The Curiosity Keeper - Book Review

"It is not just a ruby, as you say.
It is large as a quail's egg, still untouched and unpolished.
And it is rumored to either bless or curse whoever possesses it."

Camille Iverness can take care of herself.
She's done so since the day her mother abandoned the family
and left Camille to run their shabby curiosity shop.
But when a violent betrayal leaves her injured with no place to hide,
Camille must allow a mysterious stranger to come to her aid.

Jonathan Gilchrist never wanted to inherit Kettering Hall.
As a second son, he was content to work as the village apothecary.
But when his brother's death made him heir 
just as his father's foolish decisions put the estate at risk,
only the sale of a priceless possession - a ruby called the Bevoy -
can save the family from ruin.
But the gem has disappeared.
And all trails lead to Iverness Curiosity Shop - and the beautiful shop girl
who may be the answer to his many questions.

Caught at the intersection of blessings and curses, greed and deceit,
these two determined souls must unite to protect what they hold dear.
But when a passion that shines far brighter than any gem is ignited,
they will have to decide how much they are willing to risk
for their future, love, and happiness.

My Thoughts
I have read only one other book by the lovely Sarah E. Ladd
and both novels were enjoyable and well-written.
She seems to be consistent with her ability to write a story 
that captures the readers attention from the first couple of chapters.
Each character in The Curiosity Keeper was well-portrayed
and came to life with their personality.

Camille is sweet and thoughtful, yet strong and bold.
With a father who cares more about his shop and the money he makes
and a mother who abandoned Camille at a young age
she has learned to take care of herself on the streets of London
and she has accepted the fact that she will likely be alone for the rest of her life.
But then she meets Jonathan, 
a man that is willing to risk his life in order to save a young woman from harm.
A man full of character and kindness, a man with a heart of gold.
She soon realizes the blessed joy of having someone take care of her
and the sweetness of companionship,
but unfortunately she isn't willing to see beyond his title 
and the fact that he is from the upper class and she is simply a lowly shop girl. . .

I thoroughly enjoyed The Curiosity Keeper
and I appreciated the fact that it was a "clean" novel 
with no profanity or sensual references.
However, I do wish there would have been a little more "umph" 
with Camille and Jonathan's relationship.
It seems like they went from barely knowing one another to being in a relationship
with nothing in between - the growth in their relationship was lacking.
I also wish there would have been a little more suspense throughout the book.
The beginning and the end were great and had me holding my breath,
but I needed a little more "meat" in the middle.
Other than that The Curiosity Keeper truly was an enjoyable read.
I would give this book 4 stars.

 ** I was given a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers
for an honest review. All thoughts are my own and no other compensation was received. **


Denise said...

good review.

Robyn said...

I love that you give such honest reviews, Stephanie. The premise of the book sounds so enticing but, like you, I want substance in my reading. Now I'm curious, lol. I may have to buy it!

Dee said...

Hi Stephanie and thanks for such a wonderful review. Blessings... :)

Lorrie said...

Good review - not every book is 5 star, but it can be enjoyable nonetheless.

Linda said...

Very good review. I prefer an honest review like yours to ones that are long, drawn out and don't really give a good "inside" look. Thank you so much for sharing.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

And that "meat in the middle" is SO important! It's literally that: the meat, the substance. The beginning and ending have their roles to play but this is a good reminder as a writer that the content is vital. Its what the beginning and end carry!

So lovely as always, to read your book reviews dear friend! Happy Sunday!

Linda Walker said...

Sounds like a pretty good read! I do love a book that catches you and pulls you in early on. Sounds like the middle was a bit lackluster. I often have a hard time staying interested when that happens. You write the best reviews! Hope all is well!

Buttercup said...

This sounds good, but I think I'd like a little more "oomph" too. Wishes for a great week!

Oliva Ohlson said...

Thank you for the wonderful review of this book. I love these type of books. A must read on my list!

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