A Summer Tea Party

Sweet as fragrant roses
It is to have a friend.
On whom in storm or sunshine
You know you can depend.
- Unknown -

In July I had the delight of hosting a tea party.
This party included a very special person. . .
someone whom I greatly admire and love
and someone that I consider my best friend.
This precious lady is. . .
my mother.

With the fast pace of summer days I thought it was time to simply slow down
and what better way to do so than to sit down with sweet company and hot tea.
While there were only three of us attending the party
- my mom, precious son, and myself -
I took delight in creating a tasty menu with lots of options.
As we sat there nibbling on this and that 
we slowed down, relaxed, and enjoyed sweet fellowship.

Come, lovely friends of mine,
won't you slow down for a few moments
and enjoy these last days of summer.
Take some time for you.
Pour yourself a comforting cup of tea, prop your feet up, 
let your head fall back, and simply relax. . .

The table has been set, 
the food is awaiting. . .

and the drinks are ready to be poured.

Here is the menu for our tea party:
{ click on the links below for the recipes }

These savory sandwiches are made with puff pastry,
sliced turkey, pesto sauce, provolone cheese, tomatoes, and fresh basil.

These were incredibly tasty!
They are made on fresh white bread 
and the chicken salad is made with mandarin oranges, 
fresh strawberries, chives, and poppy seed dressing.

Orzo Salad
{ no link }

A light salad made with orzo, pine nuts, and dried tomatoes.

Mmmm... these were ever so sweet and refreshing
as they were made with fresh lemons.
The glaze on top was the perfect finish.

This was my very first time making petit fours
and after tasting these sweet treats it won't be the last :)
These were made with a delicious pound cake.
Raspberry jam and buttercream frosting was spread in the middle
for extra sweetness.

The recipe I followed tells you how to make the cake which is just a basic white cake,
but I "cheated" and used a Sara Lee pound cake and oh my, was it ever good!
If you're short on time than I would suggest using Sara Lee.

These delectable tarts have a sweet cream in them
with raspberries and blackberries on the top.

The recipe called for wonton wrappers,
but I used thin and flaky pastry shells 
which I found in the frozen department at my grocery store.
I sprinkled confectioners' sugar over the tarts for the finishing look.

For our tea cups I simply chose three from my collection.
My little one has a few favorites 
and this Royal Albert butterfly is one of them.

I had my mom use this pretty pastel
Royal Winchester tea cup.

And I used the Collingswoods tea cup 
that my husband and son blessed me with.

I truly hope you enjoyed your visit, sweet friends.
It's always good to take a deep breath and slow down.
Have a little tea party with your mother, grandmother, aunt,
sister, daughter, son, or friend
and enjoy their precious companionship. . .
bask in the sweet moment of relaxation.

Flowers will fade away,
And they will soon decay,
Let not our friendship fade so fast
But let it forever last.
- Unknown -

Since we are on the subject of tea
I wanted to inform you that the sign-up for the 
9th Tea Cup and Mug Exchange 
will be begin on Monday, September 12, 2016.
The time is quickly approaching and I wanted to give you a heads up.

Much love to you, dear friends!

{ click on the picture collage to visit Rose Petal Blessings }


Linda said...

What a beautiful and loved filled post, sweet Stephanie...enjoyed your little tea party and everything looked so nice. Have a beautiful day friend.

{and how wonderful you think of your mom as your best friend...bought tears to my eyes, smiles)

Witchcrafted Life said...

My word, what an immensely lovely spread and way to celebrate this warm, beautiful season. I swear, I'm 10X hungrier now than when I began reading this post. :)

xoxo ♥ Jessica

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

What a lovely tea party! Thank you for all the recipes! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Danielle Carlson said...

Stephanie, this is an absolutely beautiful presentation! These are life goals for me right here. Thank you so much for sharing the recipes! Your creativity and thoughtfulness is so inspiring.

Dani xoxo
a vapor in the wind

Anna said...

I fI was your mother, I would stay...and stay...and stay in front of your delicious table...

NanaDiana said...

How very, very beautiful and special, Stephanie. I bet your mom was over the moon! You did an outstanding job and I LOVE your food choices.

Blessings-just trying to get a post in and catch up with everyone when I have a spare moment. xo Diana

allthingzsewn said...

everything looks so delicious. Would you share the recipes for the petite fours and lemon scones please with the glazes? I have yet to get a recipe for scones that I liked.

Lisa said...

This is such a delightful table! The food looks absolutely delicious and I can see you put such thought in every single thing! I know your mother was thrilled to share this with you. What a fun day!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dear Stephanie, What a delightful tea party. Love all the tasty foods you created. It is such a great idea to layer the plates with tea cups for a serving piece. Love this idea. I am sure you, your dear mother and son had a wonderful time visiting and enjoying the goodies.
You table setting is beautiful. You do everything with great love and it shows my friend. It truly shows!! Love and Blessings xo

Christine said...

Sweet Stephanie this is just the most darling table spread for your tea time treat! I'm sure your dear mother felt so honoured!
Everything is delectable & so thoughtfully & artistically presented! Thanks for sharing with us!
Have a wonderful day!

Tamago said...

Oh wow, your tea party is a----mazing! Such a beautiful table setting. The flower, food, tea cups, etc....everything is beautiful and perfect, and most importantly, filled with love!
Thank you for sharing your delightful tea party :-)

Alex said...

Ten out of ten for prettiness and deliciousness! ~ And I didn't taste it, but I know it will have all been a treat indeed.
It showed how much you appreciate you Mum, and son, so sweet. I think you will have saved a little plateful for hubby!
You do inspire us, my friend : )

Home Meadows said...

Hi Stephanie, your tea party looks and sounds like such fun. Your table looks like it could grace the pages of Victoria magazine. I'm looking forward to exploring the recipes; especially the lemon scones! Have a great day, Heather

Debbie Harris said...

Oh my! When your post popped up and I saw that beautiful table setting again my whole insides got all happy! :) That truly was one of the finest tea parties I have been graced with, dear Stephanie. This post brought back sweet memories of your thoughtfulness (knowing I needed to slow down) your love and those amazing and delicious finger foods. You have made my stomach growl.
For your beauty and loveliness, thank you again!

You made my heart skip a beat when I read that the next tea cup & mug exchange is coming soon. Your 9th...what a glory to God.

Beautiful post and lovely photo's, Stephanie.

Love you~~

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I have a big smilie on my face as I write this, just picturing the three of you enjoying all that wonderful menu and time together. Your table looks so pretty and I love the delightful food and special place settings. The tiered tray that you created looks so charming and I know you all had the best time in each other's company. I'm planning a special tea that my grands and I are doing next week...such fun! Love and hugs to you, sweet girl! ❤️

tealady said...

How enchanted everything looks. Your table is set beautifully. I am inspired to have a tea party myself soon.

Anonymous said...

My friend! Your table looks so inviting and lovely! And I'm so glad that you tried the Strawberry Chicken Salad recipe- it os one of our favorites, and this reminds me that I need to make it again {{smiles}} I will also be copying down the other recipes you shared as they looked yummy as well! And so beautiful, too ♥

I loved the teacups you chose to have as part of this party, and what fun for you, your son, and dear mother...I know you all must have had such a good time!

Enjoy the rest of your week, and a happy August to you, as well!

Joy and love,

P.S.-Looking forward to another wonderful exchange coming up! YAY!! The confetti is falling!

Antiques And Teacups said...

Your Mother must have been so blessed! What an elegant treat...I saw chicken strawberry sandwiches in Tea Time and they were indeed delicious!

quakerhillfarm said...

This is a beautiful tea table. I am sure your mother was just thrilled that you took the extra time to make it special just for her! What a blessing you are dear Stephanie! Looking forward to the next teacup and mug exchange!

hobbyloes said...

A very wonderful and special tea-party with your dear mother and your son.
It looks all yummy and delicious.

Summer said...

The food and decor looks really lovely♥ And I love that quote and the fact that you have a beautiful relationship with your mom♥


Debby Ray said...

Oh. My. Goodness. You have certainly outdone yourself, my dear Stephanie! You surely needed a relaxing time after preparing all of these delectable delights! Everything looks so yummy and your table is beyond lovely! You are definitely the hostess with the mostest!! How fun for all of you :)

Melanie said...

How beautiful!! I love the delicate tea cups. I'm copying down a couple of the recipes. I want to have a tea party for my friend's birthday. She has several diet restrictions: gluten free, no egg yolks or cheese so it will be a challenge. Your mother is very blessed to have you as a daughter. Have a blessed day.

Sandy said...

Oh Honey Child - you do set a good table! Stephanie, you are one of these special people that seems to be able to do it all with grace and beauty! The table is gorgeous and the food looks delicious. Thank your for the recipes. They say the apple does not fall far from the tree. I am sure your Mom is one incredible lady.
You obviously cook, make beautiful gifts and have a passion for spreading the gospel in your own special way.
All of this in one pretty package! Bravo!!
Sandy xx

Anne Payne said...

Such a beautiful table setting! I know your mom enjoyed time with you and your precious son. You make baking and preparing all those lovelies sound easy peasy. :-)
Love to you, sweet Stephanie! {{hugs}}

sarah said...

Everything looks so very beautiful. Your mother is blessed to have you as her daughter.

Sylvia said...

Oh my goodness,Stephanie,that table does look so elegant and the food so tasty,you have my mouth watering. Those Lemon Cream Scones looks and sounds so good...I love lemon. You did good and I know Debbie enjoyed it..lucky lady! I've never made Petit Fours but I know they had to be delicious.


Anonymous said...

Stephanie, thank you for inviting us to sit down to your dainty tea party. What a wonderfully sweet idea! So pretty and I love your menu. I'd love to make a few of those treats sometime soon.

Christine said...

Your mother must be a wonderful person to have such special treatment.

You have changed my mind about Tea Parties. It doesn't matter if you invite 20 people or two, put out your best and serve others.

Elizabethd said...

A perfect tea party indeed!

Valerie said...

Dear Stephanie,
How beautiful. I was just thinking of you and your beautiful blog when this post popped up on my feed. Everything you touch is graced with beauty. Everything looks so delicious. =) Hope you are having a simply wonderful summer.
Blessings, Valerie


You set a lovely tea party with pretty dishes and treats that look divine!
Wow, almost time for the tea cup swap...hasn't the time/summer gone by quickly!

Joan said...

Love theapartys and what a lovely butterflies cup!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!!
What a beautiful tea setting !! How lovely of you to do this for your Mother and for your son! The food looks scrumptious!! Your dishes are stunning! I am sure this was a day that all of you will never forget!!
So Charming!

Cheryl said...

I tell you what, this is just so beautiful! I love your sweet Mom so much. She has been such a dear comfort and blessing to me! I can only imagine how much you enjoyed your precious time with her and your dear son. As I read your post, I told Zach that it reminds me of back when he was little and my dear Mom was alive, and oftentimes, it would be the three of us doing things together. I am so grateful you shared this..it took me back to some precious memories! And, the tea cup exchange! I can't believe it is so quickly approaching! I can hardly wait! God bless you, sweet friend. :) I appreciate all you do! I am going to slip over to your lovely store to place an order. I was thinking of doing that this morning, as there is something I wanted to reorder, and then I got caught up doing things, so thank you for reminding me!

Cheryl said...

I forgot to ask you...how do you make Irish Tea? It is such a pretty color in that glass pitcher!

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Hi Stephanie, what a beautiful table you created. The goodies look delicious. I bet your mom enjoyed her visit with the two of you. Enjoy your week!

Love Aunt Kelly

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

You and your mother have a special, close bond and it was nice to see the lovely tea you had her over for. The menu was delicious and I really should try petit fours myself in the near future.
Thanks for the heads up on the next teacup exchange, I've been picking things up for a few months for my recipient.

Margie said...

What a wonderful tea, Stephanie! I love everything from the pretty china to the yummy foods. How old was your son when you started having tea parties with him?

I'm trying to savor the remaining days of summer but look forward to the fall teacup exchange!

Vee said...

Delightful! Your mother must feel very loved and appreciated when you go to these lengths to host a tea party in her honor. I know that I would.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

I really enjoyed looking at all your lovely tea party things. How lucky to be your guest! I was wondering if you could tell me on the tier plates where you put a plate and then a tea cup and then another plate and then a tea cup and another plate if you glued them together. If so, what type of glue did you use? I really thought that so clever. Nancy

Prunella Pepperpot said...

Dear Stephanie, your Mother is one very lucky lady indeed. What a wonderful tea party you organised for her with truly delicious food. The glaze on those lemon scones looks gorgeous.
Your table setting and china is a delight to behold.
Have a wonderful week :)

Billie Jo said...

This is so very lovely.
How I wish we were neighbors!
I would love to learn from you...
Such a beautiful day, and an important reminder.
Thank you for being you. : )

Kimberly Yoghourtjian said...

Dear Stephanie, What a lovely tea party. All the goodies make me hungry. I will have to look-up the recipes. Oh, that your mother is your best friend. What a blessing from the Lord, and taking time to hear the birds sing and enjoy the company of loved ones is priceless. Thank you for your dear, sweet spirit. Kim

Kelly-Anne ♥ The Diary of a Country Girl said...

Morning dear Stephanie... Oh, how refreshing it was to come over and view the delightful tea party you hosted for your dear mom and son! What a precious, memorable experience this must have been and I'm ever so glad you shared it with us! The finishing touches...the details...ah, you created a simply beautiful tea table and all the treats you whipped up look delicious! I must try making Petit Fours sometime...perhaps for my next tea event! {{Smiles}}
I am thinking about hosting a Spring tea sometime in September for a couple of sweet friends...the last time I did this, though, it poured with rain and we had to sip tea inside whilst listening to the rain pound on the roof! Ha! You've greatly inspired me to get planning for I have a couple pretty teacups just asking to be used! Have a wonderful day, sweet friend! Sending love your way!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, Such wonderful memories you, your Mom and son will have of this special time together. I adore your tablescape, and the menu makes my mouth water. About 8 years ago, I hosted a tea party for my college girlfriends and my late mom as in attendance. I have such cherished memories of that day and sweet photos to keep. Wishing you a wonderful day.

KimM said...

What a beautiful, lovely tea! You're so fortunate to have your mother here with you. I lost my sweet mother - my best friend and confidante - almost three years ago.....and miss her still. Thank you for sharing your special time with your mother and son.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

THAT is precious.

To have your mother and son join you in this festive moment is absolutely a memory that all of you will cherish. I had been wanting to make a tea party too, but there's no one around to share it with me!!!! Since I'm off of work, I tend to forget that everyone else IS AT work during the week! One day. One day I shall have one!

Beautiful table my friend.

Esther Asbury said...

So elegant and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a beautifully put together tea Stephanie 🙂 Everything looks just lovely 💕💕

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

How special! Everything looks lovely and delicious!

Mrs. W. said...

Wow, Stephanie, this all looks so fresh, pretty, and DELICIOUS! I want to make those lemon scones.

I love the charming teacups and saucers - how very lovely!

I am sure that your mother was delighted. You really are a talented baker :)

Love and warm hugs,

Mrs. W. said...

Stephanie dear,

As I was finishing up my comment, my daughter saw you blog and commented on how pretty and pink it was. I had to show her the entire post and have her admire with me the lovely tea party. As I was scrolling down over all the beautiful photos, I noticed something I had not spotted, your stand of upside-down teacups for your Berries & Cream Tarts. What a cleaver idea! I'll have to borrow that idea sometime :)


Lorrie said...

What a pretty and delicious tea you created for your mom and son (and yourself). Thank you for sharing your recipes.
We had a much more casual tea party here this week - so much fun!

Lady Linda said...

Hi sweetie...oh what a lovely tea! I love summer teas. You menu is so perfect and i love each table setting. You did just a great job. Your style is so neat and tidy. I bet your mom and son just loved all your hard work.

mamasmercantile said...

Spending quality time together is always good but to add the delicious afternoon tea made by yourself makes it so special. The table setting was beautiful. Precious moments.

mollymell said...

Wow, that's a dreamy table setting! The details, the yummy recipes... I can only imagine how wonderful it might have been preparing all of this for your friend, specially considering your best friend is your mother, and that's a blessing.

Glad I found your enchanted blog.


Karen said...

Everything looks delightfully inviting! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Stephanie, I love your teatimes with your mother! I know your creativity and hard work on these occasions make her feel loved and cherished.

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

What a wonderful tea tablescape and who better to share than with your Mom. I so miss my Mom that has been gone for 18 years! I want to join in on the tea exchange and hope I remember since I forget everything! Wish I was your Mom to enjoy such a lovely tea party.

Bethany Carson said...

Oh wow! Everything looks so beautiful--and so delicious! I wish I could have joined you! I'm sure it was a wonderful time with your mother and son. All that scrumptious food must have taken a lot of work to create!

Conniecrafter said...

Oh Stephanie, such a wonderful idea to just make up a special table with some wonderful treats and share a special time with your mom and son... you have me thinking I should do this with a couple friends. Your table looked just beautiful!!

Marilyn Mathis said...

Such a lovely inviting table. Makes me wish I could come and partake. The petite sandwiches sound yummy and I can just picture the lemon cream scones melting in my mouth. This was beautiful. Thanks for the invitation. Hugs

Lowcarb team member said...

How lovely to enjoy a tea like this with your dear mom and son.
It's days like this which provide such love and special memories.

All the best Jan

Camille said...

SO wonderful!! Your tea table looked amazing, Stephanie. I am sure your Mom felt very loved by you in all that you did to make your tea party special. Mmmm....you are one talented lady. :) Perhaps one day you will open a tea shoppe of your own? Big Hugs, Camille

Katy said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I am sure your mama and son enjoyed it! :)

Red Rose Alley said...

My dear Stephanie, you went all out for this tea party for your mom and son. You prepared so many scrumptious foods. I really can't pick a favorite because they ALL look delicious! What a special daughter you are. Your mom is blessed beyond words to have you........and you are blessed to have her.

love to you, dear one.


Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

So many tasty things for your tea party. And the tea set you used are so darling. I'm sure this day will stay as a dear memory.

Libby said...

I must admit that I've never attended an actual tea party. The one you're thrown here is absolutely fabulous! I feel I've attended right through your photos and recipes. :-)

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