Tell Your Story In A Special Journal

Preserve your memories,
keep them well,
what you forget
you can never retell.
- Louisa May Alcott -

Do you keep a journal, my friends?
Do you write down your thoughts, your joys, and your sorrows?
Do you share your adventures and mishaps on paper?

Don't forget - no one else sees the world the way you do,
so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.
- Charles de Lint -

I have taken a simple journal that I found at Michael's
and transformed it into a pretty piece of writing material-
the pages are empty and ready for a story. . .

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.
- William Wordsworth -

Here is what I did, sweet friends. . .
I picked out the lace, stickers, and embellishments that would adorn the journal;
I went with soft colors.

I applied hot glue to the inside of the front cover of the journal
and attached the end of the lace.
Then, I applied hot glue on the outer part of the journal 
and pressed the lace onto it for a secure hold
and wrapped around to the back.

There was an ugly sticker on the back of the journal
so I picked it off the best that I could,
but there was still sticker residue left and it didn't look too pretty!

So I applied fabric tags and a sticker to cover the ugliness.
It looks much better, don't you think?

Some delicate paper doilies were tucked in between the pages.

Write until it becomes as natural as breathing.

On the front of the journal I added some sweet pearls
and a dainty butterfly.

My aim is to put down on paper
what I see and what I feel
in the best and simplest way.
- Ernest Hemingway -

Happy journaling, dear friends :)

Love and hugs to you!

* * * * * * * * * *

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Linda Walker said...

Dear Stephanie,
I do love to journal when I can find the time. Your journal is lovely! I know what you mean about those pesky stick on price tags and labels! One would think that they would just stop using them! Have a great day! It is gorgeous here in NH!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautifully done Stephanie! I love how you covered up that remaining sticker mess. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, Your journal is very pretty and I love the quotes you have shared. I still keep an "old fashioned" address book that I could apply these same pretties to hide the ugliness. Thx for the inspiration. God bless your day.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I write in a journal every day. How special to have one unique like this one! I'm still looking in your shop and loving everything you make! Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

Vicky Hunt said...

So pretty! I just love the things that can be found at Michael's! I bought some of those same canvas tags and applied two to my daughter's quilt I am making for her. I'll be sharing pictures after I give it to her. I don't want to risk her seeing it on the blog before then. I ha ve tried journaling over the years and have never been very successful. I am trying something new with my daily planner though and hope to journal a little each day in it. I love the quote you shared...Write until it becomes as natural as breathing. I think that's my problem...I never stick with it until it becomes a habit. Maybe this time!
Hugs & Blessings, Vicky

Kelly-Anne said...

Oh...what a true joy and inspiration you are, dearest Stephanie! This journal is so gorgeously decorated and what pretty details you've added...I especially love the doileys and oh! How lovely the butterfly is! Where do you get all your amazing creative ideas from...I am in awe of the beautiful items you make, my friend!
Will you be selling these beautiful journals in your Etsy shop too...?

I have been journaling for oh! Many years now...it is such a delight to page back and read the various ponderings and happens I wrote down so long ago... Sometimes there are sorrowful entries...other times happy ones, but I just love writing and putting my thoughts and even prayers down on paper...
My current journal is feeling somewhat neglected of late due to insufficient time to write! But...you've truly inspired me to get at it once again! :)

And just to tell you...I love the layout of this post and the sweet quotes and such you included...:)
Hugs to you, dear Stephanie and oh so much love!

Linda said...

Gorgeous and creative!

Vee said...

A pretty journal does make it easier to journal. I have many journals...all pretty. The trouble is actually picking up the pen.

Sarah said...

I used to journal, but over the years I became so busy it was something I set aside. I would love to start again. There are so many precious memories in each week, and journaling is a beautiful way to treasure those memories. Thank you for sharing this inspiring idea!

Maryann said...

Very pretty journal. I used to consistently journal everyday (and have tons of old journals as proof) but since I started blogging I don't do it as much. There is a place for both to be sure and perhaps I need to pick mine up again. You are so very creative Stephanie.

Anne Payne said...

Gorgeous, Stephanie!!! I do journal but not daily. I enjoy turning ugly old composition books into journals with scrapbook paper and embellishments. Such fun to create a beautiful piece of art and then use it often or give as a gift.

Have a blessed day!

Wanda said...

Oh dear, how beautiful.... I have journaled for years, and my first ones..(falling apart) were just old spiral notebooks, then I upgraded to some hardbacks...some of my are pretty others are not. You have given me ideas to pretty up some old journals. I do think our lives should be preserved for the future generation of our family.


domenica.60 said...

Dear Stephanie, I think a journal is like a canvas and we can paint with words
on its pages.
Your journal is gorgeous !!
With love,

Home Meadows said...

What a pretty journal. You are very creative. Thank you for sharing this idea. Hope you are doing well. Heather

Anonymous said...

Dearest Stephanie,

Your journal is just darling! I love all the special lovelies you added- it definitely made it more personal and unique! I love journals, and have quite an obsession with them- always getting them for Christmas or picking one up when I see a cute one. For me, they have many, many different purposes- some I used for recipes, others for personal journaling, and some I just use to keep random quotes and notes in. But they are one of my most favorite things!!

Hope you are doing well and that you week has been lovely and blessed!

Today my sister and I are helping our mom finish getting our house cleaned before we leave on Monday. We're going down South for one whole week- seeing a little, tiny town in Georgia where my dad's family is from, then heading to Florida to see the beach (it will be my sister and my first time) and also for a concert, then we go up to Georgia again and then to Nashville. We end up there for my dad's pre-surgery consultation with his doctor. Then it's home! :)

Have a lovely, wonderful weekend! And stay cool- I'm not sure what the temp is where you are, but here it's been very close to 100!!

Sending you lots of love and many blessings <3

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Stephanie, your journal turned out so pretty. I love the lace with the special details. I found these journals too at Michael's and have given them as gifts. Still have a few to embellish. So much fun isn't it?
This will fly out of your shop. Thank you for sharing your pretties filling your shelves.
Blessings and joy, cm

Heather said...

It's lovely!

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Your journal is gorgeous Stephanie! There are so many uses for journals and the possibilities for decorating them are unlimited. I love how you find the best quotes for your projects and I also love how all of your projects are so beautiful and daintily made!

Christine said...

How special! You have made a plain notebook into a piece of art! It's lovely Stephanie and perfect for your writings!
Have a wonderful day!

Linda said...

I'll tell you, you sure know how to make a girl smile...thank you sweet friend...beautiful. Blessings

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Stephanie,
Yes, we did keep a journal from April 1983 till the end of 2004... It is precious for having and especially those leather bound ones from Neiman Marcus.
You created a very lovely one.

Denise said...

such a lovely idea.

Ashley said...

I love how you so richly decorated your journal Stephanie! Those were fabulous ideas. I love writing in journals. I have quite a few of them that I've filled. My journal that I've been writing in recently have a beautiful Bible verse written on the front of the pink cover, which a flower outline. Very pretty. :)

Blessings in Christ,

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Simply beautiful ! Love how you embellished this sweet journal. Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Mimi said...

I think many of us neglect writing a journal because we think our life is too ordinary. But it's the ordinary things that are most fascinating in hindsight. What kept us busy, how did we celebrate, what was important in our day? It's all important. Your journal is lovely Stephanie and has your special way with things firmly attached. Love, Mimi xxx

Margie said...

Another pretty project, Stephanie! I used to journal all the time when I was younger. I should really make the effort to pick it up again!

Those price tag residues are the worst! I've heard that you can use remove a sticker label using a blow dryer...

Conniecrafter said...

Love your journal, great save on the back where the sticker was. I do a little bit of journaling. I love those butterflies, will have to make some of those :)

doodles n daydreams said...

Stephanie you always make it look so easy.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning lovely one! This is a very special post and dear to my heart. Since I was a child with not many resources for learning or even play (I had to make my own toys for a while and my mother gave me brown paper bag upon which to draw), I always, always found a way to tell a story about what I observed. Whether it was a series of drawings or letters to pen pals as a child, journaling has been a part of my self-expression. There is nothing like it to help shape your thinking. Blogging started out that way, as a space to put down thoughts, then an audience appeared, and transformed that public journal into a place to practice revision and editing....but a personal journal is like a nursery, where words grow into ideas.

Special as always here to be with you. Anita

Anna said...

Lovely !!!!!
Have a creative weekend !

Feral Turtle said...

Simply adorable! Enjoy your weekend!

Joy said...

Excellent idea! You've done a beautiful job of decorating your journal. Yes, I have written thoughts and memories down, printed them off and made a notebook. I have also written memories of my Grandmother and have sent them to my grand daughter. I made her a special notebook to hold the papers. You have encouraged and inspired me to write more things down. There are many things I wonder about my relatives and what their lives were like, but we don't know because it was not recorded.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Your journal is decorated so beautifully, Stephanie. Of course, I knew it would!! I write notes to myself on each grandchild and give them a letter on their birthday, but I should collect them and rewrite them into a journal for each of them. That would make it more special, don't you think?
Happy weekend, sweet friend!

hobbyloes said...

You made your journal so pretty, I think its a joy to write down your thoughts and stories.
I have a special book too and I always write about the children and what keep me busy.
Hugs, Loes

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Your journal is very pretty and inviting to write in. A friend decorated a beautiful journal to encourage me to journal as she does, but as much as I try, I just don't do it! I love to write but not in that format I guess!

Diane said...

Just gorgeous Stephanie.

Hugs Diane

Dee said...

Stephanie, your journal is so pretty and the details are just lovely. I used to keep journals, but I haven't for quite some time. Well, unless you include my blog... :)

Have a wonderful weekend, dear... :)

Debbie said...

WoW stephanie, it is just lovely. i use to keep a written journal, i have several but now i use my blog as my journal and i print it through blogger, every three months. it's not the same without handwriting but there is not enough time to do it all!!!

have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Ida said...

Your journal is lovely. I tried doing a journal once but just could not seem to get into it. Then I started Blogging and that has sort of become my journal.

A helpful hint for getting sticker mess off.

Try this product called, Un-Du - It works like magic.

Tanna said...

Beautiful work, Stephanie! I journaled when I was young... now, my blogging it the closest thing to that I'll do. Just gorgeous! blessings ~ tanna

handmade by amalia said...

How pretty, Stephanie. I hope you will only have happy thoughts and memories to record.

White Lace and Promises said...

So pretty! Love your special touches. Hope your mom is adjusting. Take care of each other. Blessings, my friend.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Such a lovely little journal, Stephanie! So many pretty details! Thank you for sharing - I love to journal. I received your beautiful 'camera' bag and I absolutely love it! It will go everywhere with me and the little 'surprise' was wonderful, too! Hugs xo Karen

Aida said...

Hi Steph, you are so creative. With a pretty journal like that I will be inspired to write down everything and keep a record of it too.
Than, you for visiting and your lovely message. So appreciate your kindness.
Hope you have a wonderful week.


Barbara Neubeck said...

... hello Stephanie..... I love your journal.... your decorations are so pretty.....
I actually have a fabric covered book beside my bed ready for journaling in ... but I have to honest and say I haven't written anything in it... it's as blank as the day I put it there...
I realise I'm a better reader and commenter than I am a writer... (that's why I get behind in my blog)
Blogging is as close to journaling as it gets for me... xxxx
Have a great day... Hugs... Barb xxx

Robyn said...

Hi Stephanie,

I kept a journal from the time I was 12 till I was married. It's always nice to go back and read and remember. Now I don't think I have the time and frankly, my handwriting has become so bad that I probably couldn't read it. I never write anymore! Everything is typed, lol.
I think though, that I will make a gratitude journal and take the time to write a few things that I am thankful for each day. I should be able to decipher that :)
Thanks for the inspiration, sweet friend :)
Hope you're enjoying your summer!

Ashley~ said...

I've kept journals on and off since I was a teen. Writing helps me figure out how I feel- I especially write in times of trial and struggle.
I love how pretty the journal is with lace and the butterfly is darling. I saw before that you were reopening Your etsy store. Ill have to pop over sometime, you make such beautiful things Stephanie. Sending Love

Jess said...

This is super cute! :) I love the idea!

Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

CherylQuilts said...

Dear Stephanie, what a beautiful journal you've transformed with the beautiful lace, stickers, and doilies! It truly is far more beautiful! While I've journaled over the years, I seem not to be doing much recently. I find I've been underlining and writing notes directly in my Bible. However, I do love looking back on my journal entries. I may pull mine out again...thanks for the reminder, dear friend! Hugs!

Mimi said...

Dearest Stephanie...thankyou for sharing this dreamy project at Five Star Frugal. It's been one of my favourites...and it has pink! Love, Mimi xxx

Sam Newton said...

My dear friend Stephanie,
I love your idea of decorating journals! I've gotten smaller notepads and instead of journeying them, I write 5-10 things I am Grateful for each day.
Now I have decorated my latest one and plan to add one in the Christmas stocking.
Blessings and hugs,

Anonymous said...

I just made one of those journal that you do out of a used book, and now you've given me an idea of how to do the outsides of it. Thank you. :)

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