Faith - Book Review

The Civil War battlefield is the last place Quakeress Faith Cathwell 
thought she’d find herself. 
But with a gift for nursing, Faith seizes this opportunity to join the fight for abolition-
and to search for Shiloh, a freeborn childhood friend 
who was kidnapped and sold south by unscrupulous slave catchers.

Knowing it’s much too dangerous for her to search enemy territory alone, 
Faith enlists the help of Colonel Devlin Knight, 
who is indebted to her for saving his cousin’s life. 
A career soldier, Dev is committed to the preservation of the Union 
but conflicted about freeing his own slave and confidant, 
who plans to enlist as soon as Dev gives him manumission papers.

Blazing a trail east with the rest of Grant’s army, 
Dev and Faith fight their personal battles-
and a growing attraction to each other. 
When beliefs clash and passions flare, 
they quickly find that the only thing more dangerous 
than the war surrounding them is the battle within their hearts.

My Thoughts
Faith is the third and final book in the Quaker Brides series.
You can find my reviews for the first two books by clicking on the titles:

While Lyn Cote is a phenomenal author
with loads of talent for writing a book that is rich in history and content
I felt Faith fell short of Lyn Cote's writing abilities.
I must confess that  the storyline was lacking and somewhat boring;
it was all I could do to persevere and finish the book
{it took me a week and it never takes me that long to read a book. . .never}.

The pros:
The war details were incredible and spot on
as was the history of the Civil War.

Many times after a battle took place I could picture in my mind 
the heartache and devastation that awaited the nurses 
thanks to Lyn Cote's detailed writing.
She wrote in a way that made you feel as though you were next to Faith 
serving and helping the wounded men.

There was some mystery as Faith and her friend Honoree 
searched for Honoree's sister, Shiloh.

It was a delight to have Honor from the first book
brought into the last book.

The cons:
The story itself seemed to drag with repetition.

The romance was also lacking.
Faith and Colonel Devlin Knight were obviously attracted to one another,
but throughout most of the book they do all they can
to distance themselves from romance
and then all of a sudden towards the end of the book 
their relationship takes an exciting turn.

The main goal seemed to be finding Shiloh,
but that too was a slow process.
Finding Shiloh was often talked about,
but after a while it became too repetitive. . .
it was just the same talk over and over.

I will admit that I lost interest in the story after the 4th chapter 
and didn't regain any interest until the last few chapters.

Please don't get me wrong,
I admire Lyn Cote and have always found her to be a wonderful writer.
Typically I enjoy her books, but sadly Faith didn't quite make the cut.
The first two books in the Quaker Brides series were excellent.

All-in-all I would give this book 3 stars.

** I was given a free copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers for an honest review.
All thoughts are my own. No other compensation was received. **

About the Author
Lyn Cote is the award-winning, critically acclaimed author
of more than thirty-five novels.
Her books have been RITA Award finalists and Holt Medallion and Carol Award winners.
Lyn and her husband have two grown children 
and live on a small, beautiful lake in northern Wisconsin.
Visit her online at www.lyncote.com 


shortybear said...

appreciate your honest review

Daniela said...

I was waiting for this review of yours to purchase the whole series, but honestly, after reading your words, probably I'm not buying it, your reviews ar always so detailed and honest, my dearest Stephanie !

I wish you a most wonderful weekend ever, sweetie, sending blessings to you, much love, hugs and more hugs,
with utmost gratitude


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello dear one! Happy weekend! It's always a good idea to hear reviews from honest, intelligent friends, and if the book is not a page turner, keeping you up all night but rather sits for a week, then that it NOT the type of book I want to read!

Enjoy a lovely, blessed weekend!

Christine said...

A sound review, Stephanie. I have yet to get around to reading this series. I have found this repetition of plot and conversation to be a problem in quite a few novels I've read recently. It is off-putting.
Thanks and may you have a blessed weekend!

Lowcarb team member said...

Always good to read reviews.
Shame it didn't quite meet expectations ...

May your weekend be a happy one.

All the best Jan

Melanie said...

Thank you for the review, Stephanie. This does sound like an interesting series even if the third one was a bit slow. Have a blessed weekend.



Linda Walker said...

Sometimes it just happens....some books just drag on for me too. Normally if I pick up a great book,, I can't put it down. So when I get one that seems to drag on and I lose interest, it's a bit disappointing to me. Your reviews are always well written and honest. May your next read be a page turner for you my friend!

Sandy said...

Thank you so much for your book reviews - I love to read and time is short so it is good to know what you think.
Thanks again for this review!
sandy xx

Lisa said...

I think I'll try the first two in the series first. I'd never heard of this series or author but now I'm excited to read her work. I find series hard to read sometimes. They often start off strong and fizzle after awhile. It's hard to keep the momentum going. Thanks for the review!

Miss Val's Creations said...

It's too bad a read you were looking forward to fell short. I love reading about the old days in America so at least that part was enjoyable. :)

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Thanks for your honest review, my friend. Taking you a week to read a book is a real sign that it's not a great book. Good for you, however, in persevering through it, to give your honest opinion. I'll skip this book! xo

Anne Payne said...

I always enjoy your reviews, Stephanie. Thanks for sharing this one. Doesn't sound like a book I would much enjoy reading.
Have a blessed day!

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