Raspberry Danishes. . .Made With Frozen Bread Rolls

Sweet bread, juicy raspberries, cinnamon and sugar,
melted butter, and delectable icing - here is a tasty treat for you, my friends.
These danishes are made with frozen rolls. . .can it get any easier than that?


8 frozen rolls
1 container of fresh raspberries
cream cheese
2 tablespoons white sugar
1 tablespoon brown sugar
3/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon butter, melted

Lightly grease a cookie sheet and place the rolls on the pan.
Lightly spray the tops of the rolls with oil and cover with saran wrap.
Allow the rolls to rise for 2 - 2.5 hours.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Using scissors, cut a slit in the top of the roll 
and spread out the dough to create a pocket.
In the pocket add a spoonful of cream cheese 
{you can add sugar to the cream cheese for a little extra sweetness}
and top with 4 - 5 raspberries.
Once all of the rolls have been filled pinch the sides together to close up the roll.
Mix together brown sugar, white sugar, and cinnamon
and sprinkle half of the mixture over the rolls.
Bake for 25-minutes or until rolls start to turn a nice golden color.

Remove the rolls from the oven
and immediately brush the melted butter onto the tops.
Sprinkle with remaining sugar and cinnamon.

For the glaze:

1 cup confectioners' sugar
3 tablespoons milk
1 tablespoon butter, melted
1 teaspoon almond or vanilla flavoring

Mix all of the ingredients until smooth
and drizzle onto the danishes.

Brew yourself some coffee or tea, grab a book,
and simply enjoy some quiet time and a tasty treat :)

Happy day and happy hugs, my friends!

* * * * * * * * * *

The prayers and encouragement continue to roll in for Grandpa Don and my family.
Sweet friends, thank you for expressing such love and concern.
The latest is. . .
Grandpa had not awakened from the open-heart/double-bypass surgery 
that took place on Tuesday and he is only responding with one hand 
and it's a very gentle squeeze.
Mom can ask him questions and he will barely squeeze her hand.
The doctors are afraid that he had a stroke during the process 
since most of his body is not responding. . .
Today, Lord-willing, he will see a neurologist to find out if he did have a stroke.
The internal bleeding has slowed down by a considerable amount 
and as the doctor said, is normal for after surgery which is a huge praise and blessing!

Thank you for the continued prayers!
The fact that you care enough to be interested in a man and his family
whom you have never met speaks volumes of your character and kindness!

Much love to you!

* * * * * * * * * * 

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Anonymous said...

He is a child of God Stephanie...we love him because your grandfather is our brother in Christ! continuing to pray for him and for your family...by the way, these are just delicious! I used to make them for my guest when I was a B&B owner :0) mari

magnoliasntea said...

Still praying for the Lord's will concerning your Grandpa...
Oh my, now I'm hungry...lol.
Have a great day!

magnoliasntea said...

Still praying for the Lord's will concerning your Grandpa...
Oh my, now I'm hungry...lol.
Have a great day!

Christine said...

These sound delicious! All of my favourites and easy to make ! Thanks for sharing!
Lifting your dear grandpa up in prayer
God bless!

mamasmercantile said...

Impressive easy make. I have all my family coming for the weekend so this will make a delicious snack, thanks for sharing. You are all still in my prayers, God bless.

Debbie Harris said...

Good morning! Wouldn't these be just wonderful to wake up to. :-)
Thank you Stephanie for the up date on grandpa Don.
I'm praying for just a small change to have taken place when I see grandpa today.
Thank you, dear followers for your continued love and prayers. I know mom and I can certainly feel their effects, and I am believing great and mighty things have and are going to take place.
Bless you all.
Stephanie, I love you!
Have a sweet and blessed day~ mom

Jocelyn said...

The rolls look wonderful and so delicious. What a great treat for a quick and easy. Praying your grandfather will recover and be restored to his loving family.


Jackie said...

Delivering a hug from South Georgia....continuing to pray for your Grandpa.

Linda said...

My apologies for not being around this week...keeping you and your family in prayer, sweet friend. Blessings

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

They look so delicious Stephanie. I will continue to keep your grandpa in my thoughts and prayers.

Anna said...

Yummy, yummy......
I'm glad that grandpa is recovering...
Big hug !

Debby Ray said...

Thank you for the update, Stephanie... praying still for God's will to be done and for peace for everyone concerned. These rolls look absolutely scrumptious! I LOVE raspberries and always keep a fresh supply of them. These sound really easy too! Thanks for sharing the recipe! :)

Celestina Marie said...

Good Morning Stephanie. Continued prayers going up for your grandpa.
What a wonderful and easy recipe to bake. Thank you for sharing this special treat.
Enjoy the day my friend.
Hugs and Blessings, CM


looks good

Kim said...

Oh, Stephanie, you temptress! lol Those looks so amazing!

Oh, my, I hope your grandfather didn't have a stroke. I'm sure that surgery was quite taxing! I pray he makes a full recovery and lives long and fully!

Take care, sweet lady! Trying to play catch-up with you all! (((hugs)))

Debbie said...

Raspberries are my favorites and these look delishous!! I love blueberries as well and I'll bet blueberries would be good also!! Warm thoughts and well wishes for grandpa!!

Sandi said...

These look deliciousss...Oh, great, I just ate my computer screen. Now what am I going to do?

Anonymous said...

These look absolutely divine!! And they're pretty too- an added bonus! :) This looks like something we would all really enjoy- especially my mom. She loves things like this with her morning coffee.

Hope all goes well for your Grandpa today- I'll be praying for him and you all!! We're going to the doctor today, too. My dad has to get some tests done- hopefully it isn't anything too major.

Hope you have a lovely and blessed day, dear friend! Hugs and blessings!!

Pam Richardson said...

Stephanie, I continue to pray for your Grandfather and your family. We praise the Father for his progress ! Life is hard, but God is always good and faithful and perfect in all His ways! On a lighter note, I will definitely be making this recipe. This would be easy for a brunch and it looks so pretty! Blessings and hugs, sweet friend! Pam (everydayliving.me)

Billie Jo said...

Stephanie...I continue to lift you and your sweet mother up in prayer for your grandfather.

And thank you for this recipe.
Anytime I see a recipe here...I jump for joy! And then I copy it at once.

Peace for your heart my dear friend.

Nancy's Notes said...

What a delicious sounding recipe, yummy!

Oh Stephanie, bless your Grandpa's heart...and all of yours. Such a hard time waiting. Will be praying.


Home Meadows said...

These look and sound delicious. I know I would enjoy one with a cup of morning coffee! Have a wonderful day, Heather

Vee said...

Your mother must mention that you have coffee and Danish waiting as soon as he is ready. It is a good sign that he is still responding with that little squeeze. He's right there and I always like to think that he is in constant communication with The Lord.

Elizabethd said...

How delicious!
Continuing with prayer support.

Jill said...

These look delicious I might have to try these with a variety of berries as they come into season during the spring and summer months!
I will definitely be praying for your grandfather.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I thought of you and your family a lot today.
Your danishes look yummy and I think I'm going to have lots of raspberries this year, so it'll be great to try it.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I am glad the bleeding has slowed down. May God give the neurologist insight and wisdom on your grandfather's care.

Those rolls look good. I don't think I've ever looked for frozen rolls before. Do you use a particular brand? Are they like round dinner rolls?

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers and love for you and your family and especially, Grandpa Don.

These rolls look so delicious and the fruit would be very special this spring. Coffee would make the treat extra special. The only thing better would be to share with our blog friends in person!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Prayers are being sent your way for your grandfather and your family.....
Love this recipe you shared here today. it looks easy enough for me to make!! I am not that much of a cook, i am sad to say....

Thanks for visiting!!


Vicky Hunt said...

Oh my Stephanie! These look so delicious! I love raspberry anything. I am definitely pinning this one and will be trying them sometime soon. I have been praying for your grandfather. I saw your post yesterday and couldn't reply from school, but I did immediately say a special prayer for him. I do hope and pray he is feeling back to normal soon.

Hugs and prayers, Vicky

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hello sweet Stephanie. Thanks for sharing this wonderful dessert with us. I'm still sending prayers you way for your grandpa and everyone in your family! Take care sweetie! Julie xo

Lisa Ehrman said...

These are beautiful rolls! They are being pinned now :) Thanks!

Mari said...

Thanks for the update. Glad the bleeding has slowed and will pray for improvement in alertness and movement, also for your family - it's a hard thing to go through.
Your danishes look scrumptious!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

These look delicious!

I was so glad to get your email about your grandfather doing better.

I answered your email, but cannot find it in my sent folder, and can't find your email either and I looked in both email accounts. So, I don't know if you got it or not.

Love, hugs and continued prayers ~ FlowerLady

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh, I loved the first part of Mari's comment. That is so true. We are part of the body of Christ, and should be praying for one another.

I can't tell you how wonderful those Danish look. Scrumptious!

Wanda said...

So thankful for your update and this helps us to be more specific in our prayers to the Father.

Sending love and hugs to your and your mom and everyone of the family and friends.

BTW I'll take a sweet roll and a cup of coffee ....wish we could do it in person.


Maggie Ann said...

I am sorry to hear about your Grandpa. I hope he is gaining day by day.

Thelma said...

Those rolls look delicious. I must try them.
Sorry to hear about your Grandfather. Hope he is feeling better soon. xo

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

The family of God is amazing and I am so happy to be part of your circle to pray for your Grandpa. These rolls look so amazing. No rolling out the dough? I am in!

Conniecrafter said...

Continued prayers for him

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh my sweet Stephanie, my heart is with your family. I continue to pray for your grandpa. Please give my love to your mom as well.

Thank you that amazing recipe. It looks so delicious. I love it's simplicity and great visual impact.



Lady Linda said...

Dearest Stephanie, I want to gobble up all of your treats! Not on my eating plan, right now...sigh. I am so sorry that I missed the news on your Grandpa Don! I feel so bad but will start those prayers for him and all of you right now. I will be checking for updates.

Feral Turtle said...

Oh my, I am drooling over here. I guess I should probably eat my supper first...but this is pretty tempting! Cheers.

Ida said...

I just saw the post below and am praying for whatever outcome the Lord has for your Grandpa. Sometimes it's not the one we would choose but I hope it will be.

Kelly-Anne said...

How delicious these raspberry danishes look, dearest Stephanie! I love pastries of any sort and these...oh my! Look far too good:)

Oh Stephanie! Reading your update on your poor Grandfather, my heart felt so heavy for you...we continue to hold your family in our prayers and ask that Jesus may comfort your hearts and strengthen you...

Sending you much love today and also a big hug,
Your friend,

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

You have seriously tempted me to try these rolls! I make my own homemade rolls, and these would make an amazing breakfast treat! Raspberries usually don't stay around my house very long, so I might have to try blueberries instead...lol...

Will continue to keep praying for your dear Grandpa. I believe the doctors and everyone will be amazed at his recovery, because of all the prayers on his behalf. God is able! And whatever the will of God is, I know you want. I will continue to trust and pray with you! Love and hugs to you my friend!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Now that is a quick, easy but made-from-scratch type of dessert! Lovely thought of fresh raspberries my friend....I shall have some today! Blessings to you and the family, Anita

Miss Val's Creations said...

These do look scrumptious! I am wishing for your grandpa to be ok. Sending my hugs.

Melanie said...

Your grandfather is in my prayers. What easy, scrumptious danishes! They look wonderful and must taste as good as they look!

Unknown said...

They look so yummy! I really miss not eating pastry!xx

Barbara Neubeck said...

... Hello Stephanie....
Your danishes look wonderful ....
I'm so glad there is some improvement in your Grandpa's condition....Praying the neurologist will be of help.
You and your family are in my thoughts..
Hugs... Barb xxxx

Lady of the Manor said...

I've heard about these frozen rolls but haven't ever tried them. Your photos make those pastries look SO delicious that I'm going to give your recipe a try! You and your grandfather are still in my prayers. You write so lovingly of him. What a blessing he is in your life! Both of my grandfathers passed away before my parents were married so I never knew the blessing of a cherished Grandpa. Please give him a little hug for me. {{hug}}

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Stephanie, these are perfect for when we need a shortcut in the kitchen, and you certainly do right now with your mind on your grandpa. Hoping you have good news soon. Hugs.

God's Grace Overflows said...

Hello sweet Stephanie!

I want to let you know that I have been praying for your grandpa and I pray that the doctors will have wisdom on them to handle him with love and compassion. God has him encircled with His hands. Thank you for keeping us all updated, so we know how to continue to pray for him.

These danishes look wonderful and I am all about easy. I have them printed out and plan on making these yummies soon.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Still praying for your grandpa Stephanie. Thanks for sharing the yummy looking pastries. They sound pretty easy to make. I love anything cream cheese... :)

Jazzmin said...

Oh these certainly look so delicious!! My friend, your baked delights topped with them being served on such beautiful plates is pure eye candy. What a pretty and scrumptious looking dessert.

My heart, love, and fervent prayers are with you and your family. I pray dear friend that your dear Grandpa improves and gets only good news from his doctors in the days to come♥ Praise. the Lord for the slowed bleeding.

Love to you,

Things and Thoughts said...

How scrumptious it must be! And eye-candy in your vintage plates!
Best wishes for your grandpa dear friend!

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Thank you so much for ruining my dieting resolution! hahaha! These Danishes look absolutely deliciously yummy! Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend! Thinking of you and your family xxx

Sola Scriptura said...

Stephanie, That looks delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe. Your dear grandfather is in my prayers. Hugs to you.

Linda Walker said...

Dear Stephanie, these Danish look so delicious! I confess these pastries are a weakness of mine.

So very sorry to hear about your grandfather. I have been away from blogging for a bit but he has been on my mind. I will head over to your mom's blog when I am through here. Love, thoughts and prayers to you all during these challenging times.


Mary E. Stephens said...

Stephanie, I hope that the news is good today about your grandpa. God grant you all the peace and courage you need at this time.

These rolls look very good. I wonder if they could be made with biscuit dough. I don't have frozen rolls.

Bethany Carson said...

Mmm! Those rolls look delicious! Blessings to you and your family.

Dee said...

I missed this post, but those Danishes have my name written all over them. Oh yeah, I'm definitely going to try your recipe... :)

Mindy said...

Missed these earlier - just pinned to try. (Also Stephanie, could you please e-mail me your mom's address? - Thanks much.)

Anonymous said...

This sounds so delicious!

Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Oh yum! I have some frozen rolls, raspberries, and cream cheese in the freezer and fridge. Guess what's on the agenda for tomorrow? lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Pinning.

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