well, at least it is here anyway) but once again, Happy Mother's Day!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

A beautiful post. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Dee said...

Happy Mother's Day! What a beautiful post and such an endearing tribute to some very special women.

I hope you had an amazing day today... :)

My Garden Diaries said...

My heart melted with your post friend! What a beautiful tribute to all of the women in your life! And so very true about the power of moms and grandmothers......this post made me think about my grandmothers and what they have passed down to me and for that I thank you! Happy Mother's Day to you!!! Nicole xo

doodles n daydreams said...

A beautiful post honouring your forebears. Thanks for sharing this.
Hoping you had a lovely Mother's Day.


Mimi said...

Stephanie, what a sweet and lovely post. Clearly the impact of these wonderful women in your life has made you who you are now. Isn't it the case, that knowing something of a persons childhood influences, tells you all kinds of things about that person? I feel I 'know' you a little better having read about the gorgeous women who showed a younger Stephanie, what it is to be a true lady. Mimi xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning sweet friend! Sorry to be late; we were out all day and had such a great time. I wish I would have known both my grandmothers, but they were gone by the time I was born. I always feel that I missed out on special experiences (like having siblings and grandparents) but such is life. I have gorgeous photos of my maternal grandmother that always made me feel close to her as I always saw these photos in my childhood home.

I hope you had a special day with your mom, and YOU, with your son and husband!

Off we go to the final week before finals next week, then a special 8 days of May term, then OFF WE GO to summer vacation.

Wishing you a lovely Monday! Anita

Aida said...

Happy Mother's Day Steph. Hope you had a fabulous day.
This post is so sweet and beautiful.

Hope you have a wonderful week.


handmade by amalia said...

What a lovely post, Stephanie. I love that REMEMBER poem and your tea-cup is seriously pretty :-)

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Beautiful post Stephanie! Have a wonderful week!

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...


Anna said...

A really lovely post...
Have a shinny week !

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Beautiful post in memory of the amazing women in your life! Just loved hearing how each one impacted your life in different ways! What a blessing and a heritage you have with so many godly women in your life. :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautiful mother's day post! I love the dedications to your mom, grandmothers and great grandmother. May their memories remain strong!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Stephanie- such a gorgeous post that honors those precious women in your life. How truly blessed you are to have had those wonderful women to mentor and love you. Hope you have a lovely week. Hugs!

Cranberry Morning said...

Stephanie, you have such a wonderful heritage of godly women in your life. This is such a sweet tribute to them and a reminder of how greatly we affect our grandchildren's lives.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a beautiful posting filled with poetry and sweet memories of the special ladies in your life. You are blessed! I treasure my memories of my grandmothers too. I lost my maternal grandmother when I was very young but her love and influence remain with me today. The teacup is a beauty and thank you so much for sharing it with us at my tea party. It is a real pleasure to have you join me today, Stephanie.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet and heartfelt tribute to the women that have influenced you to be the woman that you are now!

Amazing how they shape us in their own unique way...

beautiful indeed!


Sylvia said...

Beautiful poems and tribute to those women you love and love you!
How special memories are to us.
Hugs my sweet friend!

Tea in Texas said...

Just a wonderful china pattern, it is so sad today's patterns seem so bland. Also a great way to remember your great ladies from the past.

Maryann said...

Beautiful tributes to those special ladies that have been and are part of your life

Ceil said...

Hi Stephanie! You are so blessed to have so many generations of women to look to, and learn from! And each one so special. I was touched by the story about getting a card from your Grandmother after her surgery...what a gift for sure!

It's good to remember the people who made us who we are today, or at least had a hand in it. Their faith in God and in us, and their wonderful lives are a reason to praise a God who loved them so, and us in turn. Thank you for reminding me of my family too.
Happy Mother's Day (a day late!),

Kerin said...

Beautiful and tender words and memories about the sweet Mama's in your life :)

Hope you had a great Mother's day.


Red Rose Alley said...

What wonderful role models you had in your life, Stephanie, with your two grandmas and great grandmother and mom. Such fun memories you've shared and I haven't heard of the pony cart in a long time. Those raspberry sandwich cookies sound delicious, and you must have loved them when you were little. And what a special story about your Aunt Bety's card.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. All my chickadees were around me this year, so it was a very nice day. You are a precious mother, dear Stephanie.

love, ~Sheri

D said...

S...thankyou for 'visiting' me. We certainly are blessed with lovely roll models, are we? My grandmas were so different, as were my mom, and husband's mom; even a great Grandma, but oh, so may things they taught me. Just watching who they were..what a gift. We MUST remember that those coming alongside, and behind us are watching us carefully. What a serious privilege! Deedy

Gail Dixon said...

What a loving tribute to the special women in your life. So touching! And here you are, carrying on their wonderful traditions in your own gracious way. You are such a love and you enrich my life a great deal with your inspirational posts.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a beautiful post! A stunning tribute to the wonderful women in your life!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Martha's Favorites said...

Your post made me cry! What a beautiful tribute to so many wonderful ladies in your life. Have a wonderful week and thank you. Hugs, Martha

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

You were blessed and are blessed to have so many beautiful woman in your life that mentored you.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dearest Stephanie
I've really enjoyed reading about your great-grandmother, grandmothers and your sweet mother and your love for all of them.
Grandmothers are so special because they always have time for us from a very early age, sadly both my grandmothers died when I was very young but I do have sweet memories of my mothers mother who lived with us before she died.

It's our own mothers whose role is so influential on our future lives for they are the role model we look up to emulate through life.
My mother was the most gracious, kind and God loving soul whom I still think of every day of my life.

You have such a gift for writing and expressing your thoughts and feelings dear Stephanie - thank you for sharing them with us.

Love and gentle hugs to you my dear friend
Shane x

Sarah Washburn said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful post! When we are having a great time together, my 93 year old great-aunt always says, "We are making memories!" We are so blessed with the different wonderful people in our lives and it is so wonderful to make beautiful, sweet, and treasured memories together!
Blessings, ~Sarah visiting from Radical Femininity.

JES said...

This was so beautiful! It is bringing back memories into my heart of the dear ladies in my life...

P.S. Thank you for sharing this week at the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)

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