Pillows, Purses, and Pretties, Oh My!

I took the plunge and reopened my Etsy shop and
I would love to share with you how I came to this decision. . .

About a month ago my mom and I were shopping at some local boutiques
and while we were out and about two ladies commented on my mom's purse.
It was one of the quilted tote bags that I have made in the past.
The second lady that commented on it was a shop owner 
and she asked me if I sold my bags anywhere.
I told her that I wasn't selling any at the moment 
so she asked if I would be interested in selling my bags 
and other handmade items in her shop.
She requested $50.00 a month for a small {very small} table
and she would take 25% of my sale.
Well, I was thrilled and honored to have such interest 
and it got me thinking about reselling again.
So. . .instead of going through Rose's boutique
I decided it would be best to simply reopen my shop again.
This way I can fill it up when I have time :)

I love making things that will put a smile on someones face
and Etsy is the perfect outlet.

I hope you stop by Rose Petal Blessings, sweet friends.
The shop is full of new goodies and delights.
Here are some items that are listed at

Burlap Pillows

Tote Bags

Zippered Pouches

Tea Cup Coasters and Tea Bag Holders


Tags and Cards

Quilted Baskets With Goodies Inside

Fabric Flower Bouquets

Lavender Sachets

And so much more!

Simply click on the link below and it will take you directly to my shop:

I am still offering FREE SHIPPING to all USA residents :)

Thank you for visiting today, dear friends.
Love and hugs to you!


Teresita said...

Stephanie, me encantó todo!!!! como me gustan los trabajos con puntillas y accesorios!!!!!, hermoso!, lástima que vivamos tan lejos!me compraria todo! Mucho éxito en tu nuevo emprendimiento.

domenica.60 said...

Wonderful and sweet... as you!
A big hug,

Debby Ray said...

Oh...good for you, Stephanie! Your handmade pretties are such lovely eye candy! I will be checking out your shop...I LOVE the black and white bag with the camera print! Have a wonderful Wednesday, friend :)

mamasmercantile said...

Wishing you every success with your business venture, some truly beautiful things.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on re-opening your etsy shop. Everything is lovely. I love the pastel tote, especially. Wishing you much success. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, just ordered an item from your shop. Can't wait! Thanks, Joan

Lorrie said...

Lovely, handmade things. You've been a busy gal.

Michele said...

I am so proud and happy for you, sweet lady.

I wish your business every success, you deserve it and then some!

Big hugs! ♥

Christine said...

How wonderful, Stephanie ! So thrilled for you! Everything you create is perfectly beautiful!
Wishing you every success!
Best wishes,

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

All so very pretty!! Wishing you good luck!! i hope to re-open my Ebay site some day......


Linda said...

Oh so pretty....I will have to tell my hubby about the totes, sweet friend...maybe Santa will get the hint, wink. Congrats on re opening your shop. Have a Blessed day my friend.

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

It's all so beautiful Stephanie. You are so talented! Congrats on re-opening your shop. I wish you all the success in the world.

Kim said...

Dear Stephanie, you have been busy! Such lovely items! May God bless your shop and give you lots of ideas for your projects!

Vee said...

All the best with your renewed business venture! She was going to charge you $50 and take a quarter of your sales? Wow. That's steep.

Elizabethd said...

What a gorgeous collection of lovely things, Steohanie.

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Stephanie! Your creations are absolutely gorgeous and congratulations for re-opening your shop! Now off to take a peek!

Terra said...

Each item is lovely.

Celestina Marie said...

Jo Stephanie, Congrats on the reopening of your shop!!I am so excited for you and this direction. Your hand created treasures are gorgeous and will bless those that browse and purchase something special. I love all the wonderful items you share here and I know you are going to be very busy.
What a wonderful compliment from the shop owner!! She knew beautiful design when she saw it!!
Blessings to you and all you crate. Have fun and enjoy the process once again.
Hugs and Joys

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Stephanie,
Congrats on that decision and you're smart for selling direct without handing your profits to someone else!
It is very hard already for making any profit when making things by hand but as long as you enjoy doing it, that counts.

Anne Payne said...

I wish you the BEST in your continuing endeavor on Etsy. You have gorgeous items and I know they will sell well. I shared a link to the shop on my FB page, and I'll put a link on my blog. Of course, I'm slow getting my follower-ship built back up ;)



So many pretties in your etsy shop! All the best.

Linda Walker said...

Dear Stephanie,
So happy to hear this! I will run over and check it out! These items are so sweet! Just lovely! Best wishes my friend!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh my goodness, Stephanie - everything is just darling! Wishing you lots of success, my dear! I, too, love the camera print bag! So perfect for us bloggers! Hugs xo Karen

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, dear Stephanie, I love all the precious and sweet beauties you've made! How feminine and delightful each one!! And what a great (and better) idea to reopen your Etsy store...and fill it on your time schedule. Wishing you much success as you also enjoy making beautiful things! Hugs, precious friend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Wednesday, dear Stephanie! It's been a long time since I've stopped by for a visit. We've been busy getting ready for our vacation, but I've so missed visiting your little home on the web!

You are quite the talented crafter and seamstress- every single one of those lovely creations above is absolutely beautiful!

Hoping you have a wonderful rest of your week! Sending you many blessings and much love!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh my, that camera bag is delightful, Stephanie. Look at all these lovelies you worked on. I'm off to check out some of your goodies. I love that camera material, and I remember you showing it to us.

Have a happy Wednesday, dear friend.

love, ~Sheri

Joyful said...

Happy day to you dear Stephanie. Best wishes with your Etsy shop. It is good to have an outlet for your creative endeavours. It is great too that you bless those around you with your awesome creations. x

Pam Richardson said...

Stephanie, congrats on re-opening your Etsy shop! Your creativity is so amazing! God has gifted you in so many ways! Much success sweet friend and I will be popping over to see your lovelies!
Pam (everydayliving.me

Anonymous said...

Everything is just so lovely...I think when everything settles down, I'll give mine a go once again :0) Thank you for sharing your lovely things with all of us. mari

Debbie said...

good luck to you stephanie, although i am sure you won't need it. your items are so special, so beautiful, it's all in the design and details.....they will sell themselves!!!

Vicky Hunt said...

Congratulations on reopening your shop! You do make the lovliest things! I will have to check it out! I hope your week is going well. I have been busy cleaning out rooms andx closets. SO much work, but great reward when it's all done!

Hugs, Vicky

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am so happy for you...and for all of US! I am like a little kid in a candy shop. I love the basket of hearts and all of the pocket cards and tags! Everything is so feminine and pretty...like you! I'm wishing you the very best! Sweet hugs, Diane

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Yeah! So happy to have you part of Etsy again! It is a great place to sell and now the world can enjoy your beautiful things.

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Don't blame you for re-opening your shop, Stephanie! Your items are so lovely and unique. Why pay someone to sell your beauties when you can do it yourself. Congrats, best wishes and goodluck!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Congratulations on reopening your shop Stephanie! Your work is so beautiful and I know it will be a success. :-)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

May your shop do really well for you. It is filled with lovely items.


Alex said...

How exciting, Stephanie! I am sure it will be a great success...everything looks just lovely.

Parlor Room Ponderings said...

Oh Stephanie you've been a busy lady! Such beautiful work! I checked out the shop and you've already sold a lot. I've been tossing the idea around. After I get some big projects done I'll see what little ones I can come up with. Make sure you don't get too busy! Hugs

Tamara said...

Lovely lovely! It's all so pretty! You are so talented. Wishing you Blessings to overflowing in your Etsy endeavors.

Love and hugs,

Margie said...

Congrats on the re-opening, Stephanie! Now I'm off to check the pretties on your Etsy store.

Mimi said...

Dearest Stephanie. What a talent you are! Such frou-frou and frippery I have never seen. Adorable! Mimi xxx

sarah said...

Congratulations! I hope it goes well.

Debbie Harris said...

Congratulations on your re opening Stephanie!
You have certainly been a busy gal with the work of your talented hands and creative mind. I stand amazed and am blessed at the beautiful work you create. You are a blessing to this mother's heart.

I am always honored to wear one of you hand made bags on my shoulder, and enjoy as well the lovely items that grace my home created by you..
You will make some ladies very happy in deed.

May the Lord bless you in this adventure once again.

Much love~ Mom

Tania said...

Oh my gorgeousness, what a lovely collection of beautiful things. I love them all!

Wishing you every success with reopening your shop. I have a feeling you will do well.


kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

You're soooo talented and creative, Stephanie! Best of luck in reopening your Etsy Shop. All your projects are just adorable and sweet...just like you!! xxoo

Conniecrafter said...

Wishing you all the best as you sell your wonderful and beautiful creations. Your owl pillows are so cute too!

Melissa said...

Stephanie, I love the way you use the vintage looking rose/jewelry in the first few pillows (are they vintage brooches?).

Sylvia said...

I love all your items,Stephanie, as always they are so nice!

Anna said...

Lovely creations !!!
I wish you a lot of success !
And a nice day !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Darling Stephanie! GOOD MORNING! I had internet problems early this morning and I'm barely getting around to my favorite blogs and email! AHHHH! To be disconnected these days is an awful feeling!

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Enjoy yourself as you continue to create from your passions, and as you share that with your customers. Blessings to you for your consistent joy in participating in one of the highest callings: to create in His image.

LOVE LOVE LOVE those teacups! Much love, Anita

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations on your return to your Etsy shop. Good luck in sales. Your creations are very nice.We keep in touch

Sola Scriptura said...

I'm so happy to see you've reopened your shop! You are so talented and do create such beautiful items. I will have to bookmark your shop. Hugs to you.

hobbyloes said...

Amazing, you have made such lovely things, I wish you all the succes for your shop.
Hugs, Loes

Kerin said...

Wow! Everything is just beautiful! I just know you'll have such great success with your etsy!
Love the totes!!

Have a great day!


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Stephanie, congrats to opening your shop and wishing success with it. Please stop by my blog on Monday as I have a surprise for you. Have a nice Friday and weekend.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Wow! Talent and creativity drips from your fingers, and your creations are nothing short of amazing dear Stephanie! Congratulations on opening your Etsy shop again, and I will certainly pop over for a visit! Those burlap pillows really caught my eye - just darling! I wish you well in your new endeavor, many hugs! :)

kathyinozarks said...

everything you make is just lovely. good luck to you in your etsy shop. I love etsy and purchase allot of things I need on there. my shop doesn't do as well as I had hoped but it is the best place that I have found so far

Huckleberry stitches said...

Congratulations sweet girl! Much luck with your shop!

Wanda said...

Oh Stephanie..... I'm so happy for you...your things are to lovely not to share... and have a little business too. I use my tote you made me all the time.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Beautiful creations Stephanie! I'm going to pop over to your shop right now!

Ginny said...

I love your etsy shop and made it one of my favorites! I am already looking for Christmas gifts and am sure there is more than one gift waiting to be purchased! Your work is lovely!

Kelly-Anne said...

Oh...dearest friend! I am simply thrilled for you! Stephanie, you create the most delightful items, and I know your beautiful Etsy shop is going to do so well!
I was so excited to read of you starting Rose Petal Blessings...such a darling name and how sweet are the bags, coasters and totes you've already added:)
And you've certainly inspired me! I have longed to start selling my Heartmade products on Etsy for such a long time now...I just need to ensure I have a good internet connection first! Hopefully before 2015 is out, I too will be online...thank you for your wonderful inspiration!
Enjoy crafting and selling dearest Stephanie!
Hugs and oh so much love....always!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Congratulations -- beautiful things you make! I'll have to stop over and browse :) I have an Etsy shop and wish I could devote more time to it -- would sure love to quit my day job and just 'create'! Some day!

Robyn said...

I love those beautiful pillows, Stephanie!! So exquisite!
Congrats on re-opening the shop and I will be one of the first buyers. I would like that camera bag but I need to ask if you can customize it for me. I want to carry my camera in it so I need it to have some protection for my camera in there. Do you think that's possible? It's so adorable!
Let's talk :)

handmade by amalia said...

These are all so beautiful, I'm sure they'll fly off the shelf.

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful and your creations are beautiful! It's just too perfect that you're revving your business up; you're so productive and artsy-craftsy!

Nikki said...

Such lovliness here Stephanie. Looking forward to purchasing some pretties someday soon.

Polly said...

Congratulations and good luck with your new venture sweet Stephanie. Your beautiful creations will sell like hot cakes x

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