He Hideth My Soul

A wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord,
A wonderful Savior to me;
He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock,
Where rivers of pleasure I see.

A wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord,
He taketh my burden away,
He holdeth me up and I shall not be moved,
He giveth me strength as my day.

With numberless blessings each moment He crowns,
And filled with His fullness divine,
I sing in my rapture, oh, glory to God!
For such a Redeemer as mine.

When clothed with His brightness transported I rise
To meet Him in clouds of the sky,
His perfect salvation, His wonderful love,
I’ll shout with the millions on high.

He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock,
That shadows a dry, thirsty land;
He hideth my life in the depths of His love,
And covers me there with His hand,
And covers me there with His hand.
- Fanny J. Crosby -

And it shall come to pass, 
while my glory passeth by, 
that I will put thee in a clift of the rock, 
and will cover thee with my hand while I pass by.
- Exodus 33:22 -

Have a most blessed Lord's Day, precious friends!


magnoliasntea said...

Happy Lord's Day to you! This is one of my absolute favorite hymns. :)
Have a great Lord's Day!

Susan said...

Hello dear Stephanie. That very first quote is especially comforting. Hope your Sunday is super. Hugs. Susan

Weekend-Windup said...

Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

Mrs. W. said...

Hello dear Stephanie,

It is a beautiful day! We are so blessed!
What lovely flowers. Are they from your yard?

I am so happy that the church we go to is filled with wonderful, loving people. The preaching is full of scripture and so powerful.

Have a beautiful week, dear friend.

Melanie said...

I do like that song. I didn't know that Fanny Crosby wrote it. She was a remarkable lady. Have a blessed day.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Stephanie, A beautiful post for the Lord's Day. This is a beloved hymn and always an old time favorite. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed Sunday.
Love and joys, xo

Debbie Harris said...

Your photos made this post with the hymn seen quite soothing to my heart, beautiful in deed.
One of my favorites that comes to my mind often during a day.

Enjoy your day, lovely lady~~

Debbie Harris said...
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kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Ooh Stephanie, that very first quote spoke directly to me! Thank you for sharing that and the beautiful hymn and photos of the flowers. Are they hollyhocks? My, they are perfect for the lovely words. Thank you for sharing. Have a fabulous Sunday, sweet friend. Love to you!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, dear Stephanie, I agree with the others above that this is one of my favorite older hymns. These are such amazing and dear words, and what a precious melody as well. What a blessing Fanny Crosby was in her life and even now lives a lasting impact for Christ! I love the beautiful floral pictures you've included that add more beauty to this Lord's Day post. I so love them and look forward to seeing and reading them! Thank you, dearest and loved friend! Hugs! xoxo

Cheryl said...

Numberless blessings each moment! Oh, how true! Even in the midst of our deepest trials, He is faithful, and He is true to His word and promises. I LOVE this old, precious song. It never fails to inspire my faith in our dear Lord. So thankful He is hiding my soul! Praise His name. Sending you love and hugs, sweet Stephanie!

Prunella Pepperpot said...

Beautiful words dear Stephanie and your flower images are truly stunning. Happy Sunday and have a glorious new week ahead :)

Karen said...

A lovely and encouraging post! Thank you. God bless you.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HE REIGNS every day....isn't that AMAZING????

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet hymn with reassuring lyrics and gorgeous photos. I hope you and your family have enjoyed the weekend. xoxo

Kelly-Anne ♥ The Diary of a Country Girl said...

What a beautiful reminder that our Saviour is watching over us and that we are in His safe-keeping, no matter what. This was such a blessing to read this Monday morning over coffee...I always enjoy your hymn posts, dear Stephanie!
I hope your week is a delightful one!
Hugs and love...

mamasmercantile said...

Once again a beautiful post that I found quite uplifting. Stunning images alongside a wonderful hymn. Have a great week.

Tamago said...

Beautiful flowers. It's like they are reflecting your beautiful soul! I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend :-)

Ang Specht said...

This is the second blog I've visited today with pretty flowers. I just love flowers and wish they could grow year-round. I currently have gladiolas in my garden and they are so pretty!

Have a great week, my friend!

Christine said...

This is one of the most comforting hymns, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing and the flowers are a delight!
hope you had a wonderful trip to the city and wishing you a blessed week ahead!

Debby Ray said...

This post reminded me of a sweet lady in my church who used to sing that song as a special...the words are like a healing balm to the soul. A beautiful post, my dear Stephanie. I hope your week is off to a great start...hugs!

Conniecrafter said...

you have captured these beautiful flowers so wonderfully, all the lovely details they have and so delicate, what an amazing day that will be when we meet our Lord, so thankful he is by our side every day that we are here on earth, while we await that day!

Anonymous said...

I love the quote and the hymn, and the holly hocks are just beautiful!
Thanks for sharing,
Hugs, Anne♥

Marilyn Mathis said...

Gorgeous photography and wonderful words in the song. I really like the quote from Fanny Crosby. Hugs.

Witchcrafted Life said...

Beautiful image and post, dear Stephanie. Those pink blooms are like smiles from nature to help make all of our days a little more joyous.

xoxo ♥ Jessica

Blue Jeans And Teacups said...

All this prettiness in pink reminds me of the sweet minature pink tea set you sent me. Did I remember to thank you? If not... Thank you most affectionately. I have been oh-so-busy lately. My son turned 18 on Sunday! The summer certainly has flown by. Thank you for this beautiful post and the time you spent creating it. School starts tomorrow, for one of my daycare Littles, so things will get a little more hectic. I pray your days are pleasant, and your weather refreshing. Hugs to you! ~Heather

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, you just can't get better than Fanny Crosby. Love all her songs. Thank you for sharing with us. Have a blessed week.

Mary E. Stephens said...

I shared a link to this on my blog today, Stephanie. Thanks for such a lovely post! ((hugs)) :-) Hope you have a blessed weekend.

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