The Innocent - Book Review

She longs for peace - for her land and her heart -
but can it truly be found at Harmony Hill?

Carlyn Kearney has spent two lonely years not knowing whether to mourn 
or to hope after she receives word from the Union Army that her husband is missing.
When the war ends without further word, 
Carlyn find herself penniless, in debt, and forced from her home.
With nowhere else to go, she seeks refuge at the Shaker village of Harmony Hill.

The Shakers profess peace through simple living, but to Carlyn,
the Shaker life seems anything but simple.
When mysterious deaths disturb the peace of the village, 
Carlyn falls under intense scrutiny.
Can a kind sheriff help her expose the culprit?

My Thoughts
Ann H. Gabhart has earned her way to my list of favorite authors
with her enriching novels and endearing characters.
Her books always promise to remain on your mind and in your heart
for weeks after reading them and The Innocent is another one of those books 
that stays with you long after turning the last page.

The Shakers are an interesting group of people. . .
one thing they believe is that marriage is a burden - a terrible sin -  
and when one who is married joins their group
they are to break ties with their spouse and their spouse becomes a brother or sister
which is how they view everyone in the Shaker community.
Carlyn, a married young woman, is waiting for her beloved husband to return home from the war,
but it's been two years and there has been no word from him.
She is desperately in need of food, money, and a home 
so she decides to turn to the one place she knows she can go for food and shelter - 
the Shakers.

Ann H. Gabhart has several books published about the Shakers 
and once again I thoroughly enjoyed reading more about the these people.
Every time I read more about what they believe and how they act.
I shake my head in wonderment that someone could believe something so "off the wall."
Yes, this is a fictional book, but there are "religions" out there 
that have similar believes as the Shakers.
This book makes me even more thankful for Jesus Christ and the simple way of salvation.
In great love He paid the ultimate price for our sin by dying on the cross,
all we must do is realize we are lost without Him and believe in the Name of Jesus.
Sweet and simple faith in Him. . .

"Funny how she remembered more of her mother's daily Bible teachings
than she did her father's sermons from the church pulpits.
His sermons always had a feeling of doom,
while her mother told Carlyn about a compassionate Lord
who knelt down to make mud to put on a blind man's eyes.
Who healed lepers.
Who offered living water to the woman at the well.
Who knew the weakness in people but loved them anyway."
{page  53}

There was a powerful message of prayer in The Innocent
and as I read about Carlyn and the trials she faced I applauded her determination,
her spirit of prayer, and her desire to trust God in all things.
The Innocent is filled with faith, a little humor, some sweet romance, and a touch of suspense.
A big thanks to Ann H. Gabhart for another excellent book!

** I was given a free copy of this book from Revell Publishers for an honest review.
All thoughts are my own. No other compensation was received. **

About the Author
Ann H. Gabhart is the best-selling author of several Shaker novels -
The Outsider, The Believer, The Seeker, The Blessed, and The Gifted -
as well as Angel Sister, Small Town Girl, Love Comes Home, Words Spoken True,
and The Heart Of Hollyhill series.
She lives with her husband a mile from where she was born in rural Kentucky.
Learn more at www.annhgabhart.com 


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for sharing the book review, always good to find a new book to read and this sounds lovely.
Hope you are having a great week

Denise said...

Sounds like a great read.

Daniela said...

My darling Stephanie,
thank you so much for this review, this book sounds so captivating and interesting, I'm going to buy it as soon as possible!
Actually in this moment I've so many books to read 'awaiting to me', but Summer, especially during the hottest hours of the day, I dedicate a few hours to them, so I'm far too glad to have one more title, above all of a novel, which is such a different reading from all the others which are all about history, as you could imagine :) !
Blessings and hugs and dear love

mamasmercantile said...

Your book review certainly brought the book to life, sounds like a great read.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Reading gives such great perspective into so many cultures and beliefs...i would have never known how the Shakers viewed marriage! I thank God for the gift of the written word for we learn so much in this art of communication. You are having FUN reading, aren't you my dear!

Enjoy your day! Anita

Melanie said...

Thank you for the review, Stephanie. I've read a bit of Amish fiction and this sounds similar. I love to read about different life styles and learn from them. I have two boxes full of Amish books that my cousin sent me so I'll be busy for a very long time! Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, Thank you for the review of this book. John and I treated my late parents to a trip to a Shaker Village in Kentucky many years ago. It was a very interesting/informative trip and a beautiful place. This sounds like a good book and one which I will enjoy. Blessings, Mildred

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the histories and cultures of different denominations but honestly have never heard much about the Shakers. Now I'm intrigued!

Bethany Carson said...

And now I'm wondering what happened in the end...did she ever find out what happened to her husband? But I guess reviews aren't supposed to contain spoilers...though I'd love it. ;)

Scrappy quilter said...

Your review is interesting. This is one author I have always had trouble reading.

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