A Sweet Ornament Exchange and A Lovely Pocket Letter Swap

Happy day to you, sweet friends!
How are you on this fine Friday?
I am sure as Christmas draws closer 
you are beginning to enjoy many beautiful holiday festivities.
Speaking of which,
I was able to participate in two lovely Christmas swaps,
one being an Ornament Exchange hosted by the wonderful Vicky
and the second being a Pocket Letter Swap hosted by the delightful Deb

Let's start with the Ornament Exchange, shall we. . .

Sweet Sherry from Thrift My House
sent me an incredible ornament package.
As I opened each beautifully wrapped gift I was greatly touched 
by the love, kindness, and generosity that was overflowing from the box.
Let me show you what I mean. . .

When I opened the brown packing box
I was greeted by this charming bird box - how did Sherry know I love birds?!

Then I took the lid off and oh my!
It felt like I had just opened Mary Poppins purse
as beautiful things continued to come out :)

Sweet vintage glass balls. . .oh, I'm in love!

This cute mirror in the shape of a heart -
yes, I LOVE the roses on it.

And inside was a little message. . .
Bless you, Sherry!

Also included was this darling bird sign
along with a magnet that had birds and a Bible verse on it.
Absolute perfection!

Sherry also gave me a handmade heart ornament
as well as a pretty bag with dried lavender. . .
oh the scent was heavenly as it wafted its way up to me 
while I unwrapped everything.

And to finish it off I found a package of dark chocolate covered espresso beans.
Wow, are they ever good!
I have them sitting by my hot cocoa station 
and I must confess that I tend to sneak a few beans throughout the day {{smiles}}

I am truly grateful for such generosity demonstrated by Sherry.
She went above and beyond anything I could have imagined.
My sincerest thanks to you, sweet Sherry!
Please know that your love and kindness is very much appreciated
and every time I decorate the Christmas tree I shall think of you and your friendship.

Also, many thanks to the lovely Vicky 
for hosting this wonderful event.
This was the third annual Ornament Exchange
and I have had the joy of participating in all of them.
I am ever so thankful for all of Vicky's hard work 
and the extra time she puts into this swap.
This is one swap I look forward to every year :)

I had the honor of sending to Terri from Our Good Life
and this is what I sent her way. . .

A handmade snowflake ornament with the breast cancer ribbon.
Terri decorates a Christmas tree in her home that is all pink 
in honor of breast cancer.

She also likes gingerbread so I filled a little basket 
with some baking goodies and a kitchen towel.

Now onto the delightful Pocket Letter Swap.
Dear Deb introduced me to Pocket Letters when she hosted a swap in the fall.
I was tickled pink to join the fall swap and had a wonderful time
so when she announced she was having a Christmas one I just had to participate :)

I was paired with the oh-so-sweet Cindy from

I had such a wonderful time corresponding with her through email
before sending off her Pocket Letter that by the time I sent it
I felt like I was sending it to a dear friend.

Here is what Cindy sent me. . .

All kinds of goodies were added to the pockets
such as pretty snowflakes and delicate cream bows.

And I simply love the vintage graphics!

The back was just as lovely!
I am looking forward to enjoying the raspberry and white tea.
In fact, I think I shall make me a cup and enjoy it 
while sitting by the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights.

Cindy richly blessed me with her beautifully-made Pocket Letter.
as each detail showed that she put a lot of love into the pockets.
I am so thankful to have a new blogging friend in Cindy.

This is the Pocket Letter that I made for Cindy. . .
I tied on small glitter ornaments 
along with a bunch of fun ribbon to the side of the letter.

And this is the back of the Pocket Letter.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to to you, dear Deb,
for all the work and effort you put into making the Pocket Letter Swap a possibility.
It's truly a joy to participate.

Thanks to you, sweet friends, for visiting and commenting.
I know today's post has a lot of photos
so I appreciate you taking the time to look and read.
May you have a splendid weekend!

Love and hugs to you!


mamasmercantile said...

Both beautiful exchanges with such generous gifts and so much fun. You have been truly blessed.

Kelly-Anne said...

How very pretty is the Christmas package that Sherry sweetly sent you, dearest Stephanie! Oh, I simply cannot wait to find mine in my mailbox! {{Smiles}}
And know Terri was blessed by her darling goodies from you, dear friend! What fun Vicky's exchange has been thus far...I am so very delighted I was able to join in the Christmas happiness!
I am busy listening to Celtic Women's Home for Christmas, and I must say! I am feeling wonderfully festive! Tomorrow is another busy market, but after that, I am going to be laying my work aside to focus on some Festive projects and my precious family!
Aww! And both you and Cindy created GORGEOUS pocket letters! So pretty and I adore how intricate this project is!
Sending love your way, dear friend!
Hugs always!


Lovely gifts from your swap partner and lovely gifts that you sent! How nice it is to bless each other with gifts. I'm so happy that you enjoyed swapping with Cindy :) Both pocket letters are perfect for Christmas time!

Anonymous said...

How lovely everything is. I enjoyed the photos so very much. Blessings to you this weekend.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hello Stephanie,
I love everything you received from both exchanges!!
I LOVE the angel ornament your mom sent to me. It looks so pretty on my tree!!
This is such a fun swap that Vicky organizes each year and I love participating in.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Julie xo

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Stephanie, you are so sweet to present my gifts to you in such a lovely way. This was so much fun and I'm glad you like everything. I'm loving those pocket exchanges too. And yes, Cindy is the sweetest! I need to check that out as well. Thank you again for your kind words and I hope you have a great weekend :)

Denise said...

Wonderful gifts given and received.I seem to always miss Your parties and swaps You host and the ones You participate in.Someday I want to participate in Your Teacup swap.Was a pleasure looking at Your lovely gifts and I do want to learn more about letter pockets. OX-Denise

Chris Lally said...

I felt gifted just looking at your gorgeous blog today - so full of beauty and generosity. Thank you, Stephanie!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

A lovely post showing the gifts given, and received for the exchanges. I tried my hand at pocket letters for a few friends earlier this year and they are fun to make.
Enjoy your new ornaments on the tree while you sip tea nearby.

Melanie said...

What fun exchanges! The bird box is just beautiful along with everything else. Such a sweet thing to participate in with other friends. I also participate in an ornament exchange with an online group but I can't post photos until every one posts on our site. Have a blessed day.

Debbie Harris said...

Quote beautiful, Stephanie. Those ornaments are lovely, some of my favorite type of balls.
I love the bird box, so you.
Those pocket letters intrigued me and I am always amazed at the things you ladies do to make them full and special.
Such fun!
You're certainly received and gifted some lovely gifts. Enjoy them.


Amy at love made my home said...

Such wonderful things!!! I adore swapping, it is so wonderful to give and receive and share and send love around the world like this isn't it!! What a great joy it is to be a blogger and to get to share like this. xx

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh such fun! I think my favorite part of these exchanges is seeing everyone's creative ideas and gifts. You both gave and received generously. Such beautiful vintage ornaments and gifts, and a very festive pocket letter.

I also took part in both these exchanges, they warm my heart. :)

Hugs, Pam

Christine said...

Oh what wonderful swaps filled with so much love & joy! I'm sure it was a delight on each one's part to open the parcels!
Have a blessed weekend!

Vee said...

Sherry's gifts are darling! The pocket letters are so intriguing... And your recipients will be delighted with their treasures.

Vee said...

I promise that I did not read your mom's comment first. In fact, I minimized your page and went on a search for pocket letters that took me to You Tube and Pinterest.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

You were blessed in giving and receiving, dear Stephanie! I so enjoyed seeing the gifts that you sent and the ones that you received! You certainly deserve lovely gifts that's for sure.
Happy weekend blessings to you, my dear. Have fun with your sweet family.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Wow, what beautiful gifts. Those vintage ornaments are so wonderful. I'd not heard of pocket letters before. That is really a great idea. Have a wonderful weekend!

Linda said...

What a lovely exchange, Stephanie, beautiful gifts!

Debbie said...

WoW Stephanie, your items, both sent and received are just perfect!! I remember those vintage ornaments, sherry seems to know you very well!!

Visits With Mary said...

The gift box from Sherry was just delightful. Such precious little treasures. I've never seen a pocket letter, what a wonderful idea. Everything was so nice. Merry Christmas!

Wanda said...

What treasures....I could feel the love flowing with each word and picture you shared. Isn't God so very good to let us have friendships like these.....HE calls us friend. That in itself is a treasure. Thanks for sharing all the lovlies.

Cheryl said...

Oh, I loved all the pictures! Thank you ever so much for sharing about your wonderful adventures! What a blessing. :) I am so thankful it is Christmas time...truly the most wonderful time of the year! So thankful for your sweet blog and all you share with us here. God bless you abundantly, sweet friend!!!

Little Wandering Wren said...

I am there with you ,the excitement of choosing what to send and then receiving such awesome swaps! What joy!
Wren x

Linda @ A La Carte said...

These swaps are such blessings. I will be blogging about mine this weekend! Such fun to meet new bloggers and share our talents with each other.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh what dear and lovely gifts you have all exchanged! Such thoughtfulness and creativity! Delightful to see all the sweet goodies. Hugs xo Karen

gilly said...

What lovely swaps, and how blessed you each are by them :-) Happy weekend, xx

Anna said...

Beautiful swaps !!! With lovely little treasures !!!
Have a great weekend !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

This all reminds me of my early days of blogging; the exchanges were overwhelmingly special, so many kind gestures. I have an entire drawer full of cards...an entire cabinet full of small handmade treasures, all from people I've never met. Blogging surely has changed my life, but unfortunately, the busy-ness of life has changed my blogging. I LOVE THAT HEART-SHAPED MIRROR! I have a compact given to me by a very, very special blog friend who I love dearly.

HAPPY WEEKEND, my friend!

Feral Turtle said...

What a wonderful gift exchange it was Stephanie. Sherry sent you some beautiful gifts. I love the Christmas balls. They are always so pretty on a tree and the lavender is one of my favorite soap making scents! Sherry is a wonderful lady but don't tell her that as it may go to her head!! hehe.... Cheers to Vicky for hosting and bringing people together! I love the pocket letter but I have never heard of it so now I must go off and learn all about them! Thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts with us and I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

Margie said...

How fun! The items that you received and sent are all beautiful!

Jeanna said...

Hi Stephanie. You gave and received some beautiful gifts. I so appreciate Vicky for hosting this exchange. It was her ornament exchange two years ago that I met you and your precious Mom. You both are such blessings to me.

Merry Christmas, Sweetie!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

What fun to be in two exchanges! This was my first year with Vicky's ornament exchange and it was fun. You received such lovely things and you give equally lovely things. I do hope you received the message I sent you through your blog for my lovely package. I so love it all!

Cecilia said...

What fun to get to participate in two exchanges! You received some very nice gifts! I so enjoy being a part of Vicky's ornament exchange. I hope you have a blessed Christmas!

Lowcarb team member said...

Yes, a lovely selection of photo's to look at - thank you so much for sharing.

May you continue to enjoy the Christmas season

All the best Jan

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Stephanie, beautiful gifts all around sharing the spirit of what Christmas is all about. The season of giving like our Lord gave to us.
Your photos sharing the beauty are special and the ornament exchange touches so many. Thank you for sharing the fun all you girls enjoyed.
Merry Christmas sweet friend. Thank you for the early emails this morning and have a blessed Sunday!! Merry Christmas with love!! xo

Consider It All Joy said...

Oh that Sherry outdid herself, beautiful package, so many wonderful items as well as ornaments! It was a real pleasure swapping pocket letters and beginning a new blog friendship! You are a real blessing, Cindy xo

Robyn said...

Morning, Stephanie,

I was just telling your mom that she has inspired me to get involved in these exchanges and your post has me even more convinced. These gifts are so unique and so beautifully suited to you, my friend. I love all these beautiful photos and hearing the excitement in your writing!
Christmas is almost here! Love and hugs to you! xo

Conniecrafter said...

Such fun exchanges, the ornament exchange such great bird items, neat vintage ornaments, sweet mirror too!! Your ornament for her is just perfect and fun idea with all the cooking supplies!
Love the way you dressed up your pocket letter on the side, cute little tags and touches of lace!!

Unknown said...

I just love everything that you received...Vicky did such a great job pairing us all up! This was my first year participating, and I was so happy to join in.
I love the pocket swap idea too, was that done by Garage Sale Gal? I looked on her blog but couldn't find anything about it...I would love to participate in that next year too!
Such an amazing way to make new friends!!
I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Vicky Hunt said...

I finally have a chance to comment on everyone's link! I have been so very busy! Sherry is such a sweetheart and is so creative! I love the everything she sent you. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Christmas season with your sweet family. I know I am! Have a blessed and beautiful week and thanks again for joining the fun!

Hugs, Vicky

Unknown said...

Hi sweetie, again another beautiful blog, I'm glad you will be continue ing to do your blog,its nice to break away from the real world and slip into such beauty.
I also have to say thank you for making such beautiful stockings.I was excited and blessed to receive one.I will treasure it forever.actually I love it so much that it is still hanging in my room.😂
Blessings on this day and always my beautiful niece 💕

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