Summer Fun

Hello, my friends, and happy weekend!
My, how the summer days are flying by. . .do you feel the same way?
Today is the last day of July and I'm still wondering how that happened
What happened to May and June???
You may have noticed that it has been somewhat quiet here at The Enchanting Rose
and I have not been by to visit several of you because of busy days.
Just last night someone mentioned that she has not seen me 
around the blogging community and I am very sorry about that, dear friends.
I have missed each and every one of you 
and hopefully things will slow down here in the mountains in the next couple of weeks.

I truly hope you have been enjoying the summer.
Though the days have been busy they have also been filled with family fun.
My sweet husband, son, and I enjoyed a Rockies baseball game a week ago
and I thought I would share it with you.

The Rockies were up against the Texas Rangers that day 
and the Rangers won 10 - 8.
It was a great game with plenty of home runs and excitement.

As always they began the game with the National Anthem.
I hope they never stop doing that.

And our Veterans held the flags.

I love baseball and I think that love was first cultivated by my dear Grandpa Don.
He used to take me to games when I was a young girl
and several times I had the joy of watching the Rockies train in Arizona.

{ Jorge De La Rosa - Pitcher}

{ Nick Hundley - Catcher }

My son has also fallen in love with baseball
and the night before my Grandpa Don went into surgery he told me on the phone
that he wanted to take my son to a game. . .
Sadly, Grandpa Don was not able to do that since he passed away
so in honor of him my husband and I took our little one to a Rockies game.
It was a bittersweet time. . .
Being there in the stadium brought back so many memories 
of the times I went with Grandpa.
The smells, the sounds, the sights, the atmosphere was of Grandpa. . .
I felt and saw him all around {if that makes sense}.
It's amazing how emotions can be triggered.

{ DJ LeMahieu - 2nd baseman. . .and my favorite player :) }

{ DJ LeMahieu }

{ Troy Tulowitzki - shortstop. . .he is now playing for the Toronto Blue Jays.
We were sad to see him traded }

{ Troy Tulowitzki }

When my Grandpa Don took me to games it was back in the 90's
and at the time Eric Young was playing for the Rockies.
E.Y. was my favorite player back then 
and he is now the first base coach for the Rockies.
I have a baseball with Eric Young's signature on it 
along with many of the other players from the 90's.
My Grandpa had taken my sister and me to one of their spring training games 
and afterwards we got to meet the players and get their autographs.

{ Eric Young }

My son really likes Nolan Arenado and he is the Rockies third baseman.
He also loves DJ LeMahieu, Carlos Gonzalez, Nick Hundley, and Charlie Blackmon.

It was an incredibly special day
and I am thankful for the memories I made with me Grandpa in the past
and for the memories my husband, son, and I are making right now.
And speaking of memories. . .
at one game when I was a young girl my Grandpa gave me some money 
and told me to go buy myself a Rockies baseball hat.
I chose a hat with Dinger on it which is the Rockies Mascot.

{ Dinger }

And to end the day the Lord gave us a beautiful gift. . .
this incredible sunset.
Look closely and you will see the gorgeous rocky mountains in the background.

I hope all is well with you, sweet friends.
Forgive me for being a little absent from blogging -
I think of you often and look forward to when the days slow down 
so that I can catch up with each one of you :)
Thank you for your faithfulness in visiting. . .
you bless my heart!

Have a beautiful weekend.
Much love!


Denise said...

fun times for sure.

magnoliasntea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
magnoliasntea said...

Well, I have to say I am thrilled you have a life outside of blogging! LOL! Pardon my sarcasm, but I was becoming concerned that you might grow into your computer chair and be stuck there indefinitely with all you do including the wonderfully inspirational party you throw every week! There I go again...
Okay, seriously, I'm tickled senseless that you've been unable to stop by my blog because you value time with your own family more. O.O
Ahem, one last time, let me try to say what I really mean...
GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! * big smiles*
Love you, Stephanie!

Ang Specht said...

Looks like you've been keeping busy and having fun! I love that last photo. Very pretty. Have a great weekend! :)

Sarah said...


I am so glad to hear you and your family are enjoying your summer. I understand completely about your on-line absence. Who wants to sit in front of a computer on such beautiful days! My grandparents always loved baseball, especially my grandma. I remember many a hot summer evening stopping by their house and grandma yelling at the tv. : ) She would get pretty involved in the game. Now that she is gone grandpa doesn't seem to care to watch baseball as much.

Enjoy these lovely days!!


Debby Ray said...

Hi Stephanie! What a fun time that must have been! I have to admit that I am not a die-hard sports fan but if I was, baseball would be my game! My hubby loves the game (among everything else with a ball involved...lol) and has always been a huge follower/fan of the Cincinnati Reds, since we are from OH. In fact, we went to a Red's ballgame the first day of our honeymoon way back then! What precious memories going to see your Rockie's play must bring to mind of Grandpa Don...memories that you will always have! And isn't it just so wonderful how the Lord gives us these "gifts" such as that lovely sky...just at the right time! Blessings on your weekend, my sweet friend. Hugs!

Linda said...

Yes, summer is flying by, that is for sure. Glad to see you post...I figured you were out and about, wink. Have a beautiful Friday, friend. Blessings

Vee said...

Ahhh, yes, there they are blending in with the clouds. I just learned this week that there even is a Rockies team on a Jeopardy program. Baseball only gets on my radar screen when the grands play in the spring and when the Red Sox makes the series. = D Guess I won't be thinking about it much this year. So glad that you made a fun memory for your family. Those never leave us. Your Grandpa Don would be proud if he knew and perhaps he does since this would be such a happy glimpse for him. See you in September!

kathyinozarks said...

good morning, good times with family is much more important than sitting at the computer for sure-your photos are amazing, so bright and very clear you must have an excellent camera. I have never been to a pro baseball game but I did get to go to a Broncos game back in the late 70s when I lived in Denver.
we are finally getting a little break with the extreme heat this week so hoping to catch up on some outdoor things.
Happy summer to you! Hugs Kathy

Vee said...

Oh let me try again...I just learned this week on a Jeopardy program that there is a Rockies team. That first try is pretty comical.

Alex said...

Oh, much more important you spend time with husband and son, sweet Stephanie, than blogging! Especially to do such a meaningful thing as you just did!
And especially as we will all be here any time,for you and still so when the busy summer fades into quite Autumn.
I bet your son was excited to go to the game...but Momma had to hide her tears and memories a little bit ~ hugs~! That is the sweet sorrow of losing a loved one. What a wonderful Grandpa he was.

I love the Summer Breeze song...and am now singing it...it's
"blowing through the jasmine in my mind" : )

Christine said...

So glad you and your family have enjoyed summer baseball together! Wonderful memories for your son especially!
Keep on enjoying those blessed times together!

Ashley~ said...

How wonderful to make new memories as a family.

Debbie said...

summer and baseball, go together like peanut butter and jelly!!! i hope you had a hot dog to enjoy with that beautiful sunset!!!! have a great weekend stephanie!!!!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great photos Stephanie! What a fun way to honor your grandpa's memory. Now you are creating new memories for your little one. :) I have never been much of a sports fan however I have loved the times I have gone to Boston's Fenway park to see the Red Sox. We have had the same stadium since 1912 so it is rich in history and character!

mamasmercantile said...

Bitter sweet memories indeed. A wonderful experience for your family with lots of lovely memories made to treasure. Glad to hear you are having a good summer.

Melanie said...

When I was growing up, football was nowhere in the house. It was all baseball. I am told that I did see a professional in Boston (don't remember the name of the field. I want to say Wrigley but I think that's Chicago). It looks like you all had a wonderful time! Have a blessed weekend, my friend.

Birgitta said...

Nice and cool pictures! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sylvia said...

Oh my dear sweet Stephanie, I have missed you, but I was just talking with another blogger about having our priorities in order. It is good that you seem to have yours right where they should be. Family always comes before blogging! Our young ones grow up so fast and as you said Time goes by fast as well. The summer will soon come to a close and cooler days will be here. I too love baseball, being a Braves fan, since I am from Georgia and the Rookies are in the National League along with the Braves, I do hear lots about them. Keep all the memories you have of the times you had with your grandpa close to your heart and make more of the same with your son. You'll never regret it!
Hugs for now my friend,

Debbie Harris said...

Dearest Stephanie ~ This was a bitter sweet post to read, but oh you did a beautiful job sharing your day and memories with us. I'm having a hard time writing for the tears that are falling on my computer keys.
You have made the purest choice in having your priority's where they should be, and those memories will be cherished in your heart and mind for many many years to come. Your little guy will hide those memories in his heart as well. What a beautiful day the Lord blessed you all with. That my dear, blesses my heart!
Grandpa would have been honored with this lovely post. I can see him now with that great big happy smile on his dear face. :)

Your photo's are AMAZING!! Girl...you do it every time with your camera, stunning in deed! Are you sure you're not for hire? :)

Much love ~ Mom

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

No apologies needed when you are living life to it's fullest! We will all get back to our routines in a month!

Nina said...

Wonderful photos from the game, Stephanie ... You've caught the excitement and the high spirits!
And yet, missing your grandfather at the same time - and honoring his memory dedicating the moment to him ... Your son will remember this day, I'm sure.
Have a peaceful August ... in the wintertime there is more slow life and time to catch up with blogging ... The life with family and outside happens now, so these are the priorities number one :)
Hugs & Blessings to you,

Joyful said...

It was sweet of you to take your son to the baseball game in honour of and in place of your grandpa. I'm sure he would tell you that was a very sweet thing to do if he could and I'm sure it was thrilling for your son. Your photos and closeups of the game are very nice and so clear. Big hugs. xx

Deborah Montgomery said...

I am not really a baseball fan, but I know that whatever our loved ones loved, and gave us memories of, we often love ourselves. That's part of why I love books and teacups; it was passed down to me! You are doing a wonderful thing, building those same memories with your son, and sharing memories of his grandpa with him.
And yes, love that they do the national anthem and honor the veterans.
Have a lovely weekend, Stephanie. xo Deborah

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What sweet memories you shared of your grandpa Don and now you're making memories with your son. I enjoyed reading about your love of baseball and how you felt your grandpa there with you. Yes, I saw the Rocky Mountains in the background, and they reminded me of my special trip there with my beloved Rich.
Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Happy that the three of you could enjoy the ball game. Your Grandpa would be so pleased. Your blog will serve as a great record for your son in years to come. Have a very nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

First let me say how wonderful to read your words again :0) but like Sarah said, who wants to be in front of the screen when summer is here visiting :o)

I'm glad your son is a big fan of the sport.

We are big baseball fans here. Since we are all from New York City - the Yankees and the Mets are our teams.

Beautiful photos Stephanie :0)


Barbara Neubeck said...

.. hello Stephanie.... .so pleased you are having a lovely summer.....
The baseball game looks great.. taking your son to see it in memory of your Grandpa is so special... xxxx
I love how my blogging and photography recede to the background for a while and Life and Family are focused on...lovely cycles....
Have a great day... Hugs... Barb xxx

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

We are big baseball fans here! It's the Blue Jays for us. Great photos, and I'm glad to see that you're having some time just enjoying this beautiful summer. Even if it is too hot sometimes, it's just the best.

janice15 said...

Stephanie, It's wonderful your having such a lovely summer.. enjoying life there is more to life than just blogging.. I love baseball as well but I have never been to a live game in my life and we live right next to the San Francisco Giants ball park.. go figure.. maybe one day.. Have a lovely time for the rest of the summer days.. with love Janice Happy Weekend..

Jazzmin said...

Oh, dear friend, what a wonderful day with your family! I felt your emotions as I read- how blessed you are to have those wonderful memories with your dear Grandpa. I can just imagine how fresh those memories are because they were so special and close to your heart then and are now. I loved this so much, what a joy to read. I know your Grandpa Don would have given anything to be there with you and to have taken your son to a game.
This post was close to my heart because I love baseball too! Oh we are kindred spirits, in more ways than we probably know ;) And the Rockies were playing my team! :) I'm pretty sure I was watching that game on t.v. that night- that would have been so neat to have you seen you in the crowd!

Love and hugs to you!
Thinking of you and hoping you are having a wonderful summertime♥

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear one! It is very important to take time in between posts, as I have learned this past year. From having quite all together after seven years (in January), to realizing that I could only post once a month, that has freed me to pursue other important things in my life. We stay connected with consistent connections, but we enrich our lives by doing things outside of the computer community. What a great way to introduce your boy to a family tradition that I know he won't forget, and to revisit a very special time you shared with your beloved grandfather.

I can't believe it's August. It is still summer, but my school preparation days start in about two weeks (I better go into my school email to make sure!) and all I can say is that God has given us the BEST SUMMER EVER.

Enjoy your weekend dear one! Anita

hobbyloes said...

What a joy to see all those photo's.
I can imagine that your family and your granddad loved it.
And the sunset was amazing !!!

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello dear Stephanie! Happy weekend to you...I honestly can't believe another week has passed by and a delightful Saturday is here! Oh, what joy to take catch a glimpse of your special day with your precious family...and such wonderful pictures! You, dear friend, are extremely gifted with capturing moments through your camera lens! As baseball is not a very popular sport here in South Africa, I have never played it or watched it being played other than in movies...but it looks like good fun and certainly very festive!
Oh, what sweet memories of your dear Grandpa Don, Stephanie...he sounds like he was an amazing man who created many blessed memories with his granddaughter...
How wonderful! I am sure your son must have enjoyed this game! :)
Enjoy the rest of your summer...sending you much, much love and big hugs!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Great photos there Stephanie. Love the sunset too. Just beautiful.
Love going to a ballgame especially the early evening ones. Not too hot either.
Yes, the months are just flying by. I am not ready to say goodbye to summer either. There are so many things I still want to plant. Oh well, next year. : )
I'm glad you enjoyed my Cosmo photos. I really enjoying taking photos of my garden and sharing with you too. My favorite time of the day to take photos in summer is at sunset. Everything just glows.
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the last weeks of summer too.
Blessings to you and your family. : )

Bobbie Lynn

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, sweet Stephanie, thank you for sharing your photos and experience at the Rockies baseball game! What fun, and it brings back very fond memories for me as well, as my dear dad took us to baseball games when we were very young. So I grew to love baseball and even played (and coached). Yes, I totally understand your comment about sensing your grandpa there at the stadium. It's the memories that God allows us to cherish in our hearts and minds, and they seem so very dear. And they will always be very dear, precious friend! So glad you and the "boys" had such fun, and I know you will enjoy another game in the future! Hugs, dear friend!

Linda Walker said...

What a lovely post in memory of your dear grandpa! I know exactly what you mean about events, sights, sounds and smells triggering memories and emotions! That is a gift I think....they are wonderful memories spent with a wonderful man and now your son gets to enjoy the experience and excitement too. He will remember this day for a lifetime. Your grandpa would approve. Nice to see you back, I know how busy a summer can be. Take the time with your precious son! It's gone in a blink!

Margie said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely memory of your Grandpa Don.

You must have had excellent seats or your camera has an awesome zoom lens to capture such fantastic images of the Rockies!

Unknown said...

Hi Stephanie. Thanks for sharing the wonderful story about your grandfather. I'm sure your son enjoyed the experience with you and your husband. The evening picture was great. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Sweet Friend, You have to realize that we must be absent from something, in order to be present with the day we are given! Family and things done together is the most important thing! As your post speaks of the memories that you relived from being there and doing what brought you great joy.
And you can bet some others that you were with had a BALL "Pun intended..."
xo Roxy

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for your visits and for your sweet words!! Looks like you and your family had a wonderful time!! It has been very hot here...in the 90's but later this week , we will have high's in the 70's which is so much more to my liking!!

have a great week, my friend!!


Conniecrafter said...

I totally understand and it is usually a very busy time for everyone in the summer time and you need to take out the family time, you will never get it back again. I understand doing things and having memories pop up that surprise you with your emotions, how wonderful to be able to share all that with your son now and so he will always know about his Great Grandpa.... glad you had a good time away!

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies said...

I am struggling to keep up with online activities right now as well. I am doing my best, but with all the outdoor activities, and travel it is hard! And, family comes first!
I am sure that your Grandpa was smiling while you and your family were enjoying the baseball game. Wonderful memories for you to remember, as well as the new memories you made!

Love the sunset photo also! Thanks for pointing out that I needed to look and see the Rockies in there, I almost missed that!

Mindy said...

Hold those summer moments with loved ones close - they are a gift. The game looks like so much fun and what a sunset!

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