Tea Cup and Mug Delights

Good morning, friends!
As many of you know I host a Tea Cup and Mug Exchange
twice a year on my blog.
This event is very special to my heart and I count it a joy and privilege
to bring women young and old and from all around the world together
over a tea cup and mug.
Friendships have been formed through this beautiful exchange
and I truly appreciate each lady that joins the adventure.

This last exchange was the 7th one 
and there were 151 lovely ladies that signed up.
The way I assign every one is one lady sends to you and you send to a different lady.
This way you meet two friends during the process.
I hope you come back tomorrow to see what the other wonderful ladies received.
There will be picturess gallore and a link-up for those that have blogs.

This time around Betty sent me a tea cup and I sent to Nora.
Here are the incredibly beautiful items from Betty. . .

Betty is quite the talented seamstress and made the sweet little sachet
and the pretty star mug rug.
I think she may have also embroidered the tea towel.

The cookies were gone within a few days and were enjoyed by myself and my family :)
And peppermint tea. . .one of my favorites!
The tea cup/mug is a feminine pink with roses all over it - so me!

And finally. . .the stunning quilt!
Dear Betty made this beauty and I was moved to tears to receive such a thoughtful gift.
I have it out in my living room so that I can see it every day.
I was truly overwhelmed by Betty's generosity
and her gifts are very much appreciated!

Like I mentioned, I sent a tea cup package to Nora
who blogs over at Tea Cup Tales.
Here is a photo of the items I sent her way. . .

Stop by Nora's blog and say hi!

Now onto the lovely Lynn who sent me a mug. . .

Once again I was greatly amazed by the generosity of someone who hardly knows me.
Precious Lynn sent me quite the package of sweet goodness.
This sweet pea chintz mug was wrapped in the little birdie box
and already I have enjoyed several cups of coffee out of it.

Speaking of coffee, Lynn included a bag of pecan sticky bun coffee 
and oh my! was it ever good.

She also included a lovely afternoon tea book 
which has found a home among my tea cup collection
and a beautiful white pitcher that looks perfect next to my white rose tea pot.

Once again, may I just say how overwhelmed I was by such kindness!
I am very thankful for each item from Lynn
and each gift has found a special place in my home.

I sent a mug to Pat and these are the goodies that I sent to her.
She said she likes blue and orange colors {{smiles}}

But the fun didn't stop there. . .
Sweet Miriam signed up late and I simply couldn't say no
so she and I swapped with one another.

Here is what Miriam sent. . .

A delicate cream mug and fresh mint tea was in the sweet polka dot box
along with three decorative metal balls, soap, a tea strainer,
and a beautiful book by Leslie Ludy - one of my favorite authors :)

A big heartfelt THANK YOU to Miriam!
I was so glad we swapped with one another because she has become quite special to me
and I am having the loveliest time getting to know her.
I love the way the Lord works and how He allowed the two of us to meet.
You can visit Miriam on her blog
Fashioned For Him.

And this is what I sent to Miriam. . .

Also, my dear friend Karen wrote me a few days after I sent every lady the information 
of the person they were sending to and she asked if I ever received her sign-up information.
I checked out my form and lo' and behold her name was not among the ladies.
I am not sure what happened, but I felt awful that her info did not go through
so since she originally signed up to send and receive both a tea cup and mug
I decided to swap a mug with her and my sweet mom swapped a tea cup with her.

Here is what Karen sent my way. . . 

So many goodies were inside her sweetly wrapped package.
Coffee, tea, hot cocoa!
I am all ready for the colder months {{smiles}}

The mug is simply beautiful and the words on it encourage my heart every time I use it.
The book is filled with precious Scripture and lovely quotes from godly people.
I have enjoyed sipping coffee while reading the words.

My sincere thanks to Karen for enriching my life with her friendship and kindness.
Each item will be enjoyed and cherished.

Here is what I sent to Karen. . .

Okay, I am almost done, sweet friends!
I apologize for the lengthy post.

I also swapped with Jasmine because of a little "mix-up."
Jasmine sent me quite the little dogwood blossom beauty. . .

I received some delicious loose tea
and when I opened the box it smelled heavenly!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, dear Jasmine
for adding such a beautiful tea cup to my collection.
I was blessed beyond words.

And this is what I sent to Jasmine. . .her favorite colors are red and black.

And last but certainly not least. . .
I had a couple of ladies that did not receive something
and since I don't want anyone to miss out I sent a tea cup package to Rebecca.
This was Rebecca's first time participating
and I felt awful that the lady sending to her did not come through.
I truly hope all is well with the lady since I could not get in touch with her.

Since this was Rebecca's first time I wanted to make it special
so this is what I sent to her. . .

The tea cup was from my collection
and I know it went to a good home {{smiles}}
A tea bag holder with tea in it, a tea cup coaster, and a journal were included.

Rebecca enjoys making cards so I sent along some sweet embellishments
in a box dressed up in lace and shabbiness
as well as some vintage looking card stock.
And since it's autumn time I included some handmade pumpkins.

Once again the exchange was a smashing success
and it's thanks to the many ladies that participated.

A HUGE thanks to the women that blessed me with such thoughtful and beautiful gifts
{ I am extremely grateful for ALL of you }
and a HUGE thank you to each lady that joined the fun.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 14th, is the official reveal day
and I will have a post on my blog showing what the other ladies received
as well as a link up for the women that have blogs
and will be sharing a post about their Tea Cup and Mug Exchange experience.
I hope you come for a visit and check out the delights :)

Love and sweet hugs to you, friends!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you would like to learn more about the Tea Cup and Mug Exchange
than click here.
The next exchange will be in March or April of 2016 { Lord-willing }.


Denise said...

such lovely, thoughtful gifts.

Debby Ray said...

Stephanie...I am overwhelmed reading this and how much of yourself you put into this exchange. You are so full of grace and loveliness, taking up the slack when there are little "bumps in the road". It is no wonder why you have been showered with such gifts of love...it's because of what YOU give of yourself. You are such a blessing to me...and it's quite obvious to so many others. Thank you so much for all you do, precious friend! Much love to you!

Dee said...

Oh Stephanie, what a wonderful, fun exchange and I will definitely participate the next time around. It's such a fantastic idea and a great way to meet more bloggers. Hugs... :)

Naomi said...

Stephanie....Wow! What fun to read your post today. This was a fun swap and you are an awesome hostess. I'm looking forward to the next one, of course. Thank you for sharing and hosting. Mucho hugs friend.

Erika said...

Wow! Just warms my heart to see all the thoughtfulness that went into the gifts you received and the gifts you sent.


Jill said...

Oh my goodness so many beautiful treasures here! What a wonderful idea to do a swap! I so love collecting tea cups and everything that has to do with tea. For years I've been searching for a full antique tea set, so hard to find one that is complete, the fancier the better :-) Loved looking through this post and everyone was so generous and that quilt in the beginning just gorgeous! What a treasure. Thanks for sharing!


mamasmercantile said...

What thoughtfulness and generosity went into both the gifts sent and the gifts received. A truly beautiful swap.

Anne's Attic - Design said...

How wonderfully generous your teacup giver was! The quilt is an amazing gift, it will leave you with lots of fond memories of the teacup exchange when you are wrapped up in it. Hugs, Jo

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

So much beautiful eye candy in this post. Lovely and generous packages to light up the givers and receivers hearts. Thanks for hosting this wonderful exchange. I'll be linking up tomorrow.

Debbie Harris said...

I would like to say " ditto" to Debby Rays comment.
Your post was beautiful, Stephanie. I enjoyed looking at all the beauty and generosity that was given from both ends. Such love that filled those many boxes then traveling to many lives and I'm sure received with joy.
Your heart is BIG, and God uses you so graciously to touch others through your exchanges. May He continue to use you for His glory through this amazing idea of yours. I know He will continue to direct you and strengthen you for many more exchanges in the future, and may many more ladies be blessed.
There is joy in giving and this is a lovely way to give away love and in return make a new friend, or just touch their heart in some small way.

Thank you for the beautiful work you put into these.

Love you~ Mom

hobbyloes said...

A wonderful and lovely post Stephanie,all the beautiful gifts, amazing !
Love the quilt, logcabin, such a wonderous gift.
Many hugs to you.

NanaDiana said...

OMGoodness, Stephanie! Wow- Everyone did a fantastic job of creating a beautiful gift for each other. Perfect!!!! That is a lot of work and crazy that you had 151 people sign up. Good for you! What fun!!!! xo Diana

Sue said...

Dear Sweet Stephanie, what a joy and a blessing you are, the gifts given and received are so beautiful, and sent with so much love! Thank you for hosting the tea cup exchange, you have put in so much time, and effort to make us all feel so special, as you are special too!
I will be working on my post this evening! Enjoy your much deserved break!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea and a delightful way of meeting bloggers, it can be a lonely place sometimes. I love tea so would love to join in with the next exchange.

Vee said...

Oh my, Stephanie! What beautiful gifts from so many ladies and you are such a sweetheart for not leaving anyone out! I have really enjoyed seeing many of the tea cup exchanges.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Stephanie, You both received and sent some beauties! All of your items are just lovely :)

You were so sweet to send to so many, especially the ones whose partners didn't follow through- that speaks volumes about you, but of course we all already knew your sweetness and generosity!

I so enjoyed looking through your photos. And I can't wait to share my post tomorrow- I am really enjoying my new items :)

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday and a lovely remainder of your week! Sending much love any many hugs to you, my friend :)

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh Stephanie, you were so blessed with so many lovely gifts, but your generosity in remembering so many others was the best blessing of all. Thank you for your loving spirit, sweet friend! I love you!

Gypsy Heart said...

I agree with Debby and Debbie (your Mom)! You put so much into this and you deserve so much! I told you it made my head hurt to think of all you do to match participants, etc. :) This was my first time to join in and I am thrilled! It was so much fun and I love to think of all the good thoughts, prayers, love and wonderful treasures criss-crossing the world because of YOU! God is using you in one of the best ways possible. It's so sad that some did not follow through, however, you made all the difference for those that were left out.

I can't thank you enough! I look forward to the next swap in the spring.


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hello Stephanie,
WOW you tea cup and mug exchange is a HUGE success! I'm so happy for you and enjoy everyone one that I participate in. I love that beautiful quilt you received. Thanks so much for working so hard on arranging these. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Enjoy the afternoon.
Julie xo

Deborah Montgomery said...

Oh my! What a lovely, generous group of packages received and given! Your beautiful and giving spirit has certainly encouraged many of us participating in these lovely exchanges. Blessings to you Stephanie -- it's going to be fun to visit everyone tomorrow! xo Deborah


WOW and Wonderful!!! All so pretty and generous! I've seen swaps where they have "angels" which are gals who sign up to send if someone else has to drop out and that way the hostess doesn't have to send out extra's...just a little FYI for your next swap.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, all your tea and coffee sets sent and received are lovely! You, my friend, are greatly loved!

Kerin said...

Wow! What a neat thing to do!
Everyone is so kind and thoughtful, and such beautiful and sweet exchanges.

Smile :)

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

WOW - what awesome treasures, coming and going!

Stephanie you went above and beyond with all the extra sharing you felt you needed to do. I know it really costs you personally. For someone to not ship as promised, oh my - the SHAME! Well, they really need to provide a tracking number if they DID ship and try and locate it - and if they don't answer the response asking what may have happened, please ban them ever participating again. It is bad form, and such a shame it happened.

I love all your wonderful pics of the swaps and cannot wait for the big reveal tomorrow! Thanks for all you do to bring such joy to so many! ♥

Blue Jeans And Teacups said...

Hello Sweet Stephanie. Thank you for sharing the many details of your swaps. Looks like you have had your hands full. Once again, I enjoyed participating and am so glad I jumped in at the last moment. Erika of AL and Lynn of Quaker Hill Farms were both super fun ladies. Thank you for all your hard work. God's blessings on you and your family! ~Heather

Lowcarb team member said...

Amazing post to read about ...

All the best Jan

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Dear Stephanie, this is truly evidence of the grace and generosity that bloggers share with one another! So many lovely, lovely gifts - what a joy to see them and hear the stories included. You are such a dear for bringing so many people together through your own caring and thoughtfulness. It really warms the heart to see it all come together! Hugs and blessings, Karen xo

Mimi said...

Dearest Stephanie, you have the kindest, sweetest and most generous heart. What a flurry of activity over your way. You're an angel in disguise, I swear! Love, Mimi xxx

Hummingbirds Nest said...

Sweet, sweet Stephanie! What a heart of gold you have! I was blown away reading about what you did for all the ladies! I wish I had known about this exchange. I would have participated as well. I am glad that you will host a swag in April. I will definitely keep my eyes open for that one! :) This is such a fun way to meet other lovely ladies! :) And wow! That quilt!!!!!! What a treasure! I am sure that you will keep it and love it for many years. Enjoy in great health, dear friend.



Linda Walker said...

Dear Stephanie,
Wow! I am truly amazed by the generosity of everyone! You sent and received some lovely, lovely gifts! Now that the swap is over, I hope you take some time to relax and enjoy some hot tea all snuggled up with that gorgeous quilt you received.

This really is a wonderful thing that you do for everyone and I know everyone really appreciates it. We are so blessed to have you! Thank you, thank you!

Conniecrafter said...

Such sweet and thoughtful gifts each way and I just love that quilt that is amazing and such beautiful work, how precious, very thoughtful gifts from all the ladies and very thoughtful of you to send to those that there happened to be a mistake, I am sure they were thrilled with their packages!

Oliva Ohlson said...

I just realized how much of your time and heart you put into this wonderful exchange swap! Thank you so much for all that you do and all the extra work that goes into this fun party for us.

You received beautiful teacups and goodies, and I'm just blown away by the beautiful quilt Betty made for you!!!
The teacup packages you put together for your swap partner and the other Ladies are exquisite and so generously put together by you!!!
God Bless You!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a sweet exchange! I love all the gifts and the quilt is amazing. What gift full of love. I had to skip this swap since my life was crazy busy but things are slowing down a little bit now! I look forward to all the link ups tomorrow.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Stephanie, you poured your heart and soul into this exchange to share happiness and joy amongst a group of tea lovers. How nice to see the gifts you received as well as the generous ones you sent.
Your organization of the event, along with your sweet personality has made this one of the most enjoyable blogging connection exchanges I've participated in.
Blessings to you for putting new friends together.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Stephanie, the teacup/mug exchange was a huge success and due to the leadership you give setting everything in place and organized. Love all your wonderful gifts and those you sent. The quilt from Betty is amazing and each and every teacup and mug is outstanding. It was so much fun and I enjoyed it so very much Thank you for all you do to put everything together. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the reveal with the many who participated.
God Bless you my friend and thank you so very much.
Much Love,cm

Margie said...

What wonderful gifts, Stephanie! You deserved to be spoiled for all the time and effort you put into organizing another successful exchange! Looking forward to the linky party tomorrow!

Merlesworld said...

Lots of lovely things, what fun to get them.

doodles n daydreams said...

Lots of lovely blessings for lots of lovely ladies.


Debbie said...

WoW Stephanie, what a huge success. So many kind, generous and thoughtful woman, everything you sent and received was so beautiful!! The quilt from Betty is nothing short of gorgeous, something your family will have for generations to come. She sure did pick a special friend to send it to!!

Anne Payne said...

You have the MOST generous spirit of anyone I know. Many would not have done what you did. But you know what, the Lord knew this was going to be the way it went down and you pulled it off beautifully because you are HIS!!! You allow Him to work through you to reach others and shower them with unconditional love. I do hope I can participate next time. Much love and big hugs to you, dear girl!

PS....I got the sweetest email from your moma this morning. I just love her! :-)

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Poo! I missed this again. I need to pay better attention and get in on this! What fun! Love seeing all of the creative gift ideas and packages.

Laura Lane said...

How absolutely wonderful. I hope to participate next time.

Kelly-Anne said...

Oh my dear Stephanie! What beauty was in this post...you have such a precious, giving heart, and I just love how you kindly sent pretties and tea cups to so many sweet ladies...bless you!
And oh my! You were blessed with gorgeous goodies and oh! Just look at that amazing quilt...so very lovely!
I can't wait to join you later today for the wonderful link up...thank you ever so much for hosting this delightful event! Have a blessed Wednesday...much love!

All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous gifts. I am truly amazed by the generosity of everyone. Lovely event. Keep in touch

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest Stephanie! The love shows. The abundance of kind gestures is always a great reminder that kindness abounds and sometimes even more, through others who hardly know us! I wonder why that is....but it is lovely, and I am enjoying the sweet gestures I recently received from you. ENJOY YOURSELF and rest my dear friend!

Sara - My Woodland Garden said...

Hello Stephanie,
the Tea Cup and Mug Exchange looks like a wonderful event. I have already seen items some of my blogging friends have received, and they are all gorgeous... like the ones you have received and sent. I hope to participate sometimes, but first I need to plan carefully where to find something beautiful enough for the event. :)
Big hugs!

xinex said...

Wow! What fun! It's just like Christmas and every gift you received was lovely. You did some major shopping too which is equally just as fun and so many fabulous items you sent away. What a nice gesture!...Christine

Simply Linda said...

Thank you for the smiles...what lovely gifts you received. Have a beautiful day, friend. Blessings

Lynn Bean said...

Dearest Stephanie, it truly has been a blessing to participate in this exchange. There is certainly much evidence the Lord guided your hands in selecting exchange partners for each one that participated! Thank you so much. In His Love, Lynn

Amy at love made my home said...

What beautiful things to have exchanged with each other!!! You are so wonderful to have organised this! xx

Daniela said...

I'm so sad I cannot take part to such a joyful initiative, my work and my family take most of my day, I'm already sleeping too little in this period, but it doesn't mean that is always a great pleasure for my heart to have just a step by to tell you all my love, my blessed one !
Love to you, beautiful Stephanie

Lady Linda said...

Thanks again dear Stephanie for organizing these wonderful exchanges. They are just so much fun. The quilt you received is stunning and so sweet. Love ya lots.

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